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176 examples of  gala  in sentences

176 examples of gala in sentences

There was a gala dinner at the Schloss, to celebrate the signing of the treaty.

The Elysee looked just as it did in the marshal's timeplenty of servants in gala liveriestwo or three huissiers who knew everybodypalms, flowers, everywhere.

This was early on the great Davis gala day, and thereafter he disappeared from the scene.

These are cheap and innocent gala-days, celebrated by one and all without the aid of committees or marshals, such a show as may safely be licensed, not attracting gamblers or rum-sellers, nor requiring any special police to keep the peace.

Below the chiripá, his limbs are cased in calzoncillos, stout cotton drawers or pantalets, which terminate in a fringe (you should see the elaborate worsted-work that adorns the hem of his gala-pair) an inch or two above the ankle.

Ye are of more value than many sparrows!" II "GOOD-BY" When the last look of parting had been given to the old kitchen and the couple passed out-of-doors, hushed and trembling, they presented an incongruously brave, gala-day appearance.

[*] The lugubrious spot wore a holiday appearance; everything seemed to denote a diabolical gala.

Well, one hot summer's night we were lying off Naples, and as it was a grand festa ashore and there was to be a gala performance at the theater, Leithcourt took a box and the whole party were rowed ashore.

Shining silver buttons set off a coat which plainly belonged to his gala suit.

Mooanam was prepared for their reception, and attired in his gala costume of furs and feathers, with his most elaborately worked battle-axe hung to his side, and a long and slender spear, tipped with bone, in his hand.

Of the two balconies which overhung the banquette on the front of the Délicieuse house, one was a small affair, and the other a deeper and broader one, from which Madame and her ladies were wont upon gala days to wave handkerchiefs and cast flowers to the friends in the processions.

It was he, his unexpected presence, all that he had not yet said, all the adventurous romance which he surely personated, that fanned the growing fever, the excitement of the family, intoxicated by that open-air gala.

Outside the Colonel poised himself in gala attitude, and benignantly surveyed our quiet little Main Street in both directions.

There was music, too, on this occasiondescribed elsewhere as "a gala occasion"after

"Now, Pris, tell me how I look," cried Kitty, as she swept into the room late that afternoon in full gala costume.

In the midst of the enemy's camp-ground, underneath a temporary dance-house, are men and women in gala-day dress.

"What gala scene have they prepared for our amusement?" asked Hugh, his dark gray eyes twinkling with merriment.

This was not the way Faraway dressed for gala occasions, but in several respects the trader did not choose to follow the habits of the North.

In the North-West Mounted it was not necessary to make a gala day of it because a constable brought in his man.

AEolocentaurus and Thalassopotes were, I suppose, two Leviathans. {113} One of the fifty Nereids, or Sea-Nymphs; so called, on account of the fairness of her skin: from [Greek], gala, milk; of the milky island, therefore, she was naturally the presiding deity.

This idea was strengthened when the gala evening arrived, and our heroine was introduced to her father's principal patron, a vain and weak-minded man, who listened to his host's extravagant adulation with evident complacency, though to every one else it was palpably insincere.

The plantation was in gala dress.

If I was a young gala single young galhe'sthe other half," he said, slowly, as he paused"just the one I should fancy.

"Those were her gala days.

The present intention is that we should all be in gala at the funeral, with black scarfs, &c. I have asked several to dine at Roehampton and go from thence.

After that era, six, which had been somewhat of a gala hour, was promoted to the fixed station of dinner-time in ordinary; and there perhaps it will rest through centuries.

gala, f., ostentation, display, grace, adornment; full (or court) dress; pl., regalia, finery, paraphernalia.

Invitations are sent to all your neighbouring friends, who look forward to each other's annual Pooneah as a great gala day.

The sycamores threw their broad, cool shadows over the court, and groups of servants, in gala dresses, loitered about the corridors.

The entrance to the former is from the back, near to where Buckingham-gate formerly stood, and it is by this door that the visiters to the palace on gala days will be admitted.

"True; but they have still enough left to make very grand displays on gala days; and, on these occasions, the dresses of the women are peculiarly splendid.

Court balls, receptions, gala performances at opera and theatre, and military reviews followed each other in bewildering but well-ordered confusion, and Morse, as a man of worldwide celebrity, took part in all of them.

There was a gala supper at the barracks that evening, to commemorate some incident or other in the national history, and I was to be present and to reply to the toast of "The Commerce of Aureataland."

Though I am wont indeed to strict incognito, Yet upon gala-days one must one's orders show.

The grandfather of the present king had a hole bored in it, and liked to strut about on gala-days with the gem suspended around his neck.

But little enough did either Ted or Madeline reck of Fred's or any other opinion as they fared their blithe and care-free way that gala week.

The evening was a specially gala occasion, with a dinner dance on, the last big party before Tony went home to her Hill.

