25 examples of frostbiting in sentences

The fun of snow-shoeing, mitigated by frostbite, quickly degenerated from a sport into a mere means of locomotion.

Just eight days later the two men walked into the Cabin and sat downPotts with a heart-rending groan, Mac with his jaw almost dislocated in his cast-iron attempt to set his face against defeat; their lips were cracked with the cold, their faces raw from frostbite, their eyes inflamed.

Those frostbites are eating in.

"I used to think frostbite was a figure o' speech," said he, "but the teeth were set in your face, sonny, and they've bitten deep; they'll leave awful scars.

" Miss Thornley was too busy examining her feet for possible frostbites to give in her contribution just then, but after she had put her coldest foot in a wash-basin of water she said, "I don't see how any woman can go the length of her toe with Rance Belmont, but young Mrs. Brydon went to Brandon with him last week, for my sister's husband heard it from somebody that had seen them.

Frostbites from our last march forced us to wait until we definitely knew that spring had really come.

I may here mention that so little did the Chitralis imagine that we could cross the pass, that letters were found in Laspur stating that the British force was lying in Ghizr, the men unable to move from frostbite, and the officers from snow blindness; also that since then fresh snow had fallen, and no forces would now be able to cross for several weeks.

Gough went with the party, Oldham remaining in command of the post, which was garrisoned with the maimed, the halt, and the blindin other words, with men suffering from frostbite and snow blindness, of whom there were some twenty-six of the former and thirty of the latter; those men of the Kashmir troops who were fit to march being sent back across the pass as escort to the coolies.

A halt had been ordered for the following day, to give the men suffering from snow blindness and frostbite a chance to recover, so we turned in with the blissful consciousness of not having to turn out at dawn, and slept like the dead.

[Sensation of cold] chilliness &c adj.; chill; shivering &c v.; goose skin, horripilation^; rigor; chattering of teeth; numbness, frostbite.

Cockburn, whose intellect rose, and became almost sublime, as his spirit neared death, might have sunk into the depression of conscious weakness; Jeffery might have repeated himself, or turned hypochondriacal; Sydney Smith have grown garrulous: let us not grieve; they went in their prime of intellect, before one quality of mind had been touched by the frostbite of age.

It is not to be wondered at that there were times when, on reaching some distant wigwam, there were little hard, white spots on their cheeks or noses which told the watchful Indians that the Frost King had been at work and that speedily those frostbites must be removed.

They were out for a good time, and they had too much grit and courage to let such trifles as a few frostbites disturb their happiness.


I had risings on my feet and my feet frostbite till they was solid sores.

Lashly and Demetri came nearly to Castle Rockvery cold side wind and some frostbites.

It was only on arrival in its lee that he discovered the frostbite.

Frostbiting weather!

Atkinson is suffering a good deal from his hand: the frostbite was deeper than I thought; fortunately he can now feel all his fingers, though it was twenty-four hours before sensation returned to one of them.

One seemed to be robbed of breath as they burst on onethe fine snow beat in behind the wind guard, and ten paces against the wind were sufficient to reduce one's face to the verge of frostbite.

Their faces were scarred and wrinkled, their eyes dull, their hands whitened and creased with the constant exposure to damp and cold, yet the scars of frostbite were very few and this evil had never seriously assailed them.

We started facing a very keen, frostbiting wind.

It is only with greatest pains rest of us keep off frostbites.

My companions are unendingly cheerful, but we are all on the verge of serious frostbites, and though we constantly talk of fetching through I don't think anyone of us believes it in his heart.

In "Plug Street" and other lines of trenches they stood in water with walls of oozy mud about them, until their legs rotted and became black with a false frostbite, until many of them were carried away with bronchitis and pneumonia, and until all of them, however many comforters they tied about their necks, or however many body-belts they used, were shivering, sodden scarecrows, plastered with slime.

25 examples of  frostbiting  in sentences