28 examples of four-year-old in sentences

Is she thinking about that four-year-old?

Just before the storm a young bull, sleek, three-quarters grown, and with the small compact antlers of a four-year-old, had led the three cows and the yearling to this sheltered spot among the spruce.

the little four-year-old girl of the house asked me.

Up to five years, the age of a sheep can always be determined by the incisor teeth; a yearling has but two permanent incisors, a two-year-old four, a three-year-old six, and a four-year-old or over eight teeth, or a full set.

I come into town with some turnips, And my little Gabe come along, No four-year-old in the county Could beat him for pretty and strong, Peart and chipper and sassy, Always ready to swear and fight,

' "A four-year-old boy when he first entered the kindergarten was the most complete embodiment of negative training I have ever met.

Mere walking would not have been so bad, but to keep up with Thor's ambling gait he was compelled to trot, like a stubby four-year-old child hanging desperately to the thumb of a big and fast-walking man.

Jadu Babu's four-year-old daughter, Mrinalini, or Mrinu as she was called in the family, came to her mother one evening to say that her kitten was lost.

She had been told of a four-year-old while this gaunt animal looked fifteen at least.

I have a husband who requires as much attention and scolding as a four-year-old.

She wonders whether she left the matches out of the reach of four-year-old Sammy; and Bessie, who isn't very strong, is always so frightened when the man on the floor above comes home late and quarrels with his wife.

" He took me to a quiet boarding-house, and there, in a cosey room, was Susy with a four-year-old girl.

As he sat in the wings, chatting to the manager, a little four-year-old girl, one of the performers, climbed up on his knee, and began talking to him.

But it's yourself that is as full of spirit as a four-year-old.

A four-year-old boy is all ears when his father's praises and achievements are recounted.

Any father, save a brute, is a hero in the eyes of his four-year-old son.

The little myrtle hedges would scarcely reach to the knees of a four-year-old child.

This sudden coming of a four-year-old child into their daily life made as little difference to Brossard and Henri as the presence of the four-months-old puppy.

A second later I recognized Maitre Baudoin and his wife, the latter holding their four-year-old daughter on her knees, her grandmother sitting alone in the back seat which was piled high with important documents, and their maid strapped to the steps of the car.

This four-year-old child, that is to say, Frasquita, was nearly thirty years old, and almost six feet high, strongly built in proportion, and even a little stouter than exactly corresponded to her majestic figure.

The four-year-old daughter of a clergyman was ailing one night and was put to bed early.

"Yes'm," replied the four-year-old, "and I limp now when I talk.

The little four-year-old son of the family, heretofore unnoticed, during a moment of supreme quiet saw his lordship trying to reach the pickle-dish, which was just out of his reach, and turning to his mother said: "Say, Ma, God wants a pickle.

Her daughter-in- law was a delicate little creature, who scarcely seemed able to bear the noise of the family at the long supper-table, when all talked with shrill French voices, from the two youths and their abbe tutor down to the little four-year-old Lolotte in her high chair.

Believe me, my young friends, that George the Third knew what he was talking about (as upon certain other occasions) when he said that very little venison was equal to a haunch of four-year-old mutton.

28 examples of  four-year-old  in sentences
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