Nevertheless he was in a gala humor that November morning.

" Later there was a gala dinner party, an occasion almost as gay as that Round Table banquet over eight years ago had been when Dick Carson had been formally inducted into the order and Doctor Holiday had announced that he was going to marry Miss Margery.

The sun shone, the early spring air was soft, and a certain gala "stolen sweets" air of Claremont made it seem their most intimate meal.

Mrs. Thomas, during the days on which she did not receive company, would have presented, to any one who might have had the honour to see that venerable lady, an entirely different appearance to that which she assumed on gala days.

Right across the façade spread still some of the letters in evergreens of the motto: 'Many happy returns of the day,' so that someone must have come of age, or something, for inside all was gala, and it was clear that these people had defied a fate which they, of course, foreknew.

"Having thus given an account of the genus and species to which Edie Ochiltree appertains, the author may add, that the individual he had in his eye was Andrew Gemmells, an old mendicant of the character described, who was many years since well known, and must still be remembered, in the vales of Gala, Tweed, Ettrick, Yarrow, and the adjoining country.

Reuben soon had so strong a wish to go to sea, that he entered the merchant service; and by the time he became Master of his own vessel and revisited the hall when he came ashore, Theodore was to be found there with a kind and gentle wife by his side; and frolicking about the ancient hall were a parcel of noisy children, to whom the arrival from sea of him whom they always unaccountably would call "Uncle Reuben," was ever a gala treat.

There is nothing remarkable in the two other buildings, except their antiquity, and the associations arising therefrom.[AG] One of the most striking sights here is the turn-out of the Fire Companies on any gala day.

Sunday is the choicest day of all the week, because Sunday is a day of feasting, and the marché then has a more than gala air.

A candidate came before the lodge in gala fashion, painted, wreathed, and laughing.

Sometimes they mended fence, sometimes helped at farm labor, and one gala morning, with entire good will and cheer, they beat into cleanliness every carpet in a widow's cottage.

A gallant frigate, which lay in the very spot where the vessel of the Rover has first been seen, had already lowered the gay assemblage of friendly ensigns, which had been spread in the usual order of a gala day.

Most visitors cross the Bay and arrive at the city by way of the Ferry Building, the gala tower of which has a clock at each point of the compass.

It was also something of a gala-day for Madame la Générale too, as it must be a gala-day for all old wives to see their husbands pranked in the manners and graces that had conquered their maidenhood, and exhaling once more that ambrosial fragrance which once so well incensed their compelling presence.

It was also something of a gala-day for Madame la Générale too, as it must be a gala-day for all old wives to see their husbands pranked in the manners and graces that had conquered their maidenhood, and exhaling once more that ambrosial fragrance which once so well incensed their compelling presence.

The inn of Torsonce, beside the Gala Water, was our resting-place for the night.

As we approached Galashiels the next morning, where the bed of the silver Gala is nearly emptied by a number of dingy manufactories, the hills opened, disclosing the sweet vale of the Tweed, guarded by the triple peak of the Eildon, at whose base lay nestled the village of Melrose.

" Crossing the Gala we ascended a hill on the road to Selkirk, and behold!

The streams wound through ("snaked themselves through," is the German expression,) with a subdued ripple, as if they feared to displace a pebble, and the great ash trees which stood here and there, had lined each of their leaves as carefully with silver and turned them as gracefully to the wind, us if they were making their toilettes for the gala-day of nature.

Nay, there she could not be, for he remembered having been shown that it was full of eighteenth-century gala gowns.

During this time the Queen, fatigued by her previous exertions, was lying upon a sofa in her private cabinet, in order to recruit her strength against the evening, which was, as we have shown, to have been one of gaiety and gala, when her affrighted attendants hastened to convey to her the fatal tidings of her widowhood.

I began to regret having taken the affair from the hands in which I had found it, and one day, it being a gala or some insatiable saint's day, I was riding, perplexed with that and other matters, and paying small attention to the passing crowd.

It was a gala night in Curzon Street, the lords were driving up in hansoms; shouts and oaths; some seated on the roofs with their legs swinging inside; the comics had arrived from the halls; there were ladies, many ladies; choruses were going merrily in the drawing-room; one man was attempting to kick the chandelier, another stood on his head on the sofa.

When a chief has a gala-day, or desires to signal his arrival by a right royal feast, it is considered befitting to slaughter some men, to let the blood run in the path of royalty, and to have on the table some roast-homme.

As for myself, I could bless the States-General for having furnished so gala an occasion!

We hope to introduce a few of the notes of the Series; but content ourselves for the present with the following: being the original of the legend of Mrs. Grizel Oldbuck: Mr. Rd of Bowland, a gentleman of landed property in the vale of Gala, was prosecuted for a very considerable sum, the accumulated arrears of teind (or tithe) for which he was said to be indebted to a noble family, the titulars (lay impropriators of the tithes.)

