632 examples of fumed in sentences

"See what you've done to my patient," he fumed.

When, after Gratton had waited and fumed for upward of an hour, she went downstairs she looked cool and pretty, and quite unembarrassed.

"Do you think I did this?" "Didn't you?" "Of course he did!" fumed Professor Sharp.

Silently the pedagogue fumed.

He threshed about, fumed and threatened, and finally said: "All right.

"Can't you look where you're going?you clumsy fool!" fumed the irate Grimes, redder of neck than ever.

The merchant shuffled and fumed.

We observed a sort of aristocratic contempt for political activity and then fretted and fumed over the low estate to which our government had fallenand never saw the humour of it all.

While the impatient squire raged and fumed, old Hubert cried: "Ho, comrades, help!

He blazed and fumed indignantly on behalf of his sisters, in the sanctuary of that little study,a spot where the despot seldom set foot; and out of this comparatively trivial cause had sprung a mighty resolution, which he and she whom he proudly honoured as "sister and friend" had, after some girding of the loins, repaired to the front parlour this evening to communicate.

When these investments proved disastrous, he raved and fumed, calling upon our Governmentwhich had nothing more to do with the matter than had the English Parliamentto make good his losses.

fumed Crenshawe, his right-hand neighbor, who was also a member of the corps of observation.

The traders fumed and threatened, and Indians with war-whoops and yells mounted horses and rode off from the opposite side.

Still they fumed and threatened.

"It comes mighty close to libel," fumed Wilbram.

Do you think you can defy me?" fumed Fielding.

At Betigheim, where we passed the night, the people told us of a much nearer and more beautiful road, passing through the Zabergau, a region fumed for its fertility and pastoral beauty.

Young Carlisle fumed a shade more than might have seemed necessary for military reasons.

She raged now against Ross and now against Theresa "She's marrying him just because she's full of envy, and can't bear to see anybody else have anything," she fumed.

He fumed with vexation at the memory of that cold glance, which had checked any advance toward familiarity, repelled him, crushed him!

Whereat the General fumed.

In addition, the French lords could make nothing of a politician so thick-witted that he replied to every consideration of expediency with a parrot-like reiteration of the circumstance that already the bargain was signed and sworn to: in consequence, while daily they fumed over his stupidity, daily he gained his point.

And thus they talked for one good hour, and in the adjoining room Janet fumed and fretted; for 'twas far past her child's bedtime.

Then he fretted and fumed, fearing she had fallen under the stormy blast and had taken cold, and perhaps would have a fever.

Very likely he was off condoling with his friend and fellow conspirator, the caretaker, and I fumed with rage and disappointment.

632 examples of  fumed  in sentences