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60 example sentences with  four-foot

60 example sentences with four-foot

In an old Irish glossary, it is mentioned that the Druids of Ireland used to light two solemn fires every year, through which all four-footed beasts were driven, as a preservative against contagious distempers.

Equally fond, too, are cats of valerian, being said to dig up the roots and gnaw them to pieces, an allusion to which occurs in Topsell's "Four-footed Beasts" (1658-81):"The root of the herb valerian (commonly called Phu) is very like to the eye of a cat, and wheresoever it groweth, if cats come thereunto they instantly dig it up for the love thereof, as I myself have seen in mine own garden, for it smelleth moreover like a cat."

Here, as in the larger village, the houses were more like the abode of four-footed beasts than the dwellings of human beings.

THE EXERCISE OR DIVERSION OF PURSUING FOUR-FOOTED BEASTS OF GAME is called hunting, which, to this day, is followed in the field and the forest, with gun and greyhound.

DEER AND HARES may be esteemed as the only four-footed animals now hunted in Britain for the table; and even those are not followed with the same ardour as they were wont to be.

Aesop, I would accuse him to his face, For libelling the four-foot race.

Men have their season on the mesa as much as plants and four-footed things, and one is not like to meet them out of their time.

In many places the four-foot posts of a cattle fence had been buried by the wind-blown dunes.

Zohรกk was delighted with the dishes, made from every variety of bird and four-footed animal.

Age hardly counts in such a matter; and then it is not every boy of even his growth that could have brought muscles like those of Dab Kinzer to the swing he gave that four-foot length of seasoned ironwood.

They, the four-footed things, knew what the thunder and the darkness meant.

Absorbed in deep neutral tones afar, he did not see it; his four-footed charges, however, were quick to perceive the object.

"And that log is a good strong four-foot log, and she's been shaved off with the broadaxe for layin' the flooring

A careful examination showed a four-foot vein of soft coal.

A Negro walkednot climbedup a stem like a four-footed animal, his legs and arms straight, his feet pressed flat against it, his hands clinging round ita feat impossible, as far as I have seen, to an Europeantossed us down plenty of green nuts; and our feast began.

Leaving out the question of being overlooked from passing trains, observe the open four-foot fences which separate one garden or yard from the other.

Looking around Frank saw that the glade was deserted of four-footed foes.

If it hadn't been for the snow, I might have put the thing through in two days, but the snow was up to the creatures' knees in the shady places all along; off from the road, in among the gullies, you could stick a four-foot measure down anywhere.

Had I not already gathered some notion of the powers for destruction of those one-ton, four-foot-long shells, I should have said that the spot where we halted had been battered and crashed at for hours; that scores and perhaps hundreds of bombs had been plumped into it.

Generations of Langdons had taken deepest pride in developing the hundreds of acres of cotton land, whose thousands of four-foot rows planted each April spread open the silvery lined bolls in July and August, and the ripened cotton fiber, pure white beneath the sun, gave from a distance the picture of an expanse of driven snow.

"Oh, what wouldn't I give to have Master Beppo in a twenty-four-foot ring," breathed Roy.

It is defined in the dictionaries as an ornamental table, with a folding top, containing caddies for holding tea, but in India, where it is in much more general use than it is in England, it signifies simply a light tripod table and almost certainly comes from "teenpai" (three-foot), corresponding to another common word, "charpai" (four-foot), which means a native bedstead.

A flash from the leading gun, and a 2-inch shell passed so close to my head that I fell into the four-foot way, and felt the top of my skull to find out if it was still there.

As they watched, two fat workmen shoved a four-foot length of log into the pond with a big splash, and one of them began piloting it toward the scene of building operations, while his companion returned to other work.

It does not lie in the successful negotiation of Leicestershire "oxers," Aylesbury "doubles," or Warwickshire "stake-and-bound" fences, for there need be no obstacle greater than an occasional four-foot stone wall.

I have mentioned, that I saved the skins of all the creatures that I killed, I mean four-footed ones; and I had hung them up, stretched out with sticks, in the sun, by which means some of them were so dry and hard that they were fit for little, but others I found very useful.

I doubt if any child in modern palaces enjoys happier hours than were mine on winter evenings, when I rested on the broad stone hearth in front of the big fireplace, with its blazing four-foot log, the dog on one side and the cat on the other, while my father told stories that had to be repeated as the stock ran out, and I was gradually lulled to sleep by the soft thunder of my mother's spinning wheel.

Before Aldous could follow his advantage the other had dropped his knife and had snatched up a four-foot length of a tepee pole.

