93 examples of from the above in sentences

LOUVIE SOUBIBON.A small village at the foot of a mountain worked for its slates, 4 miles from the above.

It is often said of a man that he is in advance of his age; and it follows from the above remarks that this must be taken to mean that he is in advance of humanity in general.

Hence may it, without the smallest exaggeration, be affirmed, that, summing up all the surcharges under which the shipments left the port of Manila, and comparing them with those which might have been sent direct from the above-mentioned points, and without so extraordinary a détour as the one prescribed by law, the difference that followed in the prime cost of the cargos was not less than 80 per cent.

Then come Cebu, Mindanao, Leyte, Samar, and Negros, varying from the above numbers down to fifty thousand.

In a year from the above date we handled upward of seventy-four thousand mules, each and every one passing under my inspection and through my hands.

From the above-mentioned features of the ground, the valley narrowing more and more as you proceed, from the high mountains that align it and from its sinuosities, it follows that at every angle or curve caused by these sinuosities, you appear as if you were shut out from all the rest of the world and could proceed no further.

The use of submarine or of subterranean conductors occasions, from the above cause, a small retardation in the velocity of the transmitted electricity.

A host of imitators soon sprung up, but we are bound to acknowledge that from the above to the present time, Mr. Hood has kept the fieldthe Pampa of punto himself, and right sincerely are we obliged for the many quips and quiddities with which he has enabled us to garnish our pages.

" Now, it is easy to see from the above description of the torments which the wicked were supposed to suffer, that the writer had in his mind some of the pictures with which we are now familiar, thanks to the excavation of tombs which has gone on in Egypt during the last few years; and it is also easy to see that he, in common with many other Coptic writers, misunderstood the purport of them.

From the above, I leave the reader to judge of its prosperity.

From the above we see clearly that the expenses of their railways are materially affected by density of population and the consequent value of land, by the comparative absence of forest to supply material, and by the value of labour.

From the above statement it will be seen that photographic apparatus has been furnished on a scale unequaled elsewhere.

The following are other examples: "From the above speculations.

From the above it will be seen that these soils, while possessing a large amount of matter available for plant growth, are exceedingly friable, and would be very easily worked.

His Motive to Contentment in this Particular, receives a very great Inforcement from the above-mentioned Consideration, if we remember that our Parts in the other World will be new cast, and that Mankind will be there ranged in different Stations of Superiority and Præeminence, in Proportion as they have here excelled one another in Virtue, and performed in their several Posts of Life the Duties which belong to them.

A small island was reported in the Sydney Gazette to have been seen in latitude 36 degrees 27 minutes, and longitude 127 degrees 2 minutes East; but as the account says, that Kangaroo Island was seen the same day, which is not less than one hundred and fifty leagues from the above position, it appears too vague to be correct.

f. 1. a, b. The shell before me is probably distinct from the above species, but is too much worn down to be separated from it; in its present state it seems to agree tolerably well with the species to which it has been referred.

There was no appearance of any such reef nearer than that laid down by Lieutenant Roe, bearing east from the above-mentioned Low Isles and under which Her Majesty's Ship Tamar anchored.

Two hundred and four miles from the above position, on a North-East 1/4 East course, will take a ship to abreast of Cape Howe, distant twenty miles; passing midway between Hogan and Kent Groups, distant nearly nine miles from each, at which time twenty-eight miles will have been run on the above course.

We could see nothing of the sunken rock said to lie two miles west from the above headland; yet, as we have not exactly gone over the spot, it has been marked in the chart with a p.d. against it.

From the above data it appears that, owing to the peculiar conditions that obtained in this island, the people of Puerto Rico were very slow in joining the movement of intellectual expansion which began in Spanish America in the eighteenth century.

" From the above hint respecting the riches of Peru finding their way to the Tower of London, and as combined with the former voyage of Cabot to the north-west; in search of a passage to India, it may be inferred, that the object of the present voyage was to discover a passage to India by the south-west, or by what is now called Cape Horn.

He immediately landed and began to erect a fortress, which was named Nombre de Dios, from the above mentioned expression.

Apart from the above-mentioned efforts, the introduction of the jute fibre into Great Britain was delayed until 1822, when the first small consignment reached Dundeenow the Western home of the jute industry.

The sliver is seen emerging from the above rollers and entering the sliver can.

93 examples of  from the above  in sentences