3268 examples of fostering in sentences

The ancient records relate that a dervish happened to have taken up his abode in the mountain Alberz, and that Faránuk committed her infant to his fostering care.

A voice, not earthly, thus addressed The Símúrgh in his mountain nest "To thee this mortal I resign, Protected by the power divine; Let him thy fostering kindness share, Nourish him with paternal care; For from his loins, in time, will spring The champion of the world, and bring Honour on earth, and to thy name; The heir of everlasting fame.

To do this it must execute a volte face and confess that it can only develop inherent potential, not create capacity, and that the primary object of its activities must be not the stall-feeding of intellect and the practical preparation for a business career, but the fostering and the building up of the personal character that denotes the Christian gentleman.

Arithmetic, 29.] under the government of a Catholic sovereign, whose enmity they had provoked, to the green fields of Erin, and all the benefits which they might derive from the fostering care and religions creed of the protector.

The Colchians had revolted, and Mithridates suspected his son of fostering the revolt in order to be set over them.

Others there were whose friends he had cured, and who had thus been disappointed in their expectations of inheriting property; debauchees whose victims he had converted; and many despicable characters who made their fortunes by flattering and fostering the vices of the great.

Upon the home naturally falls the duty of fostering the first feelings of reverence towards God.

Let Slavery once lean upon the supporting arm, and bask in the fostering smile of the State, and you will soon see, as we now see, both her minions and her victims multiply apace till the politics, the morals, the liberties, even the religion of the nation, are brought completely under her control.

" "Safety for our sex is only to be found beneath the fostering protection of the laws," said Mrs Wyllys "Would to God!"

The ingenuity and fostering care of the people of England, have brought under their tribute all the vegetable creation.

"In Russia, where autocracy has been abolished, it declares that we are secretly fostering reaction; in Spain, where there is a constitutional monarchy, it proclaims that we are aiming at revolution.

My fostering care!

It knew not the fostering smiles of a friend, Or the dew-drops of pity on sorrow that 'tend; In its solitude drooping, like one in despair, It shrunk 'neath the blast of the wintry air.

Summing up the results of this rather discursive chapter we see that the chief benefit conferred on mankind by international finance is a quickening of the pace at which the wealth of the world is increased and multiplied, by using the capital saved by old countries for fostering the productive power of new ones.

So may I thrive as, from this moment bless'd, One hope I cherish, one sole boon request, Thy winning form, thy fostering smiles to see, And never, never more to part from thee.'

In certain circumstances he might have found his advantage in fostering such a mésalliance.

In mentioning his kindness to the natives, to whose goodwill we must always owe much, we have already given one of the causes which assisted in fostering the undertaking.

Changing social conditions and ideas are bringing many changes in law, and further changes must be expected to come, which will reduce the influence of inheritance of property in fostering status in distribution.

As for the lending of money on interest, it appears to have been looked at askance by most of the ancients; and the prejudice against it continued, under the fostering care of the Church, far down into the Middle Ages.

It was this blessed feeling, kindled in earliest infancy by the fostering hand of parental love, which now characterised and composed every emotion of Caroline's swelling bosom, which bade her feel that this indeed was happiness.

hath chiefly told Of intellectual power, fostering love, 45 Dispensing truth, and, over men and things, Where reason yet might hesitate, diffusing Prophetic sympathies of genial faith: So was I favouredsuch my happy lot Until that natural graciousness of mind

If a people assume that the fostering of its own manufactures is a cardinal necessity, it can secure that result either by the coarse process of compulsory duties upon all foreign importations, or by developing the ingenuity and skill which will so cheapen the manufacture itself as to make up the difference of outlay in wages.

It cannot be otherwise than useful to us to be impressively reminded of the simple axiom, which the perusal of this history will particularly suggest to us, that "the greatest works must have a beginning;" because the fostering of such an idea in our minds cannot but encourage us to undertake the removal of evils, however vast they may appear in their size, or however difficult to overcome.

and he was growing eloquent in a mild well-bred way over the dullness of our statesmen in not seeing the advantages that would accrue to the United States in fostering our shipping industry.

It doesn’t flourish under too much fostering or too much of what we call good luck.

3268 examples of  fostering  in sentences