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2863 example sentences with  gasping

2863 example sentences with gasping

He seized it, hauled taut, and planting his feet against the wall, went up like a fish, to land gasping on a row of sand-bags.

Is the face of a man called Jacopo Frontoni known to thee?" "Eccellenza!" exclaimed the gondolier, gasping for breath.

But he came through it at last, dripping, gasping, staggering on till he reached the foot of the old slope.

When Jimmy got where he could walk on the creek bottom, he made a feint of fighting back, but he soon ceased, and stood by, gasping for breath, before saying, "Let's quit."

Mealy put one foot in the water and drew it out quickly, gasping, "Oo!

Ever and anon from some remote chamber in the house behind him came the faint, gasping cry of a day-old baby.

One of 'em come up behind and put 'is knee in my back and caught me by the throat, and the other gave me a punch in the chest, and while I was gasping for breath took my purse away.

Ginger Dick didn't answer 'im. Having to sit still and listen to all them lies without being able to say anything nearly choked 'im. He sat there gasping for breath.

I see her" The voice went on monotonously, and Flora, gasping with astonishment, listened to a long recital of the remaining interesting points in her career.

He just walked along gasping, with 'is mouth open like a fish.

But half the night he lay awake, listening for the sound of her panting and the little gasping cry that would come when the pain got her.

A hoarse, rattling, gasping yell, and the jackal has gone to the happy hunting grounds.

Miss Hisgins whooped like a child with the whooping cough and ran up the passage, giving little gasping screams.

The emus with outstretched necks, gasping for breath, search the channels of the rivers for water in vain; and the native dog, so thin that he could hardly walk, seemed to implore some merciful hand to despatch him."

No officer slept in the barrack-room; our servants carried the beds outside, and there, lying down and gasping for breath, we vainly courted the sleep that would not come.

"My word," said she, gasping.

"Who?What?" Mr. Nugent, incapable of reply, put his head on the table and beat the air frantically with his hand, while gasping sobs rent his tortured frame.

He fell without a cry and floundered on the floor, gasping.

a very expressive word) over a length of red carpet that seemed to stretch for miles, feeling exactly as a Dutch wooden doll looks; saw, as in a glass darkly, familiar faces that smiled jeeringly, or encouragingly, I could not be sure which; ducked feebly and uncertainly before the two centre figures; and, gasping relief, found myself going out of the doorway walking on G.'s train.

said Firio, as Jack hastened to assist Prather, who had come to a halt at the very bottom of the arroyo and lay gasping on his side.

exclaimed Adelheid, nearly gasping for breath, in her eagerness to propose some expedient that should rescue Sigismund for ever from so odious an office.

Swift as a flash the girlish figure flitted up the winding narrow stairs, and gasping but triumphant Betty seated herself on the lowest step of the trap-ladder to await the coming of Geoffrey Yorke.

The two friends were simply gasping with excitement at the idea of my having gone on the Sauterelle.

He writhed and struggled vainly, gasping under the blows.

He dried his face, loosened his collar, and, gasping for air, came out into the narrow hall.

Something rolled into the smoke-laden hole and sprawled on the planks near me, and I could hear it gasping and choking.

He pressed a cup to her lips; and in a slow, gasping voice she laid bare the story of her life, and then went on to relate her feelings at her first meeting with Frank Masterton.

It is now just twelve o'clock, time for all respectable men to be in the house," said the bluff but kind hearted family doctor looking tenderly upon Jeanette's little boy who lay gasping for breath in the last stages of croup.

yes!" replied the colonel, gasping as he spoke; "I saw it; I felt it!

The battle was short but decisive, and when it was done, Joel lay gasping on the floor and Outfield sprawled breathless on the couch.

As I went I cried, sometimes openly before all men, sometimes furtively before shop-windows, dabbing my eyes with a wet pocket-handkerchief, and gasping for breath.

Nine days I floated starving, and a negro lass beside, Till for all I tried to cheer her, the poor young thing she died; But as I lay a gasping, a Bristol sail came by, And brought me home to England here, to beg until I die.

