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Do we say   gambol   or  gamble

Do we say gambol or gamble

gambol 56 occurrences

The trout that gambol in the pool

Cunning as a fox were his would-be friends; but having got him to the bush, there they let him gambol as he would, ensnaring him to his own almost utter ruin.

"Attend," said the queen, "upon this sweet gentleman; hop in his walks, and gambol in his sight; feed him with grapes and apricots, and steal for him the honey-bags from the bees.

While many a pastime circled in the shade, The young contending as the old surveyed; And many a gambol frolicked o'er the ground, And sleights of art and feats of strength went round.

Responsive to the sprightly pipe when all In sprightly dance the village youth were joined, Edwin, of melody aye held in thrall, From the rude gambol far remote reclined, Soothed, with the soft notes warbling in the wind.

He is not stronger than an elephant; Not he, but I will show him what it is To fight or gambol with an elephant!

Black lions visit us at times: eagles fly slowly over our heads; at dusk hippopotami come in parties of three and four to gambol in the river with the clumsy grace of negro children bathing.

Then the letters are nothing more than a transparency lighted up, such as a Lord might order to be lit up on a sudden at a Christmas Gambol, to scare the ladies.

The two passions of merriment and exultation are, undoubtedly, different; they are as different as a gambol and a triumph, but each is a species of joy; and poetical measures have not, in any language, been so far refined, as to provide for the subdivisions of passion.

When a wolf in his wide ranging found a good hunting-ground where small game was plentiful, he would snap up a rabbit silently in the twilight and then go far away, perhaps to join the other cubs in a gambol, or to follow them to the cliffs over a fishing village and set all the dogs to howling.

And there my lord and I used to gambol for an hour after our duties in court were over.

Now they gambol o'er

He determined to revisit the scene of the last evening's gambol, and if he met with any of the party, to demand his dog and gun.

These youngsters may be nearly thirty feet long; but they gambol like so many kittens, twisting and turning over and over, and throwing themselves into the air.

play; game, game at romps; gambol, romp, prank, antic, rig, lark, spree, skylarking, vagary, monkey trick, gambade, fredaine^, escapade, echappee

amuse oneself, game; play a game, play pranks, play tricks; sport, disport, toy, wanton, revel, junket, feast, carouse, banquet, make merry, drown care; drive dull care away; frolic, gambol, frisk, romp; caper; dance &c (leap) 309; keep up the ball; run a rig, sow one's wild oats, have one's fling, take one's pleasure; paint the town red [Slang]; see life; desipere in loco [Lat.], play the fool.

There is no feat of activity nor gambol of wit that ever was performed by man, from him that vaults on Pegasus to him that tumbles through the hoop of an anagram, but Benlowes has got the mastery in it, whether it be high-rope wit or low-rope wit.

How Tennison could venture to gambol in the same water with Leviathan, I cannot explain; but so it was: they frolicked about like two dolphins, though Hobbes must have been as old as the hills; and "in those intervals wherein they abstained from swimming and plunging themselves," [i.e., diving,] "they discoursed of many things relating to the Baths of the Ancients, and the Origine of Springs.

Ah, rather let us now in lovely June O'erlook these happy children at their play: Lo, where they gambol through the garden gay, Or round the hoary hawthorn dance and sing, Or, 'neath yon moss-grown cliff, grotesque and grey Sit plaiting flowery wreaths in social ring, And telling wondrous tales of the green Elfin King.

It is not the little ones alone who, relieved of the confinement of the parlor, gambol in half frantic ecstasy, but the sedate matron and the grave sire renew their youth, and in their exhuberance of spirit, join in the recreations with the zest of childhood.

Pleased by any random toy; By a kitten's busy joy, Or an infant's laughing eye Sharing in the ecstasy; 120 I would fare like that or this, Find my wisdom in my bliss; Keep the sprightly soul awake, And have faculties to take, Even from things by sorrow wrought, 125 Matter for a jocund thought, Spite of care, and spite of grief, To gambol with Life's falling Leaf.

