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84 examples of  garish  in sentences

84 examples of garish in sentences

Pulz had brought some extraordinary garish detective stories.

You notice a strange garish glitter in the air.

The spell of the dawn was broken; it was honest, garish day now, and they were both hungry.

Among familiar scenes and well-known shapes, it is all the delight the poets singso tranquillizing, inspiring, fecund, that in comparison the thought of day brings up garish hues, flaunting figuresthe hardness, harshness and unlovely in life.

Thrown into Rembrandtish relief by the light of a garish kerosene lamp upon the table: with one discouraged lock of hair hanging over his nose, and straw hat pushed so far back from his phrenological brow that its vast rim had the fine artistic effect of a huge saintly nimbus:

THE LADY VISITOR IN THE PAUPER WARD Why do you break upon this old, cool peace, This painted peace of ours, With harsh dress hissing like a flock of geese, With garish flowers?

In religion, it was probably the Doctor's uncompromising fidelity to first principles, and to a fearless practice of truth, that helped to fortify his "dear child," as he called Miss More, in maintaining her integrity amidst the bewildering voices and garish scenes of Vanity Fair.

It was a morning of ominous calm, with an hour of bright sun, gradually softening into a white shadow, as a fleecy cloud of fairy whiteness rolled over the sun's face, giving a light on the earth like the garish light in a tent at high noon, a light of blinding whiteness that hurts the eyes, although the sun is hidden.

Bloemfontein has the advantage of a central position, and even garish Johannesburg might claim the privilege of the money power.

Half-way down the room at one side against the wall a mechanical player piano was grinding out garish, hurdy-gurdy music.

Most Englishmen dislike ostentation and display; and to Stafford the place seemed garish and "loud."

The shade of the lamp had been removed and its garish yellow fell full upon the bed and the strange figure which lay there.

Did they appreciate this mathematical uniformity, this spruce and spotless residential air of their numbered rectangular rest; or was not the old way nearer to their desire, with soft mosses tucking them in from the garish sun, and Spring winds spreading coverlets of wild flowers above their sleep?

Egyptian in form, it was entirely Greek in feeling; and brightly coloured as it was, in accordance with the racial love of colour, the tasteful refinement with which the decoration of the case was treated made those around look garish and barbaric.

They stood in the garish light of a Queensland bar, surrounded by an eager, gaping crowd of farmers, boundary-riders, sheep-shearers, who had come down to this township on the coast on business or pleasure at the end of the shearing season.

The prisoners, too, had adorned with varicoloured paperwork the candelabra, girandoles and mirrors which drew twinkles from the long waxed floor, and softened whatever might have been garish in the decorations.

What have we here, the poet garish, gaily bedecked, like fore-horses of the parish?

In the somewhat garish light of the War and the Peace, it would not be difficult to feel a real and even poignant sympathy for two causes that were prominent and popular in the first fourteen years of the present century, namely, the philosophy that based itself on a mechanical system of evolution which predicted unescapable, irreversible human progress, and that religion which denied the reality of evil in the world.

showy, flashy; gaudy &c (vulgar) 851; garish, gairish^; gorgeous.

Adj. ostentatious, showy, dashing, pretentious; janty^, jaunty; grand, pompous, palatial; high-sounding; turgid &c (big-sounding) 577; gairish^, garish; gaudy, gaudy as a peacock, gaudy as a butterfly, gaudy as a tulip; flaunting, flashing, flaming, glittering; gay &c (ornate)

[Illustration: Court Room in which the Farcical "Trial" Took Place This garish room in the court house at Montesano was the scene of the attempted "judicial murder" that followed the lynching.

[50] The author was doubtless thinking of Romeo and Juliet, iii. 2: "And when he shall die, Take him and cut him out in little stars, And he will make the face of heaven so fine, That all the world will be in love with night, And pay no worship to the garish sun.

Outside it was so garish with its coloured marbles, under the southern sky; outside, too, one's ears were filled with all the shattering noises in which Florence is an adept; and then, one step, and behold nothing but vast and silent gloom.

The result is an indescribable hubbub; a garish human kaleidoscope, accompanied by fiendish clamor and unmusical noises which fairly outstrip a dozen jazz bands.

