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26053 examples of  fought  in sentences

26053 examples of fought in sentences

February 12th, 1885.To-day, Captain Sauvallier attacked the enemy with extreme vigour, fought all the day against considerable forces, and captured successively three redoubts.

His better nature rose to the help of the angel with the flaming sword, and together they fought, as the giants of old fought the dragons in their path.

His better nature rose to the help of the angel with the flaming sword, and together they fought, as the giants of old fought the dragons in their path.

Then he fought it back, crushed it, trampled on it, and set his face again sternly to the front.

He was to all outward appearance a strong-willed man, but that habit was stronger, though he fought and fought against it.

He was to all outward appearance a strong-willed man, but that habit was stronger, though he fought and fought against it.

Sally.'" "Then Sarah tried that day and the next, but found it hard work; the boys quarrelled and fought, and the little once scratched and cried, and their mother came and beat one or two of the worst, but all did no good.

"Now it is deadthe last of all its line Nothing like this shall mar the poet's Peace; What have the nations fought for, wet and fine, If not that ancient tyrannies should cease?

Twice was he married before he was twenty, and many times after; Battles five hundred he fought, and a thousand cities he conquered; But was finally stabbed by his friend the orator Brutus.

He won 320 triumphs, and fought 500 battles.

Cairbar invited Oscar (Fingal's grandson) to a feast, and Oscar accepted the invitation, but Cairbar having provoked a quarrel with his guest, the two fought, and both were slain.

He fought with two knights who asked the lady Canacรช to wife, the terms being that none should have her till he had succeeded in worsting Camballo in combat.

The "Caracul" of Fingal, who is no other than Caracalla (son of Seve'rus emperor of Rome), and the battle fought against Caros or Carausius ... fix the epoch of Fingal to the third century, and Irish historians place his death in the year 283.

When the Dalecarlians rose in rebellion against him and chose Gustavus Vasa for their leader, a great battle was fought, in which the Swedes were victorious; but Gustavus allowed the Danes to return to their country.

His bearers would have fought, but Cicero forbade them, and one Herennius has the unenviable notoriety of being his murderer.

And the dwarfs fought hard that night, and bruised the demi-gods sorely, hacking with those huge axes that had not spared the oaks.

And from the old man's fierceness I had said that, had it not been for that foul night on the roads and the weight he had carried so far and the fearful winds of October, he had fought with the blacksmith, the carpenter and the postman's son, all three, till he beat them away from his sack.

And weary and wet as he was he fought them hard.

Before another year was past, the battle of Pharsalia had been fought, and the great Pompey lay a headless corpse on the sea-shore in Egypt.

"It was nearly one o'clock; Mairam and Takusch were sitting there asleep and I also was very sleepy, but I fought against my sleepiness to watch that devil of a Hemorrhoid Jack.

David and the giants began to hack and hew each other and they fought with clubs and bows until night.

They desired to exercise the independence for which they had fought.

The combatants fought from the inner wall to the window, then a knife was used.

Half an hour's meditation convinced him of this, and, as was his sensible plan, when a thing was inevitable, he never either fought against it nor wasted energy in regretting it.

" A sort of purr went round the court; the kind humane ladies and gentlemen who had fought for seats found this to their taste.

" Harkness pawed the air and fought for his breath.

" It was only to this lady herself that Mitchell recited the details of his reception at Pittsburgh, and of the battle he had fought in the Carnegie office.

Again, through the slow, silent hours of that Wednesday night, Mitchell fought the fatigue of death, going over his figures carefully.

Single combats are fought now as then, and the flavor of victory is quite as sweet to the pallid man back of a roll-top desk as to the swart, bristling baron behind his vizored helmet.

He had fought in a war or two, and he had led hopes quite as forlorn as the one Hanford was now engaged upon.

They were all astonishingly effective; but there was one of them which was so effective that my friend and I fought about it outside, and had almost to be separated by the police.

If we fight them with torture and slavery, we shall be fighting badly, precisely as if we fought them with clumsy knives and old guns.

Yet, two highly respectable towns compete for the honour of having been this particular cesspool, just as ten cities fought to be the birthplace of Homer.

The stern of the Marie Louise had burned off and sogged down in deep water, but her bow hung to the reef, and in smoke and flame he had fought the cattle over it.

