312 examples of gaging in sentences

Under Murray, Colonel Burton commanded the district of Three Rivers while General Gage commanded the district of Montreal, which then extended to the western wilds.

Burton and Gage were also instructed to report about their own districts of Three Rivers and Montreal.

The relations between the British garrison and the French Canadians were so excellent that what Gage reported from Montreal might be taken as equally true of the rest of the country: 'The Soldiers live peaceably with the Inhabitants and they reciprocally acquire an affection for each other.'

General Gage marks out this disposition very particularly in a letter on your table.

Lord GAGE spoke next, in substance as follows:Sir, as no member of this assembly can feel a greater degree of zeal for his majesty's honour than myself; none shall more readily concur in any expression of duty or adherence to him.

" "Soon after the affairor, as soon as we got some notion of its effect on the provinces, general Gage sent me, privately, with despatches to governor Tryon.

" "General Wallingford has got a light-dragoon regimentgeneral Meredith has my old corps; he is now in this country, at the head of one of Gage's brigades.

To general Gage he even wrote, using the precaution not to sign the letter, though its sentiments were so much in favour of the colonies, that had it been intercepted, it is most probable the Americans would have forwarded the missive to its direction.

I question if they would even stop Gage, himself, from going through their camp, were he outside, and did he express a desire to return.

Not so long as all this they gazed at each other, measured, took ground, gaging each the adversary opposite. "Do not go!"

R103699, 5Dec52, Giovanni Ermete Gaeta (A) GAGE, GEORGE W., illus.

Illustrated by George W. Gage.

General Gage in America, being principally a history of his role in the American Revolution.

Tool design engineering: fourth semesterassembly fixtures, welding and gaging practice.

Tool design engineering: fourth semesterassembly fixtures, welding and gaging practice.

And presently the amethystine ring was being worn about the house, even with ostentation, and Jane developed a new way of bringing in the joint so that this gage was evident.

The fall of the kingdom of Jerusalem meant the sepulchre of Jesus Christ fallen once more into the hands of the infidels, and, at the same time, the destruction of what had been wrought by Christian Europe in the East, the loss of the only striking and permanent gage of her victories.

During the reading of the Declaration, Mrs. Gage stood beside Miss Anthony and held an umbrella over her head, to shelter her friend from the intense heat of the noonday sun.

In addition to the domestic cares which a large family involved, Mrs. Gage, Miss Anthony, and I were already busy collecting material for "The History of Woman Suffrage."

The arrival of Miss Anthony and Mrs. Gage, on November 20, banished all family matters from my mind.

The other case was that of Matilda Joslyn Gage.

So, here and now, I say to my autograph admirers, from New York to San Francisco, whenever you see "There is a word sweeter than Mother, Home, or Heaventhat word is Liberty," remember it belongs to Matilda Joslyn Gage.

From the time of the decade meeting in Rochester, in 1878, Matilda Joslyn Gage, Edward M. Davis, and I had sedulously labored to rouse women to a realization of their degraded position in the Church, and presented resolutions at every annual convention for that purpose.

Phoebe Couzins, Rev. Anna Shaw, Isabella Beecher Hooker, Matilda Joslyn Gage, Clara B. Colby, Senator Blair of New Hampshire, and many others responded.

" The Creole bowed, as a knight who takes up the gage.

312 examples of  gaging  in sentences
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