3323 examples of fountains in sentences

Suddenly there was a roar that dwarfed the cannonade and all along the barrier fountains of fire rose skyward, hurling a rain of fragments upon what was left of the blasting party.

But his anger against his brothers had faded into apathy in the presence of this new trouble which seemed to choke the very fountains of his being.

Thus too, whatever possesses symmetry, and whatever is true, and all principles, are in a certain respect, connate with the first principle, so far as they are principles and fountains and goodnesses, with an appropriate subjection and analogy.

More venerable, however, than these, and essentially transcending them, is the immortality of divine souls, which are primarily self-motive, and contain the fountains and principles of the life which is attributed about bodies, and through which bodies participate of renewed immortality.

We may think how the flood came to pass; what means God used to make it rain forty days; what is meant by breaking up the fountains of the great deep.

Or that the fountains of the great deep must have been broken up by natural earthquakes, such as break up the crust of the earth now.

Then the children of Israel came in to Elim, where as were twelve fountains of water, and seventy palm trees, and they abode by the waters.

There were four fountains of cold water in this room, falling first into marble basins, and then running on the floor in little channels made for that purpose, which carried the streams into the next room, something less than this, with the same sort of marble sofas but so hot with steams of sulphur proceeding from the baths joining to it, it was impossible to stay there with one's clothes on.

Various adventures arise out of these circumstances; and the fountains are again drunk, with a mutual reversal of their effects.

The house was a most beautiful house, full of rooms adorned with azure and gold, and with noble paintings; and within as well as without it were the loveliest flowers, the purest fountains, and a fragrance fit to turn sorrow to joy.

It is a magnificent parlor abounding in trees, fountains, statuary and rustic retreats.

Several other fountains represent the seasons.

Under the arcades, are a circular range of fountains, "and in the middle is a fine group of the Rape of Proserpine.

We had seen the wonders and beauties presented by the other fountains as they shot their silvery columns, and clouds of vapor high into the air, or spanned their pyramidal basins with innumerable liquid arches intersecting each other in every conceivable direction; but the grandest sight, it was said, was still

All the other fountains had commenced their playing with humble spasmsthe columns rising higher by degrees, but old Neptune took every body by surprise.

As the band was discoursing excellent music, the fountains playing, and crowds of people streaming hither and thither in the midst of these splendid scenes, one of the ladies passed a remark which I only learned to appreciate fully, several months afterwards.

The second, which treats of Diet, is necessarily less attractive, as the topic is less susceptible of ornament; yet in speaking of water, he has contrived to embellish it by some lines, which are, perhaps, the finest in the poem. Now come, ye Naiads, to the fountains lead; Now let me wander through your gelid reign.

Passing these little islands, which are said (I know not how truly) to change their places and number, we came to the very fountains of Styx, to that part of the lake where the asphalt is still oozing up.

Joanna was a girl of natural piety, that saw God in forests, and hills, and fountains; but did not the less seek him in chapels and consecrated oratories.

It was the denial of Scripture fountains to thirsty lands which made this slender rill of Scripture truth so passionately welcome.

Blooming he was as Fanny herself. "Say, all our praises why should lords" No, that's not the line. "Say, all our roses why should girls engross?" The coachman showed rosy blossoms on his face deeper even than his granddaughter's,his being drawn from the ale cask, Fanny's from youth and innocence, and from the fountains of the dawn.

Thy Master sits not in the unapproached mountains, Nor dwells in the mirage which floats on the air, Nor shalt thou discover His magical fountains In pathways of sand that encircle despair.

"If the earth be barren then for want of rain, if dry and squalid, it yield no fruit, if your fountains be dried up, your wine, corn, and oil blasted, if the air be corrupted, and men troubled with diseases, 'tis by reason of their sins:" which like the blood of Abel cry loud to heaven for vengeance, Lam.

All affections and perturbations arise out of these two fountains, which, although the stoics make light of, we hold natural, and not to be resisted.

Better far to carry away unsullied and unfaded the sweet sad memories of the Happy Land, than revisit it to find weeds grown rank, fountains dry, the skies darkened, the song of birds hushed, its bloom faded off the flower, and its glory departed from the day.

3323 examples of  fountains  in sentences