55 examples of friable in sentences

Almost the whole of the bottom of this central plain (which extends for many hundred miles in a north and south direction) is covered by a fine mud, which, when brought to the surface, dries into a greyish white friable substance.

Moreover, in the fresh-water rotten-stone beds of Bilin, Ehrenberg had traced out the metamorphosis, effected apparently by the action of percolating water, of the primitively loose and friable deposit of organized particles, in which the silex exists in the hydrated or soluble condition.

This was not only proved by the deep sea lead, but by the examination of bergs which, once stranded, had floated off and become reversed, exposing an accumulation of white friable mud frozen to their bases, which abounded with these vegetable remains.

Moreover, in the case of freshwater deposits of this kind it is certain that the action of percolating water may convert the originally soft and friable, fine-grained sandstone into a dense, semi-transparent opaline stone, the silicious organized skeletons being dissolved, and the silex re-deposited in an amorphous state.

It became full of holes, and the available metal in the neighbourhood was a friable limestone which, under heavy pressure during rains, was ground into the consistency of a thick cream.

The fat of the best beef is of a firm and waxy consistency, of a colour resembling that of the finest grass butter; bright in appearance, neither greasy nor friable to the touch, but moderately unctuous, in a medium degree between the last-mentioned properties.

In the flesh of animals killed whilst under the influence of any disease of an emaciating effect, the lyer adheres but slightly to the bones, with its fibres contracted and dry; and the little fat that there may be is friable, and shrunk within its integuments.

Two little dark marks on the white, friable stone, marks that the first small shower of rain would wash away, marks that the first keen sandstorm would rub offthis was his only proof.

Because the land was more friable originally?

Adj. powdery, pulverulent^, granular, mealy, floury, farinaceous, branny^, furfuraceous^, flocculent, dusty, sandy, sabulous^, psammous^; arenose^, arenarious^, arenaceous^; gritty, efflorescent, impalpable; lentiginous^, lepidote^, sabuline^; sporaceous^, sporous^. pulverizable; friable, crumbly, shivery; pulverized &c v.; attrite^; in pieces.

The sal forests in North Bhaugulpore generally keep to the high ridges, which are composed of a light, sandy soil, very friable, and not very fertile, except for oil and indigo seeds, which grow most luxuriantly wherever the forest land has been cleared.

In peaty soil, or light, friable loam and leaf soil, it forms a dense, round-headed bush, often 8 feet in height, and nearly as much through, with pleasing green leaves, and dense clusters of beautiful pink, wax-like flowers.

This has white flowers with an unpleasant odour like that of Chestnut blossoms, but is worthy of cultivation, and succeeds best in cool sandy peat or friable yellow loam.

Two conditions are necessary for its cultivationa half-shaded aspect where bottom moisture is always present, and a deep, rich, friable loam.

The road, having been cut in the side of the cliff, exposed layers of brown argillaceous schist, like rotten wood, and so friable that it crumbled between the fingers; but what was more remarkable was that the layers, scarcely thicker than slate, instead of being on their natural plane, were turned up quite vertically.

These ashes had been converted by time into a soft, or friable rock, composing a stone that is called tufa.

Repeat this operation from time to time at intervals of six or seven weeks, until it has become perfectly friable and will powder through a garden-fork like dust.

These attractive plants require a deep, friable soil, not over rich.

AURATUM and SZOVITZIANUM (or Colchicum) thrive best in a deep, friable, loamy soil, which should be well stirred before planting.

Young trees may be planted at any time, when the ground is friable, from November to March, but the earlier it is done the better.

Friable conglomerate, of a full brick-red colour, consisting of minute grains of quartz, with a large proportion of ochreous matter.

The petrified bodies should, if possible, be kept united with portions of the rock or matrix in which they are found; and where they are numerous, in sand, clay, or any moist or friable matrix, it is in general better to retain a large portion of the whole mass, to be examined afterwards, than to attempt their separation at the time of collecting. 8.

Bread, to answer the requirements of a good, wholesome article of food, beside being palatable, must be light, porous, and friable, so that it can be easily insalivated and digested.

At this point, the bed of compact tufa, in which the graves are dug, degenerates into friable and loosely compacted volcanic sand,and it was here, very probably, that the cemetery was begun, at a time when every precaution had to be used by the Christians to prevent the discovery of their burial-places.

On the summits of many of the hills were found weathered masses of angular quartz rocks, showing that while the slate had yielded to the action of the elements, the harder and less friable rock had kept its place.

55 examples of  friable  in sentences