Nobili envied Herodand the thought came across him, how pleasant it would be to sit royally enthroned, and see Nera gambol so!

Then the letters are nothing more than a transparency lighted up, such as a Lord might order to be lit up, on a sudden at a Xmas Gambol, to scare the ladies.

I ate and slept, and morning came at length And brought my Lady's letter to my bed: Thrice read and thirty kisses, came a thought, As the sweet morning laughed about the room Of the poor face downstairs, the sunshine there Playing about it like a wakeful child Whose weary mother sleepeth in the dawn, Pressing soft fingers round about the eyes To make them open, then with laughing shout Making a gambol all her body's length Ah me!

At this unexpected act the horse plunged and reared a good deal, and seemed inclined to go through the performance of the day before over again; but Dick patted and stroked him into quiescence, and having done so, urged him into a gallop over the plains, causing the dog to gambol round in order that he might get accustomed to him.

Of course exercise is a necessity, but it is not considered good policy to allow a dog in training to gambol about either on the roads or in the fields.

Young growing puppies must have their freedom to gambol about, and get their legs strong.

Accordingly, though extremely anxious to hear what passed between them, certain their conversation must relate to Nizza Macascree, Leonard did not attempt to follow, but, accompanied by Bell, who continued to gambol round him, directed his steps towards the grave of Dame Lucas.

EUPHORION Now let me gambol, Joyfully springing!

In the city, however, there is no escape from the crushing weight of prejudice, to ramble over fields of your own cultivation; to forget your sorrows in the refreshing air that waves the loaded branches of an orchard of your own planting; nor to solace yourself with a gambol over the green meadow with your little ones.

Round and round they gambol, tumbling each other over for all the world like young puppies.

The gambol has been shown.

J.J. Gambol (Gamble?)

The dance was a gambol of passion.

The ship, missing the steadying power of the wind, rolled heavily in the troughs of the seas, which, however began to be more diminutive, at each instant, as though the startled element was recalling, into the security of its own vast bosom, that portion of its particles which had, just before, been permitted to gambol so madly over its surface.

And we shall gambol by the briny blue.

My Brown Buxoma is the featest maid That e'er at wake delightsome gambol played ...

Stradling, still spying, began to whistle God save the Queen; then he called his monkey and made it gambol before him.

I am but a silly, poor girl, set up by the gambol of fortune for a May-game.

Those who have crouched at night by the side of pools in the desert, in order to have a shot at the beasts that frequent them, see strange scenes of animal life; how the creatures gambol at one moment and fight at another; how a herd suddenly halts in strained attention, and then breaks into a maddened rush, as one of them becomes conscious of the stealthy movements or rank scent of a beast of prey.

The next moment the two bears bounded on the stage and began to gambol round it, tossing up their hind legs and roaring and leaping in a manner that drew forth repeated plaudits.

Contrary to the preceding rule, the preterits, participles, and derivative nouns, of the few verbs ending in al, il, or ol, unaccented,namely, equal, rival, vial, marshal, victual, cavil, pencil, carol, gambol, and pistol,are usually allowed to double the l, though some dissent from the practice: as, equalled, equalling; rivalled, rivalling; cavilled, cavilling, caviller; carolled, carolling, caroller.

Final ll is peculiar to monosyllables and their compounds, with the few derivatives formed from such roots by prefixes; consequently, all other words that end in l, must be terminated with a single l: as, cabal, logical, appal, excel, rebel, refel, dispel, extol, control, mogul, jackal, rascal, damsel, handsel, tinsel, tendril, tranquil, gambol, consul.

"Quoth he 'this gambol thou advisest, Is, of all others, the unwisest.

"Quoth he, 'This gambol thou advisest, Is, of all projects, the unwisest.

," said Conrade de Montserrat, not heeding De Vaux's sign, "is of little consequence to anyone; yet to say truth, this is a gambol I should not like to share in, since he is pulling down the banner of England, and displaying his own in its stead."

