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50 examples of  furores  in sentences

50 examples of furores in sentences

don't you remember the Laughing Lass mystery and the disappearance of Doctor Schermerhorn?" "Karl Augustus Schermerhorn, the man whose experiments to identify telepathy with the Marconi wireless waves made such a furore in the papers?" "Oh, that was only a by-product of his mind.

Both the guiding motive of his prose-poem (it is his as truly as King Lear is Shakespeare's), and the furore of welcome which greeted it, may be understood by recalling the position of the sentimental school on the eve of its appearance.

Early in this century, the White Quakers, who dressed themselves in light suits when outside and didn't dress at allstripped themselves after the manner of Adamiteswhen within doors, created much furore in Ireland.

In France the following formula was inserted in the church prayer: "A furore Normannorum libera nos, o Domine!"

He was received at Ancona with a furore of enthusiasm, and exceedingly well treated at Venice, Trieste, &c., by the Austrians, who are burning to revenge themselves on the French, and anxious to ally themselves with us for that purpose....

Ne la pietrosa tana assalita abbia, Sta sopra i figli con incerto core, E freme in suono di pieta e di rabbia: Ira la 'nvita e natural furore A spiegar l'ugne, e a insanguinar le labbia; Amor la 'ntenerisce, e la ritira A riguardare a

Tu fai co 'l padre guerra a gran furore, Per prender suo paese e sua castella; Ed io quร  son condotto per amore, E per piacer a quella damisella; Molte fiate son stato per onore E per la fede mia sopra la sella; Or sol per acquistar la bella dama Faccio battaglia, e d'altro non ho brama.

Veder l'ingiuria sua scritta nel monte L'accese sรฌ, ch'in lui non restรฒ dramma Che non fosse odio, rabbia, ira e furore;

Enraged against his enemies, he rails, swears, fights, slanders, detracts, envies, murders: and for his own part, si appetitum explere non potest, furore corripitur; if he cannot satisfy his desire (as Bodine writes) he runs mad.

ad Dulcitium Tribunum: so doth Hierom to Marcella of Blesilla's death, Non recipio tales animas, &c., he calls such men martyres stultae Philosophiae: so doth Cyprian de duplici martyrio; Si qui sic moriantur, aut infirmitas, aut ambitio, aut dementia cogit eos; 'tis mere madness so to do, furore est ne moriare mori.

So she confessed of herself in the poet, "insaniam priusquam quis sentiat, Vix pili intervallo a furore absum.

8. boldly denounceth, impium est, adulterum est, sacrilegum est, quodcunque humano furore statuitur, ut dispositio divina violetur, it is abominable, impious, adulterous, and sacrilegious, what men make and ordain after their own furies to cross God's laws.

De furore, mania melancholia scribo, ut sciam quo pacto in hominibus gignatur, fiat, crescat, cumuletur, minuatur; haec inquit animalia quae vides propterea seco, non Dei opera perosus, sed fellis bilisque naturam disquirens.

Diversos variis tribuit natura furores.

Lascivia superat equum, impudentia canem, astu vulpem, furore leonem. Chrys.

Minervae nuptias ambit, tanto furore percitus, ut satellites mitteret ad videndum num dea in thalamis venisset, &c. 1961.

Ex occursu daemonum aliqui furore corripiuntur, et experientia notum est. 2144.

3. c. 3. tanquam diro mucrone confossi, his nulla requies, nulla delectatio, solicitudine, gemitu, furore, desperatione, timore, tanquam ad perpetuam aerumnam infeliciter rapti. 2376.

Ad haec perpetranda furore rapti ducuntur, cruciatus quosvis tolerant, et mortem, et furore exacerbato audent et ad supplicia plus irritantur, mirum est quantam habeant in tormentis patientiam. 2574.

Ad haec perpetranda furore rapti ducuntur, cruciatus quosvis tolerant, et mortem, et furore exacerbato audent et ad supplicia plus irritantur, mirum est quantam habeant in tormentis patientiam. 2574.

ut parum absit a furore, rapitur a Lyceo in concionem, a concione ad mare, a mari in Siciliam, &c. 3405.

Cithara tristitiam jucundat, timidos furores attenuat, cruentam saevitiam blande reficit, languorem. &c. 3474.

Muscosi fontes, sylvestria tecta, valete, Aonidesque deae, et mendacis somnia Pindi: Tu, mihi, qui flamma movisti pectora sancti Siderea Isaiae, dignos accende furores!

Immediately upon the production, the theater-going world ceased to be indifferent to the new actress; in fact, it went into one of its occasional furores about her.

