9721 examples of found a in sentences

In manuscripts of later date are found a regular punctuation, and marks of accentuation.

The friends left Malta on September 29th, in the war-ship "Spider," and after anchoring off Patras, and spending a few hours on shore, they skirted the coast of Acarnania, in view of localitiesas Ithaca, the Leucadian rock, and Actiumwhose classic memories filtered through the poet's mind and found a place in his masterpieces.

At Grissipol we found a good farm house, belonging to the Laird of Col, and possessed by Mr. M'Sweyn.

After following it down for an hour, found a small patch of grass, and encamped.

Nor did he seek to found a system or a school, but merely to influence and instruct men of his own rank.

" Joe found a red-haired boy sitting on the edge of a folding chair in the dressing tent.

'It is a prouder thing,' said the Emperor, 'to found a family than merely to perpetuate one.

Peterson's company had found a box full of Snider ammunition in one of the sangars, so the Kashmir Company was sent back to look for any more, and also to demolish the sangars.

On impulse, he found a number listed for W. Soule and called her on the old fashioned telephone.

Faith took the place of doubting, and in the precious promises of the Bible she felt that her soul had found a safe and sure anchorage.

He loaned me a magazine, and bought some candy for me; but I didn't see much more of him, for the second time the conductor came in he told me he'd found a nice seat back in the car on the shady side.

I don't mean that man was a degenerate or anything like that ... if he could have found a Stone Age woman he'd have ...

" They found a small auberge before which Hermia unpacked her orchestra and played.

Vivian Grey was an Oxford Double First of unusual brilliancy, and therefore found a special charm and a satisfying sense of being suitably employed in his duty at Lyonness, which was to instil

Perhaps by some miracle all those homeless ones had found a shelter. ...

Here I was too wise for the maids, and too nice for the footmen; yet I might have lived on without much uneasiness, had not my mistress, the housekeeper, who used to employ me in buying necessaries for the family, found a bill which I had made of one day's expense.

The two men saluted each other again, landed on the bank and, after walking a little distance, found a wine pavilion.

At the end of twelve miles we found a little opening on the south-east side of a small point which concealed the boats from two natives, who were out on the mud flats, till we got close to them.

Nevertheless, as in all communities there is generally one ill-conditioned person, even in the little village of Donoughmor there was to be found a time-server who, wishing for reasons of his own to ingratiate himself with Peter Rorke, was base enough to report to him old Pat Clancy's hasty words.

For when Charlton had read it twice, he happened to turn it over, and found a postscript on the fourth page of the sheet.

so I took a boat for Benicia, then for Stockton, where I found a sea of mud, so that a man needed stilts or a boat to cross the street.

Down into the ravine and under the dam I climbed, using the mossy steps that nature had cut in the slate, and found a rock to sit on where the spray from the dam could not drench me.

Now and again he found a piece to which no rock clunga piece that was all gold.

Bismarck attributed great importance to the acquisition of Kiel, because he wanted to found a Prussian navy.

In the Secretary's Office, of this State, will be found a muster roll, containing a "Return of men enlisted in the first Regiment of Continental troops, in the County of Barnstable, for three years and during the war, in Col. Bradford's Regiment," commencing in 1777.

9721 examples of  found a  in sentences
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