237 examples of garage in sentences

Come out with me to the garage and I will show you my car and explain what is being done to it.

" "Looks like I'll have to go back to the school garage and get 'em to send us a tow," he announced pleasantly.

But, anyway, I've got a wire from our garage to Camp Solitaire (that's my tent) and a bulb for when I want to read.

Jerry says I ought to pay for tapping the garage current.

"He doesn't get any money till Wednesday, and I haven't earned enough this week to pay my garage bill.

Once or twice I've refused to be engaged by the day, but he sends his man around to the garage and I find him sitting in the cab when I arrive.

We began to suspect every one who had a garage or a machine shop with a concrete foundation of being a German agent.

The last sound he heard was the steady snoring of the garage man.

It still pissed him off to see his old garage surrounded by Mike's messy piles of building materials.

"It's a real Maine house with an ell and an attached barn, not too big, perfect for a garage and tools and stuff.

On his way back to the parking garage he dropped Suzanne's note carefully into a city trash container. 20.

He stepped outside and explained his key theory to a woman who was smoking in front of the garage.

Pete's wife, out in the garage, will come in and get it for you.

There'll be sure to be one or two at the garage.

I crossed and caught up with her as she turned off to a path between a garage and blacksmith shop.

A jolly man at the side of the garage heard me.

" This was evidently a shrewd thrust, which required consideration, and I heard nothing for a fortnight, during which I disposed of the car to the proprietor of the local garage.

The trades, carpentering, paper hanging, painting, garage work.

"There will be a garage behind the house.

" "A garage!

Back of the garage there's plenty of space for a garden

" "Your garden will be cut off from the house by the garage.

When he was fifteen years old he was conducting his father's public garage in a town not far from Denver; at that age he knew as much about motors as the men who built them, and he had, moreover, the invaluable knack of putting his finger immediately on a piece of erring mechanism and, with the aid of a bit of wire and a pair of pliers, setting it to rights.

Becoming restless in the garage, he determined to make his fortune quickly, and accordingly went out prospecting in the vicinity of the Little Annie mine.

And now he was building a garage and laying out a croquet ground and tennis lawns at the back.

237 examples of  garage  in sentences