445 examples of formulated in sentences

At the thought she turned hesitatingly toward the door, meaning to get her hat, andthough she had formulated no method of appealto hurry to the Hardwick house and at least talk with Miss Sessions and endeavour to enlist her help.

A few people were to be seen in this latter place, and his first instinct was to join them; but finding that a few minutes yet remained before the hour set for the services, he decided to improve them by a rapid glance about this hall, which, for certain reasons hardly as yet formulated in his own mind, had a peculiar interest for him.

He formulated the strategical methods and teachings of Napoleon, and in his book Vom Krieg (published 1832) not only outlined a greater military Germany, but laid the basis, it has been said, of all serious study in the art of war.

The Lords had rejected many Liberal measures before then; attempts had been made to get round or overcome their opposition; but not till then was any practical method formulated for dealing with the serious and permanent obstruction to progressive legislation.

The doctrines of theology, as formulated by Augustine, were subjects of contemplation and study in all the convents of the Middle Ages.

The fundamental questions pertaining to God, the Trinity, the mission and divinity of Christ, original sin, free-will, grace, predestination, had been formulated by Thomas Aquinas with as much severity as by Calvin.

Creeds are perhaps a necessity in well-organized ecclesiastical bodies, and are not unreasonable; but it should not be forgotten that they are formulated doctrines made by men, on what is supposed to be the meaning of the Scriptures, and are not consistent with the right of private judgment when pushed out to its ultimate logical consequence.

Probably a church organization is impossible without a formulated creed.

This was the ground of the original Universalists, deduced from the doctrines which Augustine and Calvin had formulated.

All his meditations and formulated doctrines radiate from the great and sublime idea of the majesty of God and the comparative insignificance of man.

I knew then that I was going to teach something within sociology, and I didn't want anything I felt about beauty to be left out of what I formulated about society.

Failures were constant, for the world even then was made up of men, but the ideal was perfectly clear-cut, the principles exactly seen and explicitly formulated; life was organic, consistent, highly articulated, and withal as full of the passion of aspiration towards an ultimate ideal as was the Gothic cathedral which is its perfect exemplar.

He would have needed complete notes, observations made from day to day, the results obtained, and the laws formulated.

The cause of Islam stood as yet in parlous condition, half-formulated, unwieldy, awaiting the moulding hand of persecution to develop it into a political and social system.

Truth cannot be formulated; it is ineffable, and ever beyond the reach of intellect.

"Pardon meI understand there are no letters; may I know the way in which he formulated his declaration and promises?" "Hymn-books," said the girl, briefly.

Vergil, therefore, though he appears in this Augustan coterie as an important member, is still felt to be something of a free lance who adheres to Alexandrian art not wholly in accord with the standards which are now being formulated.

Law does not mean to him, as to the physical scientist of to-day, a mathematically formulated statement of the course of events, but the nature of the phenomenon, to be expressed in a definition (E. König, Entwickelung des Causalproblems bis Kant, 1883, pp.

But the character of it was changed as he formulated his thought and three brilliant spots like blue stars broke out on a sudden, and these three stars shifted their positions.

He formulated at the outset of the debate a question which was pressed persistently upon Douglas during the succeeding three weeks.

It strengthened the hopes of Louis Napoleon for carrying out, in conjunction with Great Britain, a scheme that he had formulated under which France was to secure a western empire in Mexico, leaving England to do what she might find convenient in the adjustment of the affairs of the so-called United States.

I never heard that the statesman who formulated the peace at Paris in 1815 got in the way of the Household Brigades and the Highlanders at Waterloo and Hougomont.

The principle was formulated in five propositions or axioms: 1.

We have a number of these articles of inquiry formulated by archbishops or bishops.

This accusation had no sooner been formulated than Wackerlos the dog came forward, and, speaking French, pathetically described the finding of a little sausage in a thicket, and its purloining by Reynard, who seemed to have no regard whatever for his famished condition.

445 examples of  formulated  in sentences