2823 examples of gasping in sentences

His face was covered with blood, he was waving his arms wildly and gasping for air.

Another, with chest torn open, lay gasping for the few minutes left of life.

And the weights, that play below, Each a gasping warrior's head.

Had not the silence been so complete his gasping voice would have failed to reach her; as it was she barely heard it.

But Leon only drew in a gasping breath and made no answer.

" "Mother! Mother!" said Grace, nearly gasping for breath, "Mother, you will break my heart, indeed you will."

Power was clutching the desk for support, and gasping.

The sheriff's assistants gave the rope a sudden pull, and in an instant the choking, strangling creature soared up in the air, gasping for breath with the water running in streams from her garments.

John Stevens paused for a moment at the rail, gasping with seasickness.

Over the next rise he ran, and down again into the next black hollow, and so on over the sliding, shifting ground, panting and gasping.

But still he ran and ran until at last he found himself in front of old Matt Abrahamson's cabin, gasping, panting, and sobbing for breath, his knees relaxed and his thighs trembling with weakness.

Let me begin first, I beseech you; but if you will needs have the end firstthus 'tis: the commonwealth of Microcosm at this instant suffers the pangs of death, 'tis gasping for breath.

He burst into Mr. Clarkson's room like the proverbial hurricane, and, gasping for breath, leaned against the table and pointed at him an incriminating finger.

I can see the dishevelled group to this day, the wind blowing the women's hair, and Maloney craning his head forward to listen, and his wife, open-mouthed and gasping, leaning against a pine tree.

He was threshing about in the deep water like a cat that has fallen overboard; and managing to keep partly afloat after a fashion; though it would have been all over with him long ere the power boat could be turned around and arrive at the spot where he struggled, gasping for breath, and sucking in much water.

By this gasping breath No pantomime. Tis all that I can.

And he drew in his breath with a gasping sob, And a spasm of death came on.

"Well," said Roy, gasping as he spoke; "I'm afraid this old mist is getting into my chest, and I can't go very fast when my breath gets short.

" They were stumbling on, Roy gasping and panting for breath, and Dudley every minute or two giving a shout, when suddenly almost as if he had risen from the ground, a lad appeared in front of them.

An irregular gasping for breath, an occasional delirious mutter, were the only signs of life.

Then I caught him up and raced to the house nearly half a mile, to show him, and put him in the trough under the pump, where he arrived still gasping but alive, and where he remained for all my recollection of his fate thereafter.

Night upon night I have crept gasping to bed, and shivered for hours with my head under the clothes, after an evening spent in listening to this authentic and fantastic family tale.

I grew dizzy, and turned my head sharply backwards and took a long gasping breath, another and another, of that fresh cool air suggestive of the grand old sea and creak of cordage and bustle and strife of life.

The canvas is full of the pain, the fever, the contortions of the wounded and dying; the writhing, gasping crowd is everything, and the supreme instrument of cure, the brazen serpent itself, is small and obscure, no conspicuous feature whatever of the picture.

"As for little Anastasia, when the weights of the great kitchen clock ran down, and it stopped with an awful sort of gasping click, I believe she thought that was the wedding, for she ran up to St. George, who still sat on the dresser, and said "'Shan't we have another one to-morrow?' "'No, you stoopid little thing!'

2823 examples of  gasping  in sentences