202 examples of frittering in sentences

Of what special crime do I stand accused before the bar of your judgment?" "Oh, it is nothing special, but you are just frittering away the days that might be filled with such noble work, and you have nothing to show for them butsmoke!"

The natural result of granting this request will be that true safety will never be attained on the Sinai Front by a pure defensive, and that the Irak undertaking will certainly fritter away owing to want of driving power or to delays.

Serve on a dish, with a spoonful of preserve or marmalade dropped in between each fritter.

[Illustration: STAR FRITTER-MOULD.]


Will you, like this foolish fellow here' (with a kindly glance at Claude), 'fritter yourself away on Nymphs and Venuses, in which neither he nor any one else believes?' 'Historic art, as the highest,' answered Lancelot, 'is my ambition.'

V. spend, expend, use, consume, swallow up, exhaust; impoverish; spill, drain, empty; disperse &c 73. cast away, fool away, muddle away, throw away, fling away, fritter away; burn the candle at both ends, waste; squander &c 818. waste its sweetness on the desert air

In either case it was a device to fritter away time.

Life is odiously short at the best, and it is mere imbecility to fritter away any of our scanty portion upon the dead, who can never be any the better for our tears.

He would keep his energies for a great work; poetry was, after all, his forte: he would not fritter himself away on prose and periodicals, but would win for himself, etc. etc.

There were no neighbors near them,no gossips to drop in upon them, and fritter away the precious moments.

He sometimes pictured with a shudder the fate of the surviving French nobilityretaining their titles by courtesy, and compelled to fritter away their lives upon châteaux, travelling, aeroplanes, or amatory intrigues, instead of directing their wisdom and influence to the right government of the State.

By such companions cheered and blest, How vapid seems the listless throng Of those who, tortured by unrest, Find life too dull and days too long, And idly frittering time away, As scandal-mongers, rend and slay The friends they dined with yesterday!

This tribe, like all the other leading tribes of the race, is destined to fritter away their large domain for temporary and local ends, without making any general and permanent provision for their prosperity.

"It's a wicked shame, Jervis," said he presently, "that a man of your abilities and scientific acquirements should be frittering away his time on odd jobs like some half-qualified wastrel.

However, it is most instructive of all to see how two people who mutually further their purposes par force, fritter away their time through inner over-activity and outer excitement and disturbance; so that there is, after all, no result fully worthy of their capacities, tendencies, aims.

For which reason, he would have been inclined entirely to disregard the petty depredations which the writers of several of them have committed upon his earlier text, were it not possible, that by such a frittering-away of his work, he himself might one day seem to some to have copied that from others which was first taken from him.

Of all that constitutes life there is only woman left for us; and we either fritter and squander ourselves away in licentiousness or cling to one love as to a branch that overhangs a precipice.

Why was a slow-minded closet-student like Halleck permitted to fritter away in the long-drawn-out operations against Corinth the advantage of position and of force that had been secured by the army of the West?

Instead of the inculcation of these useful and more vital lessons of life, they are required to fritter away time and health over a French grammar, or other equally foolish study, which cannot, in a vast majority of cases, be of the least service to them.

Had other constituencies as sternly declined to fritter away their voting strength upon side issues, Lord Salisbury would now be in power with a solid majority at his back.

Slide the fritter on to a hot dish, and fold; pour over, when in the dish, clarified sugar.

FRITTER BEANS Beat one egg until light, add three-fourths teaspoon of salt, one-half cup of flour and two tablespoons of water.

At the end of half an hour sprinkle with finely chopped parsley, dip them in fritter batter, and fry in boiling fat.

FRITTER BATTER Mix and sift one and one-third cups of flour, two teaspoons of baking-powder, one-quarter teaspoon of salt, and add two-thirds cup of milk or water gradually, and one egg; well beaten.

202 examples of  frittering  in sentences