Go forth my book into the open day; Happy, if made so by its garish eye.

I'm not like that garish, blundering sun, who doesn't know any better than to let her see how red and fidgetty you get when you're excited; I'm an old hand at such matters.

All that past season, its triumphs, its pleasures, its varieties, was like a garish dream, a horror to look back upon, hateful to remember.

What hope is there for useful and happy family life if the newly-wedded youths have both been educated in selfishness, habituated to frivolous pleasures and guided by ideals of success in terms of garish display?

A garish and perilous stage it was, whereon Innocence plays a part as sorry as it is brief.

But the best scene was M. MARC HENRI's Temple of Peacevery beautiful with its dim perspective, till the garish light of "The Day" was turned on.

Strangely enough, this garish mixture of colour does not offend the eye, toned down as it is by the everlasting twilight shed over the mimic palace and garden by overhanging branches of cypress and yew.

He closed his eyes and shut out the hateful garish world: but that sound he could not shut out.

When the grave, dignified man at the door let me in, the place struck me as being almost dark, my eyes had been so accustomed to the garish light of the "Club."

He loved the garish world; he was in love with every woman; but the true revolutionist must be the modern monk.

LEONIS When o'er the agรจd lion steals The instinct of approaching death, Whose numbing grasp he vaguely feels In trembling limbs and labored breath, He shuns the garish light of day, And leaving mate and whelps at play, In mournful silence creeps away.

How delightful this seclusion From the garish light of day, All its turmoil and confusion Pushed, a little while, away!

But now a tremor breaks the spell, And stirs to life the languid air, It is the convent's vesper-bell, The plaintive call to evening prayer; That prayer which rises like a sigh From every sorrow-laden breast, When twilight dims the garish sky, And day is dying in the west.

The garish church, as you view it from the top of the market-place, has a charm unsurpassed by any other sacred building in the land.

Seen in the distance, amid a setting of green wheatfields and verdant pastures, it ripples in the garish light of the summer sun like a lake of rubies.

All the garish display, the paint and tawdry finery, of the old gambling days, had gone.

The new Asquam has intruded with its narrow-eaved frame cottages among the gray old houses, and has shouldered away the colonial Merchants' Hall with a moving-picture theater, garish with playbills and posters.

and there a gust, with tinselled fumes that convolved upon themselves, and sparks and flashes, all veiled in a garish haze of light: for the foundry worked, though languidly; and upon a rocky land four miles ahead, which no chart had ever marked, the Speranza drove straight with the current of the phosphorus sea.

I was not ever thus, nor prayed that thou Shouldst lead me on; I loved to choose and see my path; but now Lead thou me on; I loved the garish day, and, spite of fears, Pride ruled my will.

Sometimes our weary feet were relieved from the rough stones and briars by an intervening lawn; and at others we were entirely shrouded from "day's garish eye" by entwining trees.

In a garish sort of way the woman was beautiful, and this night, as on all others, her beauty had nearly filled the silken coin-bag suspended from her neck.

That flamboyant outside my window, once yours, is as garish, and yet lacks no consonance with all about it.

Their own looks wandered over the expanse of troubled water to leeward, but nowhere could they see more than the tossing element, capped with those ridges of garish foam which served only to make the chilling waste more dreary and imposing.

The torches shed a strong yellow light upon this small band as they advanced slowly through the corridors and salons which led to the chapel, and they threw a garish glare upon the painted walls and ceilings, flashing back from gold-work and from mirror, but leaving long trailing shadows in the corners.

" The Gaston Opera House was a survival of the flush times, and barring a certain tawdriness from disuse and neglect, and a rather garish effect which marched evenly with the brick-and-terra-cotta fronts in Texas Street and the American-Tudor cottages of the suburbs, it was a creditable relic.

In fact it has much of the garish misery of the Punchinello story.

If Morpheus, thus thou'lt cheat the gloomy night, For thy embrace I'll fly day's garish light, Nor ever wish to wake while dreams like this inspire! HUGH DELMORE.

Each of the former contains upwards of 400 pages, and the latter nearly that numberbeautifully printed in what we call a very inviting type, on excellent paper, of rich colour, and not too garish for the eye of the reader.