The shrinking, timorous little she-goat that used to gambol about with him in pursuit, the poor child who had been so wistful and downcast during the days of his wantonness, had now become a woman with all the imperious obstinacy, all the domineering superiority of the female of the species as it has evolved in the countries of the South.

On one side, the water-eagle sits in majesty, undisturbed, on his well-known rock, in sight of his nest, on the face of Ben Venue; the heron stalks among the reeds in search of his prey; and the sportive ducks gambol on the waters or dive below.

The timorous hare and sportive squirrel gambol around me like Adam in Paradise, before he had an Eve; but I do not think he read Virgil, as I commonly do there.

If on windy days the Raven Gambol like a dancing skiff, Not the less she loves her haven

If not disturbed, his fear will vanish, and he will gambol almost at your feet.

" * * * * * A LAMB-LIKE GAMBOL.

As she then stood canopied beneath the dense shade of that sacred Hindoo tree, with its drooping foliage hanging in clusters round her, in every clasped and sensitive leaf of which a fairy is said to dwell, I fancied she was their queen, and must have dropped from one of the leaves, to gambol and wanton among the flowers below.

For comfort, we will take a gambol through a recent Game of yore.

Perhaps our cane toad was keen to join them at the Justin Hemmesโ€™ pleasure palace for a bit of a gambol?

Proceeds from the project will go to benefit the Schreiber HS Gambol 2021.

gamble 471 occurrences

"And neither of 'em ain't gonna suit you, and you can gamble on that, Swing Tunstall."

risk, venture, hazard, stake; ante; lay, lay a wager; make a bet, wager, bet, gamble, game, play for; play at chuck farthing.

"Not far off from them was another village whose people were called Mooswa, or Moose people, and Nanahboozhoo soon found out that, while the inhabitants of these two villages were antagonistic to each other, they frequently met to gamble, and that the Moose people were nearly always successful and had won from the Elk people nearly everything they possessed.

Why should any man who walks upright, with his head pointing to the stars, be permitted to profane the name of Deity, to stagger under the influence of liquor, to puff at a cigar, to gamble, to run a disorderly resort or show, to enrich himself through the manufacture and sale of poisons, or to do anything else that corrupts the community and destroys her children?

He told me that men who had lost all the money and jewelry they possessed, frequently, in an effort to recoup their losses, would gamble away all their outer clothing and even their shoes; and that the proprietor kept on hand a supply of linen dusters for all who were so unfortunate.

So I cheerfully entered upon my biggest gamble, holding the stake of life well risked.

They made it so fast they couldn't even gamble the stuff away.

Some fellows turned up the back of a seat so as to make it horizontal, and began gambling or pretending to gamble; it looked as if they were trying to pluck a young countryman; but appearances are deceptive, and no deeper stake than "drinks for the crowd" seemed at last to be involved.

Her friend, Mr. Cressler, who had been almost a second father to her, was in business, and had once lost a fortune by a gamble in wheat; and there was Mr. Curtis Jadwin, whom she had met at the opera with the Cresslers.

I'll gamble her next play will be a failure."

Iย shall conclude my remarks upon the burial customs, &c., of these Indians by an account of this, which they designate as the "ghost's gamble."

33.Ghost Gamble.] Mr. John Campbell, of Montreal, Canada, has kindly called the attention of the writer to death songs very similar in character; for instance, the Basques of Spain ululate thus: Lelo il Lelo, Lelo dead Lelo, Lelo il Lelo, Lelo zarat, Lelo zara, Il Lelon killed Lelo.

Dr. Charles E. McChesney, U.S.A., who for some time was stationed among the Wahpeton and Sisseton Sioux, furnishes a detailed and interesting account of what is called the "ghost gamble."

"You go gamble on it!"

The trader was a canny man, but he loved to gamble, so when his friends offered to bet him that they could lower the record from Candle to Nome he went out into the night, sniffed the air and studied the stars, then laid them a hundred dollars that they could not.

"Did they gamble with nuggets?"

