151 examples of gainers in sentences

We are told of their contributions to the last war; a war incited by their outcries, and continued for their protection; a war by which none but themselves were gainers.

'And, on your own showing, are clean gainers of a happy life here, not to mention heaven hereafter.

In one respect the party now on the island had been gainers by the terrible losses it had sustained in Daggett's crew.

What though distempers of the present Age Have banish'd your smooth numbers from the Stage? You shall be gainers by't; it shall confer To th' making the vast world your Theater.

Ancelot has a pretty fair field before her for the display of her sincerity, and we, the public, who are neither kith nor kin of the deceased, are the gainers thereby.

"Then tell Padre Camorra," Basilio hastened to say, while he nudged Isagani slyly, "tell him that if he would drink water instead of wine or beer, perhaps we might all be the gainers and he would not give rise to so much talk.

But if we come to look at things in the way I recommend, we shall be doubly the gainers; we shall at once get more pleasure out of them than we did before, and we shall do everything in our power to prevent the loss of them; for instance, by not risking our property, or angering our friends, or exposing our wives to temptation, or being careless about our children's health, and so on.

I hain't said much to her, but I've noticed that she set a heap by this garding; an' I expect she'll miss the flowers more'n anything; now my womenfolks they won't have anythin' to do with such truck; an' if she's a mind to take care on't jest's she used ter, I'm willin'; I guess we shall be the gainers on't.

But in the opinion of the most intelligent planters, even these did not really sustain any loss, for originally it was bad policy to raise provisions, since it engrossed that labor which would have been more profitably directed to the cultivation of sugar; and hence they would ultimately be gainers by the change.

The noble and learned lord here proceeded to contend that up to the present time the slave-owners, so far from being sufferers, had been gainers by the abolition of slavery and the enactment of the system of apprenticeship, and that consequently up to the present moment nothing had occurred to entitle them to a claim upon the compensation allotted by parliament.

Companies would insure at a lower rate, and all parties would be gainers in the long run; for, if the Government obtained no pecuniary profit, it would gain in national character by the removal of a reproach such as no other commercial country at the present day labours under.

Possibly the men also would be the gainers through their influence.

Hence peaceful nations will be most gainers by this change of system; but it is not enough that we should be capable of raising a blockade: we are a commercial people: our merchant ships visit every sea, and our men-of-war must follow and protect them there.

London and the country would both be gainers by transplanting bodily, a hundred miles off, some dozens of its streetsinhabitants and all.

Humanity will lose no real sanctity or safeguard by her demise; only false shame and false morality will gobut true modesty, "the modesty of nature," true propriety, true religionand incidentally true love and true marriagewill all be immeasurably the gainers by the death of this hypocritical, nasty-minded old lady.

" Such gainers may we be by Adam's fall, with regard both to the love of God and of our neighbor.

The Watauga people and the westerners generally were the real gainers by the war.

It was impossible to lose sight of the fact that the Stevenses would be the real gainers, if this ghost business led Colonel Richmond to insist that his daughter should give up the jewels.

The poor are certainly no gainers by the substitution of philosophy for religion; and many of those who are forbidden to celebrate Christmas or Easter by a mass, will forget to do it by a donation.

The poor are certainly no gainers by the substitution of philosophy for religion; and many of those who are forbidden to celebrate Christmas or Easter by a mass, will forget to do it by a donation.

If they do not choose to increase their consumption of cloth, this does not prevent them from being gainers.

They are not esteemed such good subjects to the new government as the Jews, their expectations of benefit from a change of masters, in consequence of their having proved the chief gainers heretofore, being less sanguine.

Too soon it came; our pool, so long The theme of patriot bull-frogs' song, Next day was reeking, fit to smother, With heads and tails that missed each other, Here snoutless tails, there tailless snouts: The only gainers were the pouts.

On the other hand, those in occupations into which few immigrants enter may, as consumers of cheaper products, be immediately the gainers in real wages, by the very change that depresses the wages in the lower strata.

All men, with rare exceptions, have been gainers; but the increased production has been very unequally distributed among the members of the community.

151 examples of  gainers  in sentences