She looked about the hotel room with its garish furniture.

At evening it rose in the hollow glade, Where wild-flowers blushed 'mid silence and shade; Where, hid from the gaze of the garish noon, They were slily wooed by the trembling moon.

It may seem hard that good work is overwhelmed in the cataract of production, while relatively bad, garish work is rewarded.

The gorgeous, garish splendour of sunset pageantry flames out; the long shadows eagerly cover all; the kookaburras laugh their merry mocking good-night; the clouds fade to turquoise, green, and grey; the stars peep shyly out; the soft call of the mopoke arises in the gullies!

There were voices behind in that garish furnace; and now the lights filled the theatre again.

You love the garish day being a gross Philistine, wha'?

Indeed, the most absurd expenditures and preparations were made for what should be the simplest of ceremonies, and the result oftentimes proved garish in the extreme.

"Friend, it was for this I have outlived these garish, fevered years, it was this which made me glad when I was a child and laughed without knowing why.

My precious pearl the false and glittering world Has ne'er polluted with, its garish light!

The flowers were many and bright, but not so garish as they appeared to him, and I hinted as much; but he scorned my criticism.

The great breweries whose names are household words in cities, and whose interest it is to maintain a high standard of quality for the delectation of their million consumers, do not exalt their garish painted advertisements in gilded letters as tall as Tom Thumb over the doors of village alehouses.

Garish notices inform in five languages that fresh caviare is received each day.

The thought of violets meant florists' shops, And bows and pins, and perfumed papers fine; And garish lights, and mincing little fops And cabarets and songs, and deadening wine.

There is a total absence of the garish coloring which has become so common, the religious subjects being without exception in a minor key, usually soft grays and blues.

JULIUS Alas, that the garish light is permitted to lift the veil that so concealed those flames, that the play of the senses was fain to cool and assuage the burning soul.

Once on a time there was a pool Fringed all about with flag-leaves cool And spotted with cow-lilies garish, Of frogs and pouts the ancient parish.

I shall plant these seeds in it, except the vines and such things, which I wish to put near the house to hide as much as possible its garish white.

Silken doublets of bright and even garish colors stood out in bold contrast against the gray monotone of the walls and hangings.

The reaction, however, from the garish and ill-considered colourings of a previous decade or two has left behind it much good, and with the catholicity of taste which marks the furnishing of the present day, people see some merit in every style, and are endeavouring to select that which is desirable without running to the extreme of eccentricity.

The major could only answer: "Yes, yes" He seemed quite amazed by this extraordinary mechanismgigantic, weird, unreal in the garish electric lights.

There is left to our eyes but a poor vestige of the picturesque view presented to those who looked down the rue Royale before the garish day that changed the rue Enghien into Ingine street, and dropped the 'e' from Royale.

The gas is shining in its garish yellow brightness full down upon us, as we stand together, illuminating my plain, scorched face, the slatternly looseness of my hair, and the burnt hole in my gown.

It was noontide, that garish cruel time of day, when I first came in sight of the falls.

The house was garish, over-scented and over-lighted.

" A few moments later we were passing the new Christian Science Temple on Drexel Boulevard,a building quite simple and delightful, barring some garish lamps in front.

It seemed crude and cruel to enter this hall of bygone revelry by the garish light of day.

There is a selfish satisfaction in passing the great summer caravansaries and seeing them closed and silent; in knowing that the splendor of the night will not be marred by garish lights and still more garish sounds.

There is a selfish satisfaction in passing the great summer caravansaries and seeing them closed and silent; in knowing that the splendor of the night will not be marred by garish lights and still more garish sounds.

If there had been a garish brightness about her when he had first seen her, the brilliancy of a mirror playing in the sun against his feeble eyes, there was now a blending of pastel shades, for the hall was dimly illumined and the shadow tarnished her hair and her pallor was like cold stone; even her eyes were misted by fear.

Walking homewards through the garish streets in the hot afternoon, all the strange scenes in which I had just been an actor thronged fantastically upon my memory.

10 The lotos flower is troubled By the sun's too garish gleam, She droops, and with folded petals Awaiteth the night in a dream.

With good economy, He fills his garish day with business, And posts his ledger, satisfied, at ev'n.