54 examples of frustration in sentences

It was to prove his sincerity in the Southern cause that he had wormed himself into the confidence of Wesley Boone's comrades, and in order that he might be chief agent in the frustration of the plan of escape.

Tears of frustration welled up in her eyes.

But the plans of the princess, imparted to Mr. Rigby that she might gain his assistance in achieving them, were doomed to frustration.

Carlen perceived with keen disappointment this frustration of his purpose, but comforted herself, thinking, with the swift forerunning trust of youth: "To-morrow he will surely get a chance.

When the Albizzi and Peruzzi intrigues which had led to the banishment of Cosimo de' Medici came to their final frustration with the triumphant return of Cosimo, it was Andrea who was commissioned by the Signoria to paint for the outside of the Bargello a picture of the leaders of the insurrection, upside down.

They suffered the strain of perpetual frustration.

The second and the third day were spent in the same manner, and with the same frustration.

It is hard to find in story or history a more pitiful struggle against fate and the frustration of every deep desire than the last days of Carl Maria von Weber, hurrying from triumph to triumph, and dying as he jolted along his way, or stood bowing with hollow heart before uproarious multitudes.

A sudden dash across the bend of the river in the north-eastern corner at Khamerovka on to the unprotected line of enemy communications would have resulted in a complete frustration of the enemy plans, with a fair prospect of his decisive defeat.

Such a sacrifice would be both uncalled for and useless; and I must instruct you that the Government insists that their measures shall not be put in danger of frustration by any rash conduct on our part.

No grim specters of failure and disillusionment and frustration dog its bright path.

And his love would ill have borne denial or frustration.

But if the same attention had been applied to the search of arguments against the folly of pre-supposing impossibilities, and anticipating frustration, I know not whether many would not have been roused to usefulness, who, having been taught to confound prudence with timidity, never ventured to excel, lest they should unfortunately fail.

I pleased myself with perceiving that I was not likely to obtain the immediate possession of wealth which no labour of mine had contributed to acquire; and that he, who had thus distinguished me, might hope to end his life without a total frustration of those blessings, which, whatever be their real value, he had sought with so much diligence, and purchased with so many vicissitudes of danger and fatigue.

" They became silent under Emil's gaze of acute pathoshuman life aware of its present frustration.

It is the paradox of such natures that they should express themselves in the very record of their frustration.

There are no words severe enough for Mrs. Oliphant's horrible portrait of her as a plain-faced, lachrymose, middle-aged spinster, dying, visibly, to be married, obsessed for ever with that idea, for ever whining over the frustration of her sex.

She was not to suffer any disenchantment or decline; her love was not to know any cold of fear or her genius any fever of frustration.

At his worst he wallowed voluptuously in the torments of frustration.

We are face to face here, not with a want in her, but with an abyss, depth beyond depth of tenderness and longing and frustration, of a passion that found no clear voice in her works, because it was one with the elemental nature in her, undefined, unuttered, unutterable.

Lord Palmerston, in last August, twitted the Ministry with Lord Ellenborough's supposed intention to retire from beyond the Indus, and congratulated the country on the frustration of that intention, as having saved us "from the eternal disgrace."

Frustration: the study of behavior without a goal.

Frustration: the study of behavior without a goal.

Perhaps, too, he was beginning to realise his unendurable frustration as a business man as the consequence of his marriage.

Widely as the Athenian way of treating women differed from the Spartan, the result was the samethe frustration of pure love.

54 examples of  frustration  in sentences