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773 example sentences with  fumed

773 example sentences with fumed

"See what you've done to my patient," he fumed.

"Couldn't expect anything else," he fumed.

"Matters went very wrong at times: the doctor fumed like his little craters; growled out long-winded, exhaustive German imprecations: wouldn't even eat.

The water in the tub fumed and sparkled faintly and was still.

Women who were plain in her presence outshone Honoria, by meeting this ducal apparition, that called itself Rosecouleur,and which might have been, for aught they knew, a fume of the Infernal, shaped to deceive us all,with calm and haughty propriety.

Fume and fret as I might, it was not possible to mend matters, and I stretched myself out at full length under the bushes, with the idea in mind that it would be better if we were captured at once, for then we would be spared just so much suspense, yet when Sergeant Corney suggested that we were not as well hidden from view as we should be, I was alarmed on the instant.

And when he took His clarsach, from the magic strings he shook A maze of trembling music, falling sweet As mossy waters in the summer heat; And soft as fainting moor-winds when they leave The fume of myrtle, on a dewy eve, Bound flush'd and teeming tarns that all night hear Low elfin pipings in the woodlands near.

One day, Willie being at work in his laboratory, and getting himself half-stifled with a sudden fume of chlorine, opened the door for some air just as Hector had passed it.

He went off in a fume the other night because your aunt objected to his taking the boys to the play.

The seed is used by mountebank tooth-drawers, which run about the country, to cause worms to come forth of the teeth, by burning it in a chafing-dish of coles, the party holding his mouth over the fume thereof; but some crafty companions, to gain money, convey small lute-strings into the water, persuading the patient that those small creepers came out of his mouth or other parts which he intended to cure."

"Marry come up with a murrain!" cried the Tanner, for he, too, had talked himself into a fume.

quoth Robin in a fume.

When, after Gratton had waited and fumed for upward of an hour, she went downstairs she looked cool and pretty, and quite unembarrassed.

"She laughs at me!" fumed the young man, inwardly.

"Do you think I did this?" "Didn't you?" "Of course he did!" fumed Professor Sharp.

At first Beauchene fumed, stormed, denied, equivocated, almost blamed Mathieu for interfering, talked too of blackmail, and put on all sorts of high and mighty airs.

This so exasperated the orator, that he fumed and raged about the platform and, not taking heed which way he went, tumbled backward off the stage, which brought his harangue to an inglorious close.

Giles Peram felt the retort most keenly, and, as usual, raged and fumed and swore vengeance after the stranger was out of sight and hearing.

Professor Macadam fumed, and flatly declined to consider the subject of such an alliance.

Silently the pedagogue fumed.

He threshed about, fumed and threatened, and finally said: "All right.

MacLean fumed on.

fumed the irate Grimes, redder of neck than ever.

Geoffrey fumed, raved, and swore; and when two of the men were killed by the falling of the earth, and the rest absolutely refused to work any longer, he bade them go, a pack of ungrateful scoundrels as they were, and, procuring more laborers, declared "he would dig there till the Devil came to fetch him."

The merchant shuffled and fumed.

He fretted and fumed, more on her account than his own, but she, as usual, went through the trial bravely.

We observed a sort of aristocratic contempt for political activity and then fretted and fumed over the low estate to which our government had fallenand never saw the humour of it all.

For, while calmly accepting the divers political arrangements made for distant States and Territories, the men of the North, who had fumed and argued against the passage of the Fugitive-Slave Law, when its enforcement was attempted in their very presence were altogether outraged.

A fire burned on the floor, and there was a fume and smoke that filled the air with a smell of burned meat.

While the impatient squire raged and fumed, old Hubert cried: "Ho, comrades, help!

And so the talk went on, people coming and people going, and Mrs. Lane did up a whole basketful of work undisturbed, and Phebe inwardly chafed and fumed and longed for dinner-time, that at last the ceaseless, aimless chatter might come to an end.

"Come, come, Langdon," fumed Peabody, "I must get away from here to catch the midnight train.

Marius fumed at the credit gained by these aristocrats; and when Bocchus dedicated on the Capitol a representation of Sulla receiving Jugurtha's surrender, he could not conceal his wrath.

He blazed and fumed indignantly on behalf of his sisters, in the sanctuary of that little study,a spot where the despot seldom set foot; and out of this comparatively trivial cause had sprung a mighty resolution, which he and she whom he proudly honoured as "sister and friend" had, after some girding of the loins, repaired to the front parlour this evening to communicate.

