172 examples of gainsays in sentences

My words were too much in tune with his declared opinions for him to gainsay them.

No Council or Assembly will dare gainsay me.

She could not gainsay the urgency of the nuncio.

Lucio, This woman nought gainsays.

She crieth still; gainsays no words Contempt can hurt withal; The daughter's woe her strength affords, And woe nor strength is small.

Who can my sound good sense gainsay If I confess I lost my heart?

And I not to gainsay her, for she did mean the thing, as I perceived, and I had no desire to force my way upon her, save when I saw truly that she did seem to go unwisely.

It was not for him to gainsay what the Spirit had revealed to them.

It would be impossible to gainsay Don Juan Francisco Urroz, of the Philippine Company, in his detailed and accurate report to the managing committee in 1802, when he observes: "That the Philippine Islands, from time immemorial, were acquainted with, and still retain, that species of industry peculiar to the country, adapted to the customs and wants of the natives, and which constitutes the chief branch of their clothing.

However this may be, and even making a large allowance for the determination of the writer to see every thing he loves couleur de rose, we think there can be little doubt of this fact, that he has made out a case for experiment, and still more, that they who have not made the experiment, are not entitled either to distrust or to gainsay his assertions.

When there is occasion to put stoppers on the mouths of a boat's crew, why, I'm not the man to gainsay it; but, as I am one of them that thinks tongues were just as much made to talk with, as the sea was made to live on, I uphold rational conversation in sober society.

It was not Mr. Raleigh's custom to interfere; if people chose to drown themselves, he was not the man to gainsay them; but now, as his walk drew him toward her, it was the most natural thing in the world to pause and say, "Il serait fâcheux, Mademoiselle, lorsqu' on a failli faire naufrage, de se noyer"and, in want of a word, Mr. Raleigh ignominiously descended to his vernacular"with a lee-lurch.

But the reviewer gainsays all this, and even does more.

I doubt if the most straitlaced Puritan will gainsay me when I declare that bribery from the candidates, in the form of theatres, opera-boxes, flowers, bonbons, and books, would not only be tolerated, but even, in a modest manner, encouragedhaving, of course, a keen eye as to the elasticity of the campaign fund.

Yet he would have back his wife and child, and no one could gainsay him.

He knew that she must, and he made no attempt to gainsay her.

In that case there is nobody at court, whatever authority he may possess, who dare gainsay his Majesty.

Sir Maximilian is a spurred and belted knight, and under the laws of chivalry even Your Grace may not gainsay him.

"We cannot gainsay Your Lordship's surety, most gracious duke," returned Campo-Basso; "but with all meekness and humility we would suggest, with Your Grace's permission, that when a man jeopards his life against another he feels it his right to know at least his foe's name.

Let a man only be perfectly honestno one can utterly gainsay him.

" We could not gainsay this, and as not one of us wanted to kill the animal or let her go, Jones had his way.

No man can gainsay this, for on every side is the evidence.

whispered Mary Strathsay in my ear, hastening to get the glittering apparel aside, lest my mother should gainsay us.

Consistency was a virtue which he probably too often scouted, but his high purpose, his spotlessness of spirit, and strong control of men no one can gainsay.

Herbert soothed him better than any one else could do, and he fell asleep again; but Mr. Lipscombe declared it was of no use to remain nothing but madness; and they could not gainsay him.

172 examples of  gainsays  in sentences