Some young men, however, stayed behind to gamble a while.

To this partisan bravado the third judge replied with a dignified rebuke; in his dissenting opinion he said: [Sidenote] Gamble, J., 15 Mo. Reports, pp.

FISCHEL, MAX. Gamble's class method for strings.

SEE Ogg, Frederic A. FISCHEL, MAX. Gamble's class method for strings (Metodo Gamble para la ensenanza de instrumentos de cuerda)

SEE Ogg, Frederic A. FISCHEL, MAX. Gamble's class method for strings (Metodo Gamble para la ensenanza de instrumentos de cuerda)

VILLARREAL, J. F., tr. Gamble's class method for strings.

Gamble's class method for strings.

FISCHEL, MAX. Gamble's class method for strings.

The love gamble.

GAMBLE, SIDNEY D. How Chinese families live in Peiping; a study of the income and expenditures of 283 families receiving from $8 to $550 silver per month.

LOEW'S, INC. Death is a gamble.

METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER, INC. Death is a gamble.

R573904. Tarzan's gamble.

Our Vichy gamble.

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The love gamble.

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GAMBLE, JAMES L., JR. Chemical anatomy, physiology, and pathology of extracellular fluid.


History's biggest gamble, by C. S. Forester.

R573904. Tarzan's gamble.

Our Vichy gamble.

By James Lawder Gamble.

Elisabeth Chafee Gamble (W); 15May74; R577208.

James Mortimer Gamble d.b.a.

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After a time the Raja wrote to the younger brother asking whether he would restore the half of the kingdom which he had won; and the younger brother answered that he would gladly do so, if his brother would sign an agreement never to gamble any more; it was with this object in view and to teach him the folly of his ways that he had dispossessed him.

Baldwin opened the ball by saying genially "Well, Mr. Gordon, you've played a pretty cute gamble, and I suppose you think you stand to win the pot."

Thet up a roulette table in the thellar and let 'em come and gamble away their thwag.

I do not therefore, dare gamble with thee that are so transported with joy.

"Virata said, 'My female slaves and kine, my gold and whatsoever other wealth I have, nothing of all this shall thou be able to protect today even if I do not gamble.'

Kanka said in reply, 'O monarch, O bestower of honours, what business hast thou with gamble which is attended with numerous evils?

It's no more of a gamble than anything else a Colorado man is likely to invest in."

# This prevalence of chance sometimes tempts men to say that business is "a gamble."

If two men of like incomes gamble the additional desires that the winner is able to gratify are (by the principle of decreasing gratification) less in amount than the desires which the loser must forego.

The surmises made as to the low state of his funds when he entered the room had been partly true; but time had been when he was able to gamble in a more costly fashion even than here, and to play among those who had taken his winnings and losings simply as a matter of course.

His brother had supplied him with small sums of money, and from time to time a morsel of good luck had enabled him to gamble, not to his heart's content, but still in some manner so as to make his life bearable.

But now he was back in his own country, and he could gamble not at all, and hardly even see those old companions with whom he had lived.

At any rate he would not gamble.

Or he would surely gamble himself into farther and utter ruin.

In 1901 there were only nineteen co-operative establishments in the United States, most prominent among which are the Peacedale Woolen Mills in Rhode Island; the Riverside Press in Cambridge; Rand, McNally & Co., Chicago; the Century Company, of New York; the Proctor & Gamble Soap Co., of Cincinnati; the Bourne Mills, of Fall River, and the Pillsbury Flour Mills, of Minneapolis.

On the last night of the festivities, when the women, weary with the unusually late hours of the past week, had left the ball-room early and sought their beds, and the men, being at loss for other amusement, had gone in a body to a saloon, there to drink and gamble and set fire to each other's curls and trouser-seats, the Departmental Junta met in secret session.

Three years after, he removed to Lincoln's Inn, where he continued occasionally to gamble, and was sometimes punished for his pains, being plundered by more skilful or unscrupulous gamesters, but did not forget his studies.