What? shall two hundredweight of hypocrisy bow down to his four-inch wooden saint, and the same weight of honesty not worship his four-foot live one?

Why, if we had to defend a field with only a four-foot ditch round it, we would fight a whole day before we should be beaten.

The aullay, hugest of four-footed kind, The aullay-horse, that in his force, With elephantine trunk, could bind And lift the elephant, and on the wind Whirl him away, with sway and swing, E'en like a pebble from a practised sling.

In one period the grossest ignorance and barbarism prevailed in the world; and afterwards, in a more enlightened age, the most daring infidelity, and contempt of God; so that the world which was once over-run with ignorance, now by wisdom knew not God, but changed the glory of the incorruptible God as much as in the most barbarous ages, into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four-footed beasts, and creeping things.

"Our discriminations of this matter have been but four-footed instincts.

Mind you that when you see them coming, or else you'll find a four-foot sword stuck through your liver to teach you better.

," said the Eagle, "who bow to no one and even sleep sitting erectwe, whose females are larger than the males for the better protection of our nests, are accused of eating not only our smaller brethren, but also four-footed animals which are of service to man.

He had taken the wrong way to it, for the way was across a lagoon, up a deep-flowing river, then by horse till the rocky ledge terrified all four-footed things; no, up a grassy slope had never been the way.

In Jonesboro the log court-house, with its clapboard roof, was abandoned, and in its place a twenty-four-foot-square building of hewn logs was put up; it had a shingled roof and plank floors, and contained a justice's bench, a lawyers' and clerk's bar, and a sheriff's box to sit in.

Even four-footed animals, of grim countenance, paused to hear it.

Then surely I was born; With monstrous head and sickening cry And ears like errant wings, The devil's walking parody On all four-footed things.

The trees are 'blazed' in the autumn just before the fall of the leaf, felled later, cut into four-foot lengths, and, as soon as the friendly snow makes sledging possible, drawn down to the woodhouse.

Along the four-foot space between the end of the bed and the opposite wall the girl walked, crooning to the sick child she carried.

Then the boys sawed off half a dozen four-foot sections, which served as fine, solid, flat tables for comfort around camp.

In the sawing through a four-foot section of log I had to rest eight times.

Copple said three minutes was good time to saw a four-foot log in two pieces.

The furnace was propelled by water and they had a small buzz saw for cutting four-foot wood into blocks about a foot long.

In Mr. Henry's letter to me he had said that he had taken a timber claim in "Kentuck Grove," and had all the four-foot wood engaged to cut at thirty-seven cents a cord.

So the goddess Frigg took an oath from fire and water, iron and all metals, stones and earth, from trees, sicknesses and poisons, and from all four-footed beasts, birds, and creeping things, that they would not hurt Balder.

On another side of the great isolated boulder a narrow roadway heads up a steep incline, impracticable for carriages but passable for four-footed beasts; and this path gives access to the castle through a heavy gate opening upon a small court within.

Mrs. Tucker would have liked to part more affectionately from her four-footed compatriot, and felt a sudden sense of loneliness at the loss of her new friend, but a recollection of certain cautions of Captain Poindexter's kept her mute.

From the four-foot-tall emperor penguin to the aptly named foot-long little penguin, these unique flightless birds have invaded habitats from Antarctica to the equator, not to mention the hearts of the public.

He said they also trained Wednesday night with a device called a piercing nozzle, which he described as a four-foot long stainless steel firehose nozzle with a sharp tip.

"I am looking forward to this weekend and having to draw the four-foot against a couple shots and hopefully having some shots to win some games.

โ€œI canโ€™t even put into words how it felt to see it in the four-foot.

The Japanese also asked Mr. Trump to present his own trophy at a sumo champion match โ€” a four-foot-tall object duly labeled the Presidentโ€™s Cup for the event.

Grant's Old Mill stands reconstructed today and it will permanently house this three-foot-by-four-foot portrait.

Howard sealed the deal in the 10th end when his last stone settled in the four-foot circle.

โ€œAn expected four-foot high crest of water never materialized, but the river rose in easy surges until Highway 11 was awash two feet deep in front of the Alpengruss restaurant on the north side and to a lesser depth at Farm Point.โ€

The low section of the scenery is a dry streambed just outside of the town site and the high area is actually a collapsed section of hillside I have tunneled under using a four-foot length of galvanized culvert.

The papers said the Beaver was four-foot-four and weighed sixty pounds, but I thought he was bigger, the way he could lift a grown man or airplane-spin Sky Low Low.

Zosha Di Castri is looking for action An eighty-four-foot, mixed-media triptych spans a wall at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.