3030 examples of fur in sentences

This is the common name of the inoffensive and fur-bearing members of the Phocidæ family.

The blessin's o' Heaven on ye fur not kapin' us starvin' anny longer.

No; ye must ahlways be huntin' round fur harrum to be doin' or throuble to make.

Nicholas stooped, picked up the fur mittens, and, laying them on the Boy's arm, reiterated his father's "Present!"

Before anything could be seen of the settlement, clumsy, fur-clad figures had come running down the slope and across the ice, greeting Nicholas with hilarity.

"Come on; I'll help you in, anyhow, Potts." "Can't walk in this damned wet fur.

The Boy had picked up a little parki made carefully of some very soft dark fur and trimmed with white rabbit, the small hood bordered with white fox.

" "What's the fur?" "Musk-rat."

May the divil burrn him in tarment and ile fur disappoyntin' th' kid.

"Well," drawled Potts, "you can look after the fur trade; give me a modest little claim in the Klondyke.

" He poked the beast on the altar, and a bit of burning yellow fur fell off and frizzled on the ground.

* * BAITED BREATH.That of the boy who had "wums fur bait" in his mouth.

In fur of fox, 'neath 'broidered robe, Thither our prince is come.

Lister knew his fur coat and rather dragging walk.

Mars' Joe," calling in his ear, "fur God's sake say um prayer!"

"Fur de Lor's sake, Mist' Dode, come in 'n' bathe yer feet 'n' go to bed!

" "Yes." "Fur de lub o' heben!"stopping short.

"Naow, fur 's I'm concerned," pursued Abe, "I hain't got nothin' agin the poorhouse fer neither man ner woman.

"I'm a-thinkin', Father," she twittered, "that naow me an' yew be a-gwine so fur apart, we be a-gittin' closer tergether in sperit than we 've ever been afore.

"Jest see, Father; we couldn't 'a' made out that winder this fur at all ef the sun hadn't struck it jest so.

But dew yew know, gals, folks outside even go so fur's ter say that yew throw plates at one another!

The Pope shrieked with amazement, for, although the splendid Pontifical vestments had become ragged fur, in every other respect the kneeling figure was the counterpart of the painted one, and the painted one was Pinturicchio's portrait of Pope Alexander the Sixth kneeling as a witness of the Resurrection.

He set the "anguish, doubt, desire," the whole chaos of his age, to a music whose thunder-roll seems to have inspired the opera of Lohengrina music not designed to teach or to satisfy "the budge doctors of the Stoic fur," but which will continue to arouse and delight the sons and daughters of men.

i' this world, aw'm sure; Iv ever things awtern they're likely to mend, For aw think i' my heart that we're both at th' fur end; For meight we ban noan, Nor no looms to weighve on, An' egad, they're as good lost as fund.'

so fur, neaw."

3030 examples of  fur  in sentences