2823 examples of gasping in sentences

Her father got out, sputtering and gasping, shaking the dust in clouds from his long linen coat.

Swift as a flash the girlish figure flitted up the winding narrow stairs, and gasping but triumphant Betty seated herself on the lowest step of the trap-ladder to await the coming of Geoffrey Yorke.

He writhed and struggled vainly, gasping under the blows.

He dried his face, loosened his collar, and, gasping for air, came out into the narrow hall.

Something rolled into the smoke-laden hole and sprawled on the planks near me, and I could hear it gasping and choking.

" "Oh yes, you are," cried Van Bibber, gasping, but with fierce politeness.

"Am I sure?" said she, with a short gasping laugh.

By this time the other little duck had been hauled out of the heap of feathers by Ann and Rudolf, and stood coughing and sneezing and gasping in the middle of the floor.

When these bright fishes are lying the deck, it is curious to watch them flushing and gasping there, with that singular, dubious expression of mouth peculiar to fishes out of water, as if more struck by the absence of that