All the while the cow fussed and fumed in the stall.

"Hard luck," murmured the young naval officer, as Mortlake, who had clambered out of the machine, stamped and fumed by its side.

It was she who discovered a steerage passenger, on the Liverpool dock, who had lost his wife and was bringing his four little children back to Ireland from Chicago, and, while the other cabin passengers fumed over their luggage, took up a collection for him then and there.

To Heavn their Prayers Flew up, nor miss'd the Way, by envious Winds Blown vagabond or frustrate: in they passd Dimensionless through heavnly Doors, then clad With Incense, where the Golden Altar fumed, By their great Intercessor, came in sight Before the Father's Throne We have the same Thought expressed a second time in the Intercession of the Messiah, which is conceived in very Emphatick Sentiments and Expressions.

It took Undine a long time to accustom herself to such an atmosphere, and meanwhile she fretted, fumed and flaunted, or abandoned herself to long periods of fruitless brooding.

That fumed off, and left the rest as promiscuous as before.

Father fussed and fumed, and wanted to try for a special dispensation, or something; but Mother laughed, and said certainly not, and that she guessed it was just as well, for she positively had to have a few things; and he needn't think he could walk right in like that on a body and expect her to get married at a moment's notice.

" "Highty, tighty!" fumed the exasperated magnate.

It only caught the salt-fumed breeze, Would have a grace they might not win.

"Hope that settles Mr. Richard Strong," fumed Jarvis as he turned away from the avenue.

the girl fumed.

When these investments proved disastrous, he raved and fumed, calling upon our Governmentwhich had nothing more to do with the matter than had the English Parliamentto make good his losses.

fumed Crenshawe, his right-hand neighbor, who was also a member of the corps of observation.

"I don't mind your saying 'I told you so'," he fumed.

But there was one poem of which the image was so vast that it was literally difficult for a time to take it in; he was describing the evening earth with its mist and fume and fragrance, and represented the whole as rolling upwards like a smoke; then suddenly he called the whole ball of the earth a thurible, and said that some gigantic spirit swung it slowly before God.

The traders fumed and threatened, and Indians with war-whoops and yells mounted horses and rode off from the opposite side.

Still they fumed and threatened.

"It comes mighty close to libel," fumed Wilbram.

Do you think you can defy me?" fumed Fielding.

At Betigheim, where we passed the night, the people told us of a much nearer and more beautiful road, passing through the Zabergau, a region fumed for its fertility and pastoral beauty.

Full of these thoughts, Harry fretted and fumed over the slow progress of the Mary Anne.

As he felt sleep coming on, he fumed one more time at the Starmen and the stupidity of Troy Putnam.

The taxicab crawled, it seemed, and on the way downtown was caught in a block of traffic which delayed him for ten minutes, during which he fumed silently.

Young Carlisle fumed a shade more than might have seemed necessary for military reasons.

She raged now against Ross and now against Theresa "She's marrying him just because she's full of envy, and can't bear to see anybody else have anything," she fumed.

I made a point of never saying anything against Mrs M'Swat; but I fumed inwardly that this life was forced upon me, when girls with no longings or aspirations beyond being the wife of a Peter M'Swat recoiled from the thought of it.

"Confounded imposition!" fumed Mr. Lewisham, and the breakfast table was novel and ominous, mutterings towards anger on the one hand and a certain consternation on the other.

He fumed with vexation at the memory of that cold glance, which had checked any advance toward familiarity, repelled him, crushed him!

I fumed and raged inwardly, and would have given anything if I could have shouted out to him: "You are a bankrupt already in one thing, for your wife does not love you.

Whereat the General fumed.

Sahwah fumed and fretted with impatience at having to stay in bed so long.

Altogether, Gadabout fumed and fussed so much here, pitching about in the choppy water, jerking her ropes, and battering her big neighbour, that it was a relief to all concerned when she got her oil aboard, cast off her ropes, and, giving the schooner a last vindictive dig in the ribs, set off up the river.

Mrs Norton asked herself these questions as she fumed on the sofa.

Fear smouldered in his very entrails, and doubt fumed and went out like steamlong lines and falling shadows and slowly dispersing clouds.

Mrs Norton was very angry; her temper fumed, and she would have burst into violent words had not the last words, "and that is why I came down here," frightened her into calmness.

