239 examples of gailey in sentences

Sarah Gailey's opposition had not been persistent enough to keep the jovial Mr. Boutwood out of No. 59.

"Put on your afternoon apron, and then you can go down and see Miss Gailey," said Hilda, and shut the door upon Florrie in her new home.

They watched her disappear on her way to find the basement and the formidable Sarah Gailey.

Sarah Gailey seemed weakly to protest against the word.

She thought of Sarah Gailey prone and unconscious in the basement.

Even Sarah Gailey, though her health had improved, did not assist at the wedding.

And the next moments were made smooth by reason of a great piece of news which, forcing Sarah Gailey to communicate it at once, monopolized attention, and so entirely relieved the bride's self-consciousness.

And nobody was more grimly self-controlled in speech than Sarah Gailey and Louisa.

It was clear that the problem of Sarah Gailey would have to be tackled and settled very soon.

There was a hesitating movement on the unseen stairs above, and then Hilda could see Sarah Gailey's felt slippers and the valance of her skirt.

The peculiarity of her tone arrested Sarah Gailey.

The Watchetts did not stir; the cook did not stir; Sarah Gailey did not stir; Louisa's fury was sated.

Sarah Gailey was in her bedroom, and did not dare to came out of it even to accuse Louisa of neglecting the basement tea.

But Sarah Gailey had given no sign, and the Watchetts were still shut in the dining-room.

And, at length, one dull morning, after George Cannon had sailed for America, and all affairs were somehow arranged or had arranged themselves, and Sarah Gailey was better and the autumn season smoothly running with new servants, she had suddenly said to Sarah: "I have to go to Bursley to-day, for a few days."

Sarah Gailey could not now be trusted to address an envelope correctly.

The answer was simple: habit had shackled her to Sarah Gailey.

Sarah Gailey continued to discuss boarding-house affairs, until she arrived at the end of the fourth page, and then, in a few cramped words, she finished with expressions of love.

CHAPTER VI MISCHANCE I Twelve days later, in the evening, Hilda stood by the bedside of Sarah Gailey in the basement room of No. 59 Preston Street.

Upon entering the house on that Thursday night, Hilda, despite the anxious pale face of the new servant who had waited up for her and who entreated her to see Sarah Gailey instantly, had gone first to her own room and scrawled passionately a note to Edwin, which ran: "DEAREST, This is my address.

With a frown of disgust on her face, she looked into Sarah Gailey's bedroom.

But apart from these considerations, she would have gone back for Sarah Gaileybecause Sarah Gailey was entirely dependent on her.

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239 examples of  gailey  in sentences