1045 examples of fretting in sentences

The lakes are lapping their granite shores and wearing them away, and every one of these rills and young rivers is fretting the air into music, and carrying the mountains to the plains.

He knows that fretting and worrying and grumbling only double the burden and accomplish nothing.

It is fretting for you, and I'd rather not keep it.

" "I ain't fretting," said Racey.

She stood there, actually waiting to be hustled by the fretting animal, and yielding not an inch.

First one man and then another stood up and boasted of having made all things ready; how this one had supervised the hiding of sharp swords; how another had kept men at work collecting cartridges on battlefields; how this and that one had continued spreading talk against the Jews, so that they swore that at least ten thousand Moslems in Jerusalem are fretting to begin a massacre.

"Are you certain, Robert, you are not fretting about your frames and your business, and the war?"

Why should we wear our lives out fretting?

Wide was his out-look and far was his vision; Soul-fretting trifles he sent down the wind; Small griefs gained only his cheerful derision, God's weather always was fair to his mind.

I feel at times like fretting sadly over him, and wish I knew if he was alive or dead, but then the Lord do comfort one, and I know He sees just where he is, and He'll let me know when the right time comes.

He's fretting....

They rarely ever get fat, and are always fretting; and it is next to impossible to keep them from breaking loose and getting at mares.

He kept asking if it looked like rain and kept fretting because he could not move his legs about freely.

So then, it seems to me that, while you are fretting to return, he is burning with desire for you to do so.

Smell it they certainly did; for such a lowing, and neighing, and fretting did they keep up, when the governor got alongside of the brig, that he could not endure the sight of their misery, but determined at once to relieve it.

Meanwhile, she had had her tea, her eyes were too tired to read, and what on earth should she do till bedtime? Such moments of clear self-questioning were of course rare, but the nerve-fretting problems always existed.

"Everybody knows, too, that my daughter has pined away with fretting after her lost ways of outdoor exercise, and the healthful changes of air which she used to be having.

"B. Oriole comes, north before his mate to be, and spends a few days in fretting until she arrives.

She would have been distressed and even indignant if I had revealed my thoughts; but the fact was there for all that; instead of brooding or fretting over small affairs, she was face to face with one of the great unanswerable, unfathomable facts of life, and her spirit drank in the solemnity, the greatness of it, as a flower after a drought drinks in the steady plunging rain.

And the least winds that blow Some minutest atom shake, Some fretting ruin make In roof and walls.

Allowed more indulgence in food, he soon stopped fretting, and became a healthy, lively baby.

" "Oh, he is fretting after his mother.

But nigh on two years later, Master Robert was born, as fine and lusty and straight-limbed as a chrisom could be, while the other could not walk a step, but sat himself about on the floor, a-moaning and a-fretting with the legs of him for all the world like the drumsticks of a fowl, and his hands like claws, and his face wizened up like an old gaffer of a hundred, or the jackanapes that Martin Boats'n brought from Barbary.

He never returned till long after noon, and what with fretting after him, and disappointment, that happened which Lady Archfield had always apprehended, and the poor fragile young creature worked herself into a state which ended before midnight in the birth of a puny babe, and her own death shortly after.

If I wants fretting and fuming, I can go home: I'm a married man, ye know.

1045 examples of  fretting  in sentences
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