We sat on the barrels, M. Jacques took a paddle to steer, and hissing and gasping, the queer-smelling crew started for the beach.

Another, quite blind from a gash across his eyes, sat upright, gasping for breath, and murmuring, "De l'eau!

John was up in an instant, and James, seeing that he could not avoid him, gave the poor little creature's neck a sudden twist and flung it gasping at his brother's feet, exclaiming, "There, now, you may have it!"

However, she gladly accepted his offered assistance in lifting James, who lay gasping, and wellnigh dead.

Accumulations of people, who lighted like bees upon a chance branch, they found themselves hived in obdurate brick and mortar before they knew it; and then, to meet the necessities of their cribbed, cabined, and confined condition, they must tear down sacred landmarks, sacrifice invaluable possessions, and trample on prescriptive rights, to provide breathing-room for their gasping population.

He kissed her mouth, hotly, and then again; drew back gasping and stared into her small pale face with burning eyes.

Miss Fairbanks was gasping over the startling suggestion.

Mr. Forbes and Mr. Day were almost gasping now, but Mr. Denton went right on as though his words were not extraordinary.

After the first dreadful stun, I grew wild, running up and down wringing my hands, and gasping prayers to heaven.

Toppled head over heels in the rush of the Little Smoky, still his left hand gripped the rope and as he came gasping to the surface his feet struck and lodged strongly against the surface of a great boulder.

He gave a savage, smothered, gasping exclamation, pressed his fingers deeply into her side, still kissing her passionately, her neck, her shoulders, burying his hot face in her bosom.

Then she saw that his face was almost purple, his eyes bloodshot, and his breath came in short, gasping pants.

He was gasping, purple, utterly spent, and for an instant could only beat the air with his hands.

Here he is brought to bay, and tumbles down, lying down gasping at his pursuer until the woman comes up.

Receiving a negative answer from Mrs. Carteret, she left the room without a word, ignoring Mammy Jane completely, and leaving that venerable relic of ante-bellum times gasping in helpless astonishment.

The old nurse had been the first to observe that little Dodie, for some reason, was gasping for breath.

3 See the grisly texture grow, ('Tis of human entrails made,) And the weights that play below, Each a gasping warrior's head.

As I went down I opened my mouth, and, choked and gasping, I found myself once more struggling upward.

Standing still, they held to a tree, gasping, and searched the crowd with their gaze, trying to find her.

They would just reach their seats and drop into them listlessly, or gain them by energetic contest with some previous intruder, and after an empty stare around them would be taken with a sudden pang, expressed in writhing, shaking the right hand wildly and gasping, "Teacher, I want a drink!

But whilst these things had been done, the senseless man beneath the mast had twitched his eyelids, had drawn a little gasping breath, and then finally had opened his eyes.

" Ned Trent, gasping, rose slowly to his feet.

He lay there gasping and trying to get the snow off his face and spectacles.

They were gasping and incoherent, full of apologies and absurd tremors.

Nell swung around, gasping, but the man had moved away down the sidewalk and a woman was calling to her from a second-story window.

Then I caught him up and raced to the house nearly half a mile, to show him, and put him in the trough under the pump, where he arrived still gasping but alive, and where he remained for all my recollection of his fate thereafter.

"Ten-pence," said Raphael, gasping for breath.

Gasping for breath, for a fearful stench accompanied the smoke, which enveloped them, all on board could do nothing but hold on to whatever was handiest.

He had to sit down, being very much exhausted, and unable for a little time to speak; and then he had a fit of coughing, and after that a fit of gasping; and thus two or three minutes passed, during which the Judge dropped his roquelaure on an arm-chair, and threw his cocked-hat over that.

The possibilities of spending whole days here in the shade and cool of the trees and rocks and of imagining that they were in the highlands of Scotland left them almost gasping.

The apple pie, Sir. (Hazel sits down, gasping and wiping his face.

But again encouraging myself with the hopes of God's protection, I proceeded forward, and, by the light of my firebrand, perceived it to be a monstrous he-goat, lying on the ground, gasping for life, and dying of mere old age.

"Ice!" said Mowbray, gasping.