In addition, the French lords could make nothing of a politician so thick-witted that he replied to every consideration of expediency with a parrot-like reiteration of the circumstance that already the bargain was signed and sworn to: in consequence, while daily they fumed over his stupidity, daily he gained his point.

" The captain shrugged his shoulders, fumed, and gave his attention to a cigarette.

To Heavn their Prayers Flew up, nor miss'd the Way, by envious Winds Blown vagabond or frustrate: in they passd Dimensionless through heavnly Doors, then clad With Incense, where the Golden Altar fumed, By their great Intercessor, came in sight Before the Father's Throne We have the same Thought expressed a second time in the Intercession of the Messiah, which is conceived in very Emphatick Sentiments and Expressions.

As I shall soon cease to write Adventurers, I could not forbear lately to consider what has been the consequence of my labours; and whether I am to reckon the hours laid out in these compositions, as applied to a good and laudable purpose, or suffered to fume away in useless evaporations.

It was that same quality of dignity in his love that had restrained him from seeking a deliberate quarrel with Jack before now; and though he fumed inwardly while his outer hurts healed, he resolved to wait.

The officer became enraged, and fumed so that only splutters flew out of his mouth.

So I fumed and I fussed, and I yearned inside of me to get square with somebody.

And thus they talked for one good hour, and in the adjoining room Janet fumed and fretted; for 'twas far past her child's bedtime.

Then he fretted and fumed, fearing she had fallen under the stormy blast and had taken cold, and perhaps would have a fever.

"Who the devil cares?" fumed Sir Lupus.

But that brief respite from the strain had revived me; a bucket of cold water stood near the fire, and I thrust my burning face into it, drinking my fill, while the renegade in scarlet bawled at me and fumed and cursed, demanding my attention to what he was saying.

Mountain Wine:Pick out the big stalks of your Malaga raisins, then chop them very small, five gallons to every gallon of cold spring-water, let them steep a fortnight or more, squeeze out the liquor and barrel it in a vessel fit for it; first fume the vessel with brimstone; don't stop it up till the hissing is over.

"Drinkwith you!" fumed Kelly.

Thus he fumed and raved and trifled, in an agony of selfish sufferinga proud, injured man; and all the time the object of his vengeful indignation was lying insensible on the spot where she had prayed to him, her loving heart motionless within a bosom of ice.

He caught up a mirror and looked at it reversed; he put in a bold accent or two; fumed over the lack of brilliancy in some colour he had bought the day before; and ended in a fresh burst of satisfaction.

Very likely he was off condoling with his friend and fellow conspirator, the caretaker, and I fumed with rage and disappointment.

The Jolly Mariner stood in one of the foulest and narrowest of the streets of the unsavoury seaport, and Dr. Woodford sighed, and fumed, and wished for a good pipe of tobacco more than once as he hesitated to try to force a way for his niece through the throng round the entrance to the stable-yard of the Jolly Mariner, apparently too rough to pay respect to gown and cassock.

He waited and fumed.

But Saul's son Jonathan is bound to David in friendship,which makes his anger fume on Jonathan as well.

A giant, inflatable rat outside the union hall decried corporate greed as workers fumed over the hiring of scab workers and political leaders got involved.

Housing Minister Yaakov Litzman fumed at Prime Minister Netanyahu during a meeting of his ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism party before today’s vote on a bill to push back the deadline for passing a state budget, the Walla news site reports.

"I don't deal with socialism and that's exactly what's going on!" he fumed.

"I don't get it, I simply do not get it, it is literally the least you can do," he fumed.

Lulu wondered if Dante knew what the divorce did to her, and she fumed about how she crawled out of the wreckage that he left.

The Daily Mirror, one of three papers facing lawsuits from the couple, fumed in its coverage about an extraordinary day in the history of the royal family.

The lads did not turn up, he fumed.

The shocking attack comes as the Muslim world has fumed with anger at the French government for refusing to take action against French citizens for public displays of the prophet Mohammad.

This is an international joke, fumed Winni Cheung, 31, and self-employed, who invested over HK$200,000 (22,000) on Ant.

Tribal livelihood experts are however fumed with the sudden halting of the procurement process of the government.

Twitter reactions fumed with disgust over the pandemic movie, claiming it is profiting off of COVID-19 deaths.

WASHINGTON For 40 hours, President Donald Trump fumed in private and tweeted his grievances in all caps.