176 examples of gala in sentences

These are cheap and innocent gala-days, celebrated by one and all without the aid of committees or marshals, such a show as may safely be licensed, not attracting gamblers or rum-sellers, nor requiring any special police to keep the peace.

Below the chiripá, his limbs are cased in calzoncillos, stout cotton drawers or pantalets, which terminate in a fringe (you should see the elaborate worsted-work that adorns the hem of his gala-pair) an inch or two above the ankle.

In the midst of the enemy's camp-ground, underneath a temporary dance-house, are men and women in gala-day dress.

This was not the way Faraway dressed for gala occasions, but in several respects the trader did not choose to follow the habits of the North.

The plantation was in gala dress.

If I was a young gala single young galhe'sthe other half," he said, slowly, as he paused"just the one I should fancy.

After that era, six, which had been somewhat of a gala hour, was promoted to the fixed station of dinner-time in ordinary; and there perhaps it will rest through centuries.

The sycamores threw their broad, cool shadows over the court, and groups of servants, in gala dresses, loitered about the corridors.

The entrance to the former is from the back, near to where Buckingham-gate formerly stood, and it is by this door that the visiters to the palace on gala days will be admitted.

"True; but they have still enough left to make very grand displays on gala days; and, on these occasions, the dresses of the women are peculiarly splendid.

The evening was a specially gala occasion, with a dinner dance on, the last big party before Tony went home to her Hill.

The inn of Torsonce, beside the Gala Water, was our resting-place for the night.

As we approached Galashiels the next morning, where the bed of the silver Gala is nearly emptied by a number of dingy manufactories, the hills opened, disclosing the sweet vale of the Tweed, guarded by the triple peak of the Eildon, at whose base lay nestled the village of Melrose.

" Crossing the Gala we ascended a hill on the road to Selkirk, and behold!

I began to regret having taken the affair from the hands in which I had found it, and one day, it being a gala or some insatiable saint's day, I was riding, perplexed with that and other matters, and paying small attention to the passing crowd.

He was always driven "loose" on the rare and gala occasions when, at his own plainly expressed desire, he was placed again in temporary service.

When Caesar procured for himself the government for five years of the Gauls, the fact was, that, not desiring to be a sanguinary dictator like Scylla, or a gala chieftain like Pompey, he went and sought abroad, for his own glory and fortune's sake, in a war of general Roman interest, the means and chances of success which were not furnished to him in Rome itself by the dogged and monotonous struggle of the factions.

What would happen before he reappeared there for a gala performance?

The gala uniform of all the church attendants belonged to the eighteenth century, the time of its greatest prosperity.

The house was brilliantly lighted, and at the table, while Clay was talking, and every one in gala day spirits, the light suddenly went out, and what a strange sensation fell on one guesta feeling of coming evil.

Every one appeared in his gala-dress.

An enclosure had been formed for him by the palace wall, covered with a red hanging, as though my sweetheart's death were a gala sight.

It was the gala evening of the season.

It was in every sense a gala meal.

Huon and Sherasmin at court of, 180. GALA-HAD, SIR.

176 examples of  gala  in sentences