3262 examples of functions in sentences

Yet wealth, too oft perverted from its end, Suspends the noblest functions of the soul; Where, chill'd as Apathy's cold frosts, extends, Compassion's sacred stream forgets to roll.

Use consists in fulfilling faithfully, sincerely, and carefully, the duties of our functions, T.C.R., 744.

The great practical question seems to us to be that to which we have before this alluded,How the Supreme Court of Appeal can be made fitter for the due discharge of its momentous functions?

Has she been carrying out in these novels the precepts of that chapter in which Dr. Strauss teaches his disciples how, while believing the New Testament narrative to be merely mythical, they may yet discharge the functions of the Christian preacher without exposing themselves by their language to any imputation of unsoundness?

Mr. Jeffrey does ill when he delegates his important functions into such hands as Mr. Hazlitt.

A different type of Buddhism from that in the north had spread over most of the south, a meditative Buddhism that was very close ideologically to the original Taoism, and so fulfilled the same social functions as Taoism.

This sphere of influence was politically insignificant and not directly of any economic importance; but it fulfilled for the Sung the same functions which colonial territories fulfilled for Europeans, serving as a field of operation for the commercial class, who imported raw materials from itmainly, it is true, luxury articles such as special sorts of wood, perfumes, ivory, and so onand exported Chinese manufactures.

The movement of the piston in the cylinder performs four functions: first, the downward stroke, the result of the explosion of gas, produces the power; second, the returning up-stroke pushes out the burned gas; third, the next down-stroke sucks in a fresh supply of gas, which (fourth) is compressed by the following-up movement and is ready for the next explosion.

At last I went up to London to consult a physician, and was told I was suffering from general nervous exhaustion, which, was accompanied by much disturbance of the functions of the heart.

ARCHIMEDES, Syracusan philosopher, who discovered, among other great scientific facts, the functions of the lever.

The small farmers who continued to dwell nearby included Dabney at first in their rustic social functions; but when he carried twenty of his slaves to a house-raising and kept his own hands gloved while directing their work, the beneficiary and his fellows were less grateful for the service than offended at the undemocratic manner of its rendering.

What are the functions of General Hospitals, besides curing the sick and wounded?

It was supposed, ten years since, that there must be nine separate departments in every Military General Hospital, and the officials bore titles accordingly; but there was such an odd confusion in their functions that every one of the nine was often seen doing the business of some other.

I think I used to see her with a bevy of girls from Miss Black's school, who used sometimes to attend lectures at the Historical Society rooms, and had an unlimited appetite for the chocolate and sandwiches that were served below in the 'tombs' afterward, which appetite I may have helped to appease, for you know father was always a sort of mine host at those functions.

Such is the Stoneleigh Street Crêche, and in order to realise what admirable and desirable functions it fulfilsprincipally by voluntary aid, for the capitation fee of half-a-crown a week is, of course, quite insufficient to maintain itone has only to imagine what the lot of these helpless little creatures would be if they were left in their motherless homes.

It was in charge of a quite young subaltern, no doubt anxious to go and fight, but condemned indefinitely to the functions of baths-keeper.

The first court was held at Windsor by Henry I., and during his reign many splendid functions took place there.

Four years ago, in August, 1880, a paper was read on this subject before the Annual Summer Meeting of the Mechanical Engineers' Society of Great Britain, then held in Barrow-in-Furness, describing this valve motion and its functions, which was then comparatively new.

The main object of this present paper is to deal with the advantages of the valve gear and its application to various classes of engines both on land and at sea, and with the results of such applications, rather than treating it as a novelty, to give an exhaustive description of its construction and functions, which was done in the paper above referred to.

She told me once that when her work is coming well, her whole body sings, all the functions in rhythm.

That country is the richest which nourishes the greatest number of noble and happy human beings; that man is richest who, having perfected the functions of his own life to the utmost, has also the widest helpful influence, both personal and by means of his possessions, over the lives of others," We have here, as you see,

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The functions of the executive.

Thus gesturethe interpreter of sentimentis produced by means of the head, torso and limbs; and in the functions of the head are comprised the physiognomic movements, also classified and described, with their proper significance, such as anger, hate, contemplation, etc.,and the same with the other agents.

3262 examples of  functions  in sentences