The Texan went off to rub down his horse, mend his accoutrements, squat around the cooking fires, and gamble with the drivers.

Congress will never gamble away the inheritance of the people.

In the rest of Australia most people watch the race on television and gamble.

It was made on a "gamble" that the SP70 would fail.

She also pointed out there have been questionable movements of money, for example: "The Japanese had no trouble bringing the cash into the United States; they would tell customs agents that they were in America to gamble at Atlantic City.

He also realized that the limestone would be a good source of nutrition for raising strong horses, so he took a gamble in 1943 and bought acreage along State Highway 200 at $10 per acre, which became Rosemere Farm.

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots could be greatly rewarded for this gamble on the low-risk, high-reward move to sign Cam Newton.

But with a late 7th thats exactly what you can gamble on.

But young people don't live in a bubble and putting them, their families, their coaches, staff and anybody else who comes in contact with them is a gamble college administrators don't deem worth taking.

Conning Inc. lessened its holdings in shares of Procter & Gamble Co (NYSE:PG) by 1.9% during the 1st quarter, according to its most recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Elsewhere, clean-cut Ed Gamble revealed he was a heavy metal fan despite his โ€œColdplay Faceโ€ and Dane Baptiste suggested he will never be invited to appear on Bake Off because he struggles to say the word โ€œscrumptiousโ€.

For Gambleโ€™s part, he recognizes he was quite blessed to have players like Jackson, Evans, Allen and Tyler come through his program.

For many prospective students, college is looking like a gamble and a heavy investment that will almost assuredly lack the usual coming of age experiences of university life.

Gamble Feature: Slots with the gamble feature let you make a double-or-nothing bet on the prize money you just won.

Gamble Feature: Slots with the gamble feature let you make a double-or-nothing bet on the prize money you just won.

Gamble Jones Investment Counsel decreased its holdings in AbbVie Inc (NYSE:ABBV) by 2.2% in the 1st quarter, according to its most recent Form 13F filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

Gamble said it's possible that they are hearing other species on the recordings that they haven't yet identified.

Heโ€™ll go down as an unsuccessful gamble by Cashman and his front office.

It is safe and legal to gamble in Japan, but only you register on one of the foreign websites.

Lansbury was a stage and screen star, and her decision to transition to television was a big career gamble.

Last month, large advertisers like Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Walmart and Geico sharply curtailed paid advertising on Facebook without joining the official boycott, according to Pathmatics.

And you can even gamble in BitCoin if you want to!

Only time will tell if this was a mistake or a gamble that paid off.

Pushing your gamble losses again for the tax payers account?

That is not an exhaustive list, as there are probably many more celebrities and millionaires who gamble despite having all the private jets, luxury cars or yachts and properties that you could want.

The can gamble with Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin and many others.

The Dolphinsโ”ฌะฐare taking a gamble by selecting Tua, but most believe itโ€™s a smart gamble.

The Dolphinsโ”ฌะฐare taking a gamble by selecting Tua, but most believe itโ€™s a smart gamble.

The jolt came via email from an old friend, a super-smart and worldly guy who enjoys taking a gamble now and then.

We believe the concentration risk in the market is a risk many investors are currently taking; it is a risky bet or gamble on prices going higher than the next dollar invested.

In reality itโ€™s always a gamble, but its exciting and I find it fascinating looking at the sales reports after a big trade show to see which frame has wowed our customers the most,โ€ she said.

Junior struggled most of the day, lost a late gamble on a two-tire stop and finished 21st.

My gamble on the non-working radio paid off.

Took a gamble on the compressor refresh kit which comes with the new silica, piston refresh, various o-rings.

Because it was a time of wild merry making and domestic celebra6ons, businesses, schools, and law Courts were closed so that the public could feast, dance, gamble, and generally enjoy itself to the fullest.

โ€œWhen we brought our new digital mobile capabilities to market we needed to ensure they were available to all Canadians,โ€ Gamble says.

Why didnโ€™t you stick gamble?