The peasants make a gala-time of gathering and preparing the nuts.

REPARTIE D'UN AMI DE VOLTAIRE Un jour un auteur aussi célèbre par son esprit que craint pour ses épigrammes pria Voltaire de le faire inviter à un grand dîner de gala.

GALA, m., grande fête.

He was always driven "loose" on the rare and gala occasions when, at his own plainly expressed desire, he was placed again in temporary service.

In a warmly appreciative sense this must be a gala occasion.

Myrica Gala (Candleberry Myrtle).This hardy deciduous shrub is very ornamental, and its foliage is scented like the myrtle.

When Caesar procured for himself the government for five years of the Gauls, the fact was, that, not desiring to be a sanguinary dictator like Scylla, or a gala chieftain like Pompey, he went and sought abroad, for his own glory and fortune's sake, in a war of general Roman interest, the means and chances of success which were not furnished to him in Rome itself by the dogged and monotonous struggle of the factions.

Whilst Berlin was in gala trim to celebrate the return of her monarch in triumph, Europe had her eyes fixed upon the unparalleled enterprise of a young man, winning, courageous, and frivolous as he was, attempting to recover by himself alone the throne of his fathers.

The winter gala days are associated, in my memory, with hanging up stockings and with turkeys, mince pies, sweet cider, and sleighrides by moonlight.

Two hundred girls in gala attire, white dresses, bright sashes, and coral ornaments, with their curly hair, rosy cheeks, and sparkling eyes, flitted to and fro, some rejoicing that they had passed through their ordeal, some still on the tiptoe of expectation, some laughing, some in tearsaltogether a most beautiful and interesting picture.

People are not more than five or six hours a day in their gala habits, and the whole of this period is judiciously chosen between the hours of repast, so that no risk in incurred by accidents at table.

People are not more than five or six hours a day in their gala habits, and the whole of this period is judiciously chosen between the hours of repast, so that no risk in incurred by accidents at table.

Those of which Solomon sang in his time, and which exceeded his glory in their every-day array, even "the hyssop by the wall," never showed, on the gala-days of his Egyptian bride, the hidden charms which he, in his wisdom, knew not how to unlock.

What would happen before he reappeared there for a gala performance?

We watched sympathetically, step by step, his climbing, until, at last, the point is gained, the wedding day is fixed, and we follow the gala procession home to the castle, when the doors are slammed in our face, and the poor reader is left outside in the cold, not enriched by so much as an idea, or a virtuous impulse.

The gala uniform of all the church attendants belonged to the eighteenth century, the time of its greatest prosperity.

The house was brilliantly lighted, and at the table, while Clay was talking, and every one in gala day spirits, the light suddenly went out, and what a strange sensation fell on one guesta feeling of coming evil.

The COOK (in gala costume) KING (sitting on throne).

Every one appeared in his gala-dress.

An enclosure had been formed for him by the palace wall, covered with a red hanging, as though my sweetheart's death were a gala sight.

"The great gala-day of Jamesville has dawned, to-day the great Norfolk steamer honors the town with its presence; everybody (and some more) comes down to the wharf to see the wonderful sight.

The guests rent costumes and masks and appear in very gala fashion indeed.

Who 'll let me out some gala day, With implements to fly away, Passing pomposity? XLIII.

After dinner a general "clear" was made in the direction of halls and theatres, a few friends would drop in about twelve, and continue their drinking till three or four; but Saturday night was gala nightat half-past eleven the lords drove up in their hansoms, then a genius or two would arrive, and supper and singing went merrily until the chimney sweeps began to go by.

It was a gala night in Curzon Street, the lords were driving up in hansoms; some seated on the roofs with their legs swinging inside; the comics had arrived from the halls; there were ladies, many ladies; choruses were going merrily in the drawing-room; one man was attempting to kick the chandelier, another stood on his head on the sofa.

Those were the gala days of license, extravagance and pomp.

It was the gala evening of the season.

They grace festivals, and triumphs, and processions; and cast a glory on gala days; and are amongst the last sad honors we pay to the objects of our love.

The slaves on hearing this good news of freedom burst out in song and praises to God: it was a gala day.

He says that day was a gala day.

The cane grinding season was always a gala one.

It was in every sense a gala meal.

" From Gail Hamilton, author of "Gala Days," etc. "'The Household of Bouverie' is one of those nuisances of books that pluck out all your teeth, and then dare you to bite them.

The Chinese spared neither pains nor expense to make a good showing, and gave a gala performance at the Opera in return for Austrian hospitality.

The streets were filled with people in gala attire, the militia were out, bands playing, fire-crackers going,a belated Fourth of July.

It was the season when the flowering currant puts on its gala dress of pink blossoms, and the banks of the creek for a long distance were like a flower garden.

Huon and Sherasmin at court of, 180. GALA-HAD, SIR.