750 examples of fresco in sentences

There is neither good eating nor drinking in fresco.

Isaiah From the fresco in the Sistine Chapel, by Michael Angelo.

On the breaking up of the breakfast party, General Wilson and myself remained at the château to dine with General Adam al fresco in the garden under the trees.

The Officers afterwards dined al fresco and many toasts accompanied by the huzzas were given, to the astonishment of the bystanders, who seemed to consider us as little better than barbarians.

into Bologna," by L. de Cranach, from a Fresco by Brusasorci, of Verona.]

into Bologna," by Lucas de Cranach, from a Fresco by Brusasorci, of Verona.]

Such are the Italian villas, of which the name conveys as accurate an idea as the English reader acquires from the French chateau, which, in reality, implies a comfortless factory-looking abode, with a blaze of fresco embellishments.

And thennearing Indiathe quiet midday siesta after the hot dusty march; the al fresco repast by the light of a glorious sunset, and the welcome rest and fragrant pipe in the cool night air of the silent, starlit desert.

After stopping a moment in the anteroom, the ceiling of which is painted in fresco by Somnio, we were ushered into the room called the most splendid in Europe, and, if carving and gilding and mirrors and chandeliers and costly colors can make a splendid room, this is certainly that room.

It is in fresco and occupies one entire side of the room.

The singers, about forty in number, were upon a stage erected at the end of the room; white drapery hung behind festoons with laurel wreaths (the walls were painted in fresco).

The only other object of much interest was a Pompeian fresco, representing two actors, whose attitudes and masks are so strikingly adapted to express the first scene of the "Heautontimorumenos," between Menalcas and Chremes, that it seems scarcely doubtful that this is actually the subject of the painting.

Slowly the grey horse advanced a few yards before the tent; behind rode the court dignitaries, followed by the musicians, who looked, in their bright scant caftans, like the slender music-making angels of a Florentine fresco.

"In the Museo Civico at Pavia, is a fresco likeness by an unknown hand, in which this fresh red is distinctly recognisable on the face.

It is rather a fantastic pile, painted in fresco, but spacious, in good repair, and convenient.

We had been to an al fresco gathering at the Residency the night before, and so were rather sleepy in the early morning, and I did not wake at four o'clock.

The two mosques of red sandstone on either side of the Taj are in the same style as the entrance gateway, the interiors being decorated with fresco and fine cut plaster-work.

In Shah Jahan's palace and in the Taj they went a step further, and imitated the more naturalistic treatment of Persian fresco painting and other pictorial art; but there is never the slightest suggestion of European design in the decoration of these buildings.

Inside the building there are remains of fresco and other painted decoration.

These also have suffered much from neglect and whitewash, The whole of the façade of the lower story was originally faced with red sandstone, or perhaps with fine stucco decorated in fresco.

Originally the walls were entirely covered by fresco paintings, but only a few fragments now remain.

The whole building was originally covered with fresco paintings and gilding, and was hence called the Sonahra Makân, or "Golden House."

" There would be nothing primâ facie improbable that Akbar should have caused some events of Biblical history to be painted on the walls of his palaces; but on the other hand, there is nothing whatever to connect this fresco with the Annunciation.

There was something about these ladiesin their simple, but noble grace, in their half-Gallic, half-classic beauty, in a jocund buoyancy mated to an amiable dignitythat made them appear to the scholar as though they had just bounded into life from the garlanded procession of some old fresco.

Now that the weather is so uncertain, that one day it may be as sultry as the tropics, and the next suggestive of Siberia, it is as well to know where to go, especially when al fresco entertainments are impossible.

750 examples of  fresco  in sentences