While the crowd had hovered about the front of the shed, awaiting the reappearance of the girl aviator, whose feat had caused such a furore, this boy had limped from the machine, assisted by his stalwart companion, and had entered the shed by the rear door.

nec tamen ante ullas patitur sibi reddere voces, marmoreum tremebunda pedem quam rettulit intra. ilia autem "quid me" inquit, "nutricula, torques? quid tantum properas nostros novisse furores? non ego consueto mortalibus uror amore.

"But that is not all: "'Instamus tarn en immemores, caecique furore, Et monstrum infelix sacrata sistimus arce.'

Bushey Broom, who created quite a furore when first exhibited at the Westminster Aquarium.

Few books on their publication have created a greater furore than Lord Lytton's "Eugene Aram," which was published in 1832.

As it was getting dark, I lit and took with me the big red-silk lantern, and we set out, she leading, and walking confoundedly fast, slackening when I swore at her, and getting fast again: and she walks with a certain levity, flightiness, and liberated furore, very hard to describe, as though space were a luxury to be revelled in.

It was wonderful to see the villages and towns going back to the earth, already invaded by vegetation, and hardly any longer breaking the continuity of pure Nature, the town now as much the country as the country, and that which is not-Man becoming all in all with a certain furore of vigour.

Lola Montez succeeded in creating a great furore, at last.

[380] "Il Papa diventato cosรฌ pessima bestia," lib. i. 58; "Il Papa entrato in un bestial furore," ib. 60; "Quel povero uomo di Papa Clemente," ib. 103. Ib.

"Confound his impudence, the scoundrel!" thundered the old Judge, throwing himself back in his chair, as he used to do in furore on the bench, and the lines of his mouth looked brutal, and his eyes ready to leap from their sockets.

He shook his head, as he sadly repeated, "misera ante diem, subitoque accensa furore"; but when he came to the lines, "Ergo Iris croceis per coelum roscida pennis Mille trahens varios adverso Sole colores," he jumped up with a great exclamation, which the particular recording angel who heard it pretended not to understand, or it might have gone hard with the Latin tutor some time or other.

I mean the one that created such a furore, you know.

Qui rerum momenta tenes, solusque futuri Praescius, elapsique memor: quem terra potentem Imperio, coelique tremunt; quem dite superbus Horrescit Phlegethon, pavidoque furore veretur: En!

Presently there stole through the silence a tremulous voice intoning the "Libera Nos," with its strange refrain: "A furore Normanorum Libera nos, O Domme!"

The nation was seized by a military madness, and in the furore, the cause of the slave went to the wall, and The Spirit of Liberty was discontinued.

But though the metropolitan success of the book was destined to be delayed for still a month or two, in York it had already created a furore in more senses than one.

Of course she had her furores.

As Kate stood waiting by the iron gate watching the outflowing stream of people with anxious eyes, she saw a little furore centered about the person of an opulent young woman who had, it appeared, many elaborate farewells to make to her fellow-passengers.

She remembered the crowd that had followed in her train, the manner in which people had looked after her on the street, and the little furore she had invariably awakened when she entered a shop or tea-room.

Ecco ch' io ti son tolta a gran furore, Nรจ sono ormai piรน tua.

I understand he created a furore as he passed through Paris from London.

LABLACHE, a celebrated operatic deep bass singer, born in Naples, of French origin; he created quite a furore wherever he went; was teacher of singing to Queen Victoria (1794-1858).

PADEREWSKI, IGNACE JAN, a celebrated pianist, born at Podolia, in Russian Poland; master of his art by incessant practice from early childhood, made his dรฉbut in 1887 with instant success; his first appearance created quite a furore in Paris and London; has twice visited the United States; is a brilliant composer as well as performer, and has composed numerous pieces both for the voice and the piano; b. 1860.

Then in the second act it was clear that the success was growing to be an ovation, and the ovation a furore, in which the house became entirely demoralised, and vouchsafed to listen only so long as Nino was singingscreaming with delight before he had finished what he had to sing in each scene.

That night, though there was no furore or general uprising of the audience, there was enough hand-clapping to arouse the troupe's dejected spirits.

My mother "brought the house down" nightly as Mrs. Malaprop; and a very exceptionally beautiful Madame de Parcieu (an Englishwoman married to a Frenchman) was in appearance, maniรจre d'รชtre, and deportment the veritable beau idรฉal of Lydia Languish, and might have made a furore on any stage, if it had been possible to induce her to raise her voice sufficiently.