The fat man reached the center table and propped himself against it, gasping.

"Breath?" asked the fat man hurriedly, still gasping more and more heavily for air.

It required all of Fernand's long habits of self control to keep him from gasping.

And being but a baby, it soon was gasping, but still it trilled the same ecstasy, and when it fell panting to earth it still trilled, and the distracted mother called to it to take breath or it would die, but it could not stop.

Tommy was clinging to it, and the boy to him, and, at some risk, Corp got them both ashore, where they lay gasping like fish in a creel.

Then the landlord's supple cutting-whip, wielded by a vigorous hand, wound round the tenderest part of his legsfor at the critical instant Mr. Dunborough dragged him from the walland with a gasping shriek of pain, pain such as he had not felt since boyhood, Mr. Thomasson leapt into the air.

Once, while gasping for breath, she repeated at intervals, the verse "O may I thus be found, Obedient to His word; Attentive to the trumpet's sound, And looking for my Lord."

In the bewildering change of events we had forgotten the wan figure on the bed still gasping for the breath of life.

Georges and I fell gasping upon each others' necks, and stared together after his tall, receding figure.

He dropped back into his seat, exhausted, gasping.

The two ships could no longer manoeuvre, the decimated crews were preparing to board, when a thick smoke shot up all at once from the between-decks of the Quebec; the fire spread with unheard of rapidity; the Surveillante, already hooked on to her enemy's side, was on the point of becoming, like her, a prey to the flames, but her commander, gasping as he was and scarcely alive, got her loose by a miracle of ability.

" "Well, natur' they say is a good workman, Captain Rule," answered Ithuel, gasping and rubbing his eyes; "and never did she turn off a prettier hiding-place than this.

Grief and despair in all their terrors rise; A dying lover pale and gasping lies, Each dismal circumstance appears in view, The fatal object is for ever new.

And many a gallant Gentleman Lay gasping on the Ground.

From somewhere back of me Dicky's voice sounded in a hoarse, gasping way that terrified me.

Ted was meanwhile bending over his prostrate foe, which, to his relief, was not absolutely dead, though it was gasping and turning up its eyes in rather a ghastly manner.

Together they fell, together they rolled in the dirty slime, together they rose as if they had been shot up by a spring, and together they went down again, rolling over each other, pulling, tearing, striking, gasping, and panting.

When the waltz tune came to an end at last the dancers stopped, gasping with the heat, and swaying with the giddiness of the dance.

For a certain time the remnant of the Legion dragged itself south-westward, panting, gasping, wasting no breath in speech.

His mind must, I know, have been very far away from Nina, probably he saw nothing of her little attempts at friendship; her gasping sentences that seemed to her so daring and significant he scarcely heard.

She bent low in the saddle, gasping encouragement to her own.

With gasping incoherence he begged for mercy.

He strained to raise himself, gasping excitedly.

He was too terrified to shriek, but fell back against the wall of the barn, gasping.

Buck Daniels, still gasping for breath, stood reeling nearby.

When the volcanic disturbance, so to speak, was over, the waiter bowed himself, as if he had been a heathen in a temple, and gasping, "Yes, sir, immediate," glided unevenly away.

The person having the night terror wakes up suddenly, usually gasping, moaning, or screaming while waking.

Baron puts his crown on and leaves Elias gasping and dry heaving.

I am gasping for every breath!

Still, the intensive care unit staff is overwhelmed with beds full of elderly patients gasping for air.

Still, with so little political oxygen in the regions, even fake opposition parties can find themselves gasping for air.

The 29-year-old Mokenke was last seen naked and gasping for breath as he tried to crawl to his mother’s house just a stone’s throw away from his rented house, only for his assailants to catch up with him and stone him to death.

Then came the smoke not just from the forest but also from some 14,000 houses and their contents that burned, generating a thick plume that enshrouded portions of Northern California for weeks and left Norton gasping.

The print media has been gasping for breath and the book publishing industry has also been going through unprecedented difficult times.

In Angers, police brutally attacked participants in the "yellow vests" festival, beating and gasping anyone who came to hand.