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A. Fortescue, Cath.

Yet this deficiency of progressive improvement in the common law arose not from a want of application to the science; since we learn from Fortescue that there were no fewer than two thousand students attending on the inns of chancery and of court, in the time of its writer.

Fortescue de laud leg.

[u] Fortescue, de Dom.

On the 29th of May they struck the river which was subsequently named the Fortescue.

They crossed the Hammersley Range on to the level plains of the Fortescue by means of a far easier pass than that used on the outward journey, and arrived at the Bay on the 19th of July.

CURTAIN A Night at an Inn Dramatis Personæ A. E. Scott-Fortescue (the Toff, dilapidated gentleman)

So anciently, at a call of sergeants-at-law, each sergeant (says Fortescue) spent 1,600 crowns in feasting.

His real name was John Fortescue.

Sir John Fortescue, who was chief-justice of the King's Bench from 1442-1460, wrote during the reign of Edward IV.

" Frances Countess Waldegrave, who had previously been married three times, took as her fourth husband an Irishman, Mr. Chichester Fortescue, who was shortly afterwards made Chief Secretary.

The first night that Lady Waldegrave and Mr. Fortescue appeared at the theatre in Dublin, a wag in the gallery called out, "Which of the four do you like best, my lady?"

When Captain Granville Fortescue, of the Hearst syndicate, told the French general that his word as a war correspondent was as good as that of any general in any army he was indiscreet, but he was merely stating a fact.

SEE Fortescue, John.

R117525, 18Sep53, Earle R. Forrest (A) FORTESCUE, JOHN.

Nor did young Fortescue intend joining a ship again as midshipman; his buoyant hopesthe expectations of a busy fancytold him that perhaps the epaulette of a lieutenant would glitter on his shoulder.

The sword presented to him for his brave preservation of the crew of the Syren will never be stained by dishonour, while he looks upon it and remembers the past, and even as in those of my own son, shall I henceforward rejoice in using my best endeavours to promote the fortunes of Edward Fortescue.

But on the fascinating scene we may not linger, nor attempt to describe the happiness which the festivities occasioned the entire party, nor on the gratification of Lieutenant Fortescue, when Sir Edward Manly begged the honour of an introduction for his young friend to his Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence, who, with his amiable consort, the Princess Adelaide, had honoured Lord Nwith their august presence.

"Forgive me, sir, but is not your name Fortescue?" inquired the young man, somewhat hesitatingly, yet frankly, as he met Edward's glance.

" "I beg your pardon, but am I speaking to the son of Colonel Fortescue, who fell in India during a skirmish against the natives, nearly ten years ago?"

"Ask not of my father, he is beside Colonel Fortescue; he shared his laurels and his grave.

Captain Cameron had fallen in an engagement, two or three years after Mrs. Fortescue's departure; and out of seven apparently healthy children, which had been hers when Ellen knew her, only three now remained.

In Mrs. Fortescue's broken and dying narrative, she had more than once mentioned them as the friends of her husband, and having been most kind to herself.

ELIZABETH FORTESCUE (Countess Fortescue).

ELIZABETH FORTESCUE (Countess Fortescue).

94 examples of  fortescue  in sentences