632 examples of fumed in sentences

"See what you've done to my patient," he fumed.

At first Beauchene fumed, stormed, denied, equivocated, almost blamed Mathieu for interfering, talked too of blackmail, and put on all sorts of high and mighty airs.

" Giles Peram felt the retort most keenly, and, as usual, raged and fumed and swore vengeance after the stranger was out of sight and hearing.

MacLean fumed on.

He blazed and fumed indignantly on behalf of his sisters, in the sanctuary of that little study,a spot where the despot seldom set foot; and out of this comparatively trivial cause had sprung a mighty resolution, which he and she whom he proudly honoured as "sister and friend" had, after some girding of the loins, repaired to the front parlour this evening to communicate.

"Hard luck," murmured the young naval officer, as Mortlake, who had clambered out of the machine, stamped and fumed by its side.

That fumed off, and left the rest as promiscuous as before.

" "Highty, tighty!" fumed the exasperated magnate.

The almond shaking in the sun On some high place ere day begin, Where winds of myrrh and cinnamon Between the tossing plumes have been, It called before her, and its kin The fragrant savage balaustine Grown from the ruined ravelin That tawny leopards couch them in; But this, if rolling in from seas It only caught the salt-fumed breeze, Would have a grace they might not win.

"It comes mighty close to libel," fumed Wilbram.

Full of these thoughts, Harry fretted and fumed over the slow progress of the Mary Anne.

Young Carlisle fumed a shade more than might have seemed necessary for military reasons.

"Confounded imposition!" fumed Mr. Lewisham, and the breakfast table was novel and ominous, mutterings towards anger on the one hand and a certain consternation on the other.

" I fumed and raged inwardly, and would have given anything if I could have shouted out to him: "You are a bankrupt already in one thing, for your wife does not love you.

Whereat the General fumed.

Sahwah fumed and fretted with impatience at having to stay in bed so long.

Mrs Norton asked herself these questions as she fumed on the sofa.

Fear smouldered in his very entrails, and doubt fumed and went out like steamlong lines and falling shadows and slowly dispersing clouds.

" Mrs Norton was very angry; her temper fumed, and she would have burst into violent words had not the last words, "and that is why I came down here," frightened her into calmness.

In addition, the French lords could make nothing of a politician so thick-witted that he replied to every consideration of expediency with a parrot-like reiteration of the circumstance that already the bargain was signed and sworn to: in consequence, while daily they fumed over his stupidity, daily he gained his point.

" The captain shrugged his shoulders, fumed, and gave his attention to a cigarette.

It was that same quality of dignity in his love that had restrained him from seeking a deliberate quarrel with Jack before now; and though he fumed inwardly while his outer hurts healed, he resolved to wait.

So I fumed and I fussed, and I yearned inside of me to get square with somebody.

And thus they talked for one good hour, and in the adjoining room Janet fumed and fretted; for 'twas far past her child's bedtime.

He waited and fumed.

632 examples of  fumed  in sentences