2265 examples of foul in sentences

The African ostrich is sometimes trained to carry passengers on his back, but the player of "our national game" is often seen "going out on a Foul.

In the twinkling of an eye there was a muffed fly, a wonderful catch by the same player who muffed the ballSnodgrassa base on balls to Yerkes, a missed chance to retire Speaker easily on a foul fly, then a base hit by Speaker to right field, on which Engel scored, another base on balls to Lewis and then the long sacrifice fly to right field by Gardner, which sent Yerkes over the plate with the winning run.

Twice he met the ball, and both times it sailed in the right direction, but with no result, as it was foul.

For cou'd I love thee, cou'd I love again, Our Lives wou'd be but one continu'd Sin: A Sin of that black dye, a Sin so foul, 'Twou'd leave no Hopes of Heav'n for either's Soul.

'Tis here you spend that which shou'd buy me Points and Petticoats, whilst I go like no body's Mistress; I'd as live be your Wife at this rate, so I had: and I'm in no small danger of getting the foul Disease by your Leudness.

Those I have done to thee, though foul and barbarous, May plead the Excuse of Forcebut those to her, Not thou, nor I, nor she, or Heav'n can pardon.

When Hamlet saw his end draw near, there being yet some venom left upon the sword, he suddenly turned upon his false uncle, and thrust the point of it to his heart, fulfilling the promise which he had made to his father's spirit, whose injunction was now accomplished, and his foul murder revenged upon the murderer.

Now there was no sign of any foul weather, but when one wishes to do a thing, as Little John did, one finds no lack of reasons for the doing.

What is thy will of me?" "Now, I make my vow, Sir Knight," quoth Robin, "thou hast surely learned thy wisdom of good Gaffer Swanthold, for he sayeth, 'Fair words are as easy spoke as foul, and bring good will in the stead of blows.'

You've lost the race on a foul.

"I don't want a race on a foul," argued Betty pluckily, for her skinned elbow was smarting madly.

Friendship paints not with the foul brush of Conscience!

And many a bitter day and night Have pour'd their storms upon her breast, And chill'd her in her long, long rest, With foul corruption's icy blight; Earth's dews are freezing round the heart, Where love alone so late had part; And evermore the frost and snow Are burrowing downward through the clay, In the God's-acre far away, Where she, O God!

How foul a creature I am.

Give women the vote, give them an effective part in the framing and administration of the laws which touch not merely their own lives but the lives of their children, and they will soon, I believe, cleanse the land of these foul dens.

Accustomed as they had become in recent years to the high-handed and cynical actions of the St. Petersburg cabinet, they had not looked for such a foul blow as this.

then this You strive to murder: O this act of yours Alone shall give your dangers life, which else Can never grow to height; doe, Sir, but read A booke here claspt up, which too late you open'd, Now blotted by you with foul marginall notes.

How long this swoon continued our young gentleman could never tell, but when he regained so much of his consciousness as to be aware of the things about him, he beheld himself to be confined in a room, the walls whereof were yellow and greasy with dirt, he himself having been laid upon a bed so foul and so displeasing to his taste that he could not but regret the swoon from which he had emerged into consciousness.

The false word, the unjust deed, the foul action, seen as a surrender to evil, appears hateful and guilty.

The whole poem has been misunderstood, and the odious supposition that ascribes the fearful mystery and remorse of a hero to a foul passion for his sister, is probably one of those coarse imaginations which have grown out of the calumnies and accusations heaped upon the author.

Nor is it the quality of food alone, that will induce a foul breath, either in adults or infants.

The steam-tugs of New York are a wonderful convenience, but they help to further many a foul scheme of the Cherry-Street crimps and land-sharks.

As to religion, it is by this the foul gets acquainted with the hidden mysteries of the holy writings; here she finds those floods of tears, in which good men wash themselves day and night, and only makes a visit to God, and his holy angels.

On the road the girl became very thirsty but in the dense jungle they could find no water, at last the merchant's son threw a stone at hazard and they heard it splash in a pool; so they went in the direction of the sound and there they found water but it was foul and full of worms and the girl refused to drink it.

The bank could be distinctly seen from the Plaza, and the noise, the oaths, the foul language, mixing with the chink of money distinctly heard.

2265 examples of  foul  in sentences
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