He fought and threshed the lilies, and they gave him cool, velvety kisses in return.

He tried to howl in the hyacinth web, and chokedand then he merely fought in his close-pressing cocoon, thrusting one hard fist to grasp the broad leaves.

Still the crunching, whining roar of the rotary as it struck the icy stretches fought against them in vain, then retreated until pick and bar and dynamite could break the way for its further attack.

The Turks fought well, but good men as they are, they were no match for the long, lean six footers who were upon them.

The Australians and New Zealanders, savage at the loss of so many of their comrades, fought like furies.

The two others fought gamely, but they were no match for the three Britishers.

He told us all about the Americanisms of the spectacle; that is to say, the battles that have been fought here.

He distinguished himself at the sieges of Poitiers and La Rochelle, and at the battle of Montcontour, and fought successfully against the Calvinists in Guienne and Saintonge.

The little white-haired boy who had fought him with tooth and nail so long ago, to be not taken from Prudence, had now come back with the might of a man, even the might of a lover, to take her from him when she had become all of his life.

I would have fought in Echo Caรฑon to the end, because I believed.

Believing as I believed, I would have fought that nation and died a thousand bloody deaths rather than submit.

"No, Miss Mary, there wasn't so much of the war that was fought around us.

"My brother is too far on the road alone," cried another relation, and he jumped out and fought, too.

Now in his dream he fought with a strange people, and was wounded.

To be sure, the personal risk to the trader was considerably increased by the sale of whiskey, for when drunk the Indians fought like demons among themselves or with the traders.

"Madam, my struggle was fought before she died.

From it we learn what the men who fought the bloodless battles of the commonwealths, and who aspired to principality, were like.

If we are to trust his narrative, he fought his way out of one most dangerous trial by simple vociferation.

Those who loved their king, and recollected how much sorrow he had gone through, and how many battles he had fought for them, must have been glad indeed to see Him rejoicing because they had offered willingly.

Jesus, who suffered for us, and who fought the great battle of our salvation for us, He, our own beloved King, "will rejoice over thee with joy; He will rest in His love; He will joy over thee with singing.

And so, left to themselves, they would have been; but God fought for them in a way they never thought of.

He was born during the Afghan campaign; in his youth England fought side by side with the French in the Crimea; he saw the old Queen bestow the first Victoria Crosses in 1857; he was moved and stirred by the horrors and heroisms of the Indian Mutiny.

"If you continue to love him as you do now," fought its way through the maze of horrid, disturbing thoughts.

He screamed and fought to secure order among his people, but his efforts were as nought against the storm of terror that confronted him.

To thee ev'n Caesar's self was forc'd to yield The glories of Pharsalia's well-fought field.

These things are best forgotten; but I knew A man, a young man, young, and full of honor, That would have pick'd a quarrel for a straw, And fought it out to the extremity, E'en with the dearest friend he had alive, On but

He has already fought a duel about Laura, and in spite of the reputation of coward he had in Italy, showed a deal of pluck.

Formerly I fought with the storm and often came to grief, but I steered my own bark.

The office of Governor of the Territory was offered by the President to various persons, and finally accepted, July 11th, by Alfred Cumming, a brother of the Cumming of Georgia who fought multitudinous duels with McDuffie of South Carolina, all of which both parties survived.

Here at last the armies came to a stand and fought the final battle.

He received them with great kindness, and, instead of visiting them with any penalties for having fought against him, he honored the fidelity and bravery they had evinced in the service of their own former master.

He went first to Asia Minor, and fought a great and decisive battle there, in a manner so sudden and unexpected to the forces that opposed him that they found themselves defeated almost before they suspected that their enemy was near.

Brutus had, indeed, been on Pompey's side while that general lived; he fought with him at the battle of Pharsalia, but he had been taken prisoner there, and Caesar, instead of executing him as a traitor, as most victorious generals in a civil war would have done, spared his life, forgave him for his hostility, received him into his own service, and afterward raised him to very high and honorable stations.

Wild despair Inspired the troops with frenzy when they saw Their leader perish; every thought of rescue Was spurned; they fought like wounded tigers; their Frantic resistance roused our soldiery; A murderous fight took place, nor was the contest Finish'd before their last man fell.

For some days the village of Pangbourne in Berkshire fought with giant ants.

There would be a panic, there would be a struggle, and the salient evil would be fought down again, leaving always something behind, in the obscurer things of lifechanged for ever.

Then again another acute and startling outbreak, a swift upgrowth of monstrous weedy thickets, a drifting dissemination about the world of inhumanly growing thistles, of cockroaches men fought with shot guns, or a plague of mighty flies.

But the Romans followed him, and when it came to battle, Aristobulus's party for a long time fought bravely, but at last they were overcome by the Romans and of them five thousand fell.

But at the battle fought near Mount Tabor ten thousand of them were slain and the rest of the multitude scattered in flight.

The Oriental institution of the harem gave him full license, and he lived and loved as he fought and reignedvehemently.

He had led a regiment to the Mexican war, and fought gallantly at the battle of Buena Vista.

My husband fought on the Southern side.

The Serbs and Bulgars fought against the Franks, and while the Bulgars held their own, the Serbs were beaten, and those who did not like the rule of the new-comers had to migrate southwards across the Save; at the same time the Serbs between the rivers Morava and Timok (eastern Serbia) were subjected by the Bulgars.

In 1389 was fought the great battle of Kosovo Polje, or the Field of Blackbirds, a large plain in Old Serbia, at the southern end of which is Skoplje.

Stephen also had to help Sultan Bajazet against the Tartars, and fought at the battle of Angora, in 1402, when Tamerlane captured Bayezid.

Their exactions and cruelties were worse than had been those of the Turks in the old days, and it was against them and their troops, not against those of the Sultan, that the first battles in the Serbian war of independence were fought.

In 1809-10 Russia and the Serbs again fought the Turks, at first without success, but later with better fortune.

For Gunther Augustus (unlike you, I hope), Had an inborn aversion to water and soap; He fought when they washed him, he squirmed and he twisted, He shrieked, scratched and wriggled until they desisted; He would not be combedit was no use to try

"Are the lines fought for," resumed the speaker, "and wherever two or three of them join or cross you may look for a battle."

But the newspapers represented that he had voluntarily gone back into slavery; and such was their exultation over his supposed choice, that a person unacquainted with the history of our republic might have inferred that the heroes of the revolution fought and died mainly for the purpose of convincing their posterity of the superior advantages of slavery over freedom.

George Cadurcis had not exactly made his fortune, but he had distinguished himself in his profession, and especially in Rodney's victory, and had fought his way up to the command of a frigate.

But, on the whole, we got on very well; a sort of Pylades and Orestes, I assure you; we never absolutely fought.

"They had never fought," he said.

"They were just like our ironclads are nowadays; they had never fought.

That was the theory, you know, but they had never been fought.

Great birds that fought and tore.

He had learned to fight in the Indian fashion; and Le Moyne de Sainte-Hรฉlรจne fought the same way.

Anselm de Saint-Castin had fought two days alongside the man who lay dying.

But at first she fought with silent fury the power he unconsciously held over her.

It did not matter to Jeannette that history was being made before her, and one of the great battles of the world was about to be fought.

Here was stationed Lafitte and his lieutenant Dominique and a large band of his men, who during the continuance of the battle, fought with unparalleled bravery.

Lafitte, who was commanding in conjunction with his officers, at one of the guns, no sooner saw the bold movement of the enemy, than calling a few of his best men by his side, he sprung forward to the point of danger, and clearing the breastwork of the entrenchments, leaped, cutlass in hand, into the midst of the enemy, followed by a score of his men, who in many a hard fought battle upon his own deck, had been well tried.

[Illustration: Life Mask of Washington] When the Second Congress met, in May, 1775, the battle of Lexington had been fought, and twenty thousand minute-men were assembled about Boston.

He eventually carried these points, but at the price of an entire alienation of the democratic party in the Congress, who wished to have the war fought with militia, to have all the officers elected annually, and to whom the very suggestion of pensions was like a red rag to a bull.

Another version relates that Bishop Turpin himself remained with Roland in the rear, and, after hearing a general confession and granting full absolution to all the heroes, fought beside them to the end.

This is the place where the Knight of Snowdoun, James Fitz-James, fought Roderick Dhu!"