84 examples of garish in sentences

Pulz had brought some extraordinary garish detective stories.

You notice a strange garish glitter in the air.

The spell of the dawn was broken; it was honest, garish day now, and they were both hungry.

Thrown into Rembrandtish relief by the light of a garish kerosene lamp upon the table: with one discouraged lock of hair hanging over his nose, and straw hat pushed so far back from his phrenological brow that its vast rim had the fine artistic effect of a huge saintly nimbus:

They stood in the garish light of a Queensland bar, surrounded by an eager, gaping crowd of farmers, boundary-riders, sheep-shearers, who had come down to this township on the coast on business or pleasure at the end of the shearing season.

In the somewhat garish light of the War and the Peace, it would not be difficult to feel a real and even poignant sympathy for two causes that were prominent and popular in the first fourteen years of the present century, namely, the philosophy that based itself on a mechanical system of evolution which predicted unescapable, irreversible human progress, and that religion which denied the reality of evil in the world.

showy, flashy; gaudy &c (vulgar) 851; garish, gairish^; gorgeous.

Adj. ostentatious, showy, dashing, pretentious; janty^, jaunty; grand, pompous, palatial; high-sounding; turgid &c (big-sounding) 577; gairish^, garish; gaudy, gaudy as a peacock, gaudy as a butterfly, gaudy as a tulip; flaunting, flashing, flaming, glittering; gay &c (ornate)

[Illustration: Court Room in which the Farcical "Trial" Took Place This garish room in the court house at Montesano was the scene of the attempted "judicial murder" that followed the lynching.

Outside it was so garish with its coloured marbles, under the southern sky; outside, too, one's ears were filled with all the shattering noises in which Florence is an adept; and then, one step, and behold nothing but vast and silent gloom.

All that past season, its triumphs, its pleasures, its varieties, was like a garish dream, a horror to look back upon, hateful to remember.

What hope is there for useful and happy family life if the newly-wedded youths have both been educated in selfishness, habituated to frivolous pleasures and guided by ideals of success in terms of garish display?

A garish and perilous stage it was, whereon Innocence plays a part as sorry as it is brief.

He loved the garish world; he was in love with every woman; but the true revolutionist must be the modern monk.

All the garish display, the paint and tawdry finery, of the old gambling days, had gone.

Sometimes our weary feet were relieved from the rough stones and briars by an intervening lawn; and at others we were entirely shrouded from "day's garish eye" by entwining trees.

At evening it rose in the hollow glade, Where wild-flowers blushed 'mid silence and shade; Where, hid from the gaze of the garish noon, They were slily wooed by the trembling moon.

It may seem hard that good work is overwhelmed in the cataract of production, while relatively bad, garish work is rewarded.

You love the garish day being a gross Philistine, wha'?

Indeed, the most absurd expenditures and preparations were made for what should be the simplest of ceremonies, and the result oftentimes proved garish in the extreme.

Garish notices inform in five languages that fresh caviare is received each day.

Once on a time there was a pool Fringed all about with flag-leaves cool And spotted with cow-lilies garish, Of frogs and pouts the ancient parish.

I shall plant these seeds in it, except the vines and such things, which I wish to put near the house to hide as much as possible its garish white.

Walking homewards through the garish streets in the hot afternoon, all the strange scenes in which I had just been an actor thronged fantastically upon my memory.

10 The lotos flower is troubled By the sun's too garish gleam, She droops, and with folded petals Awaiteth the night in a dream.

84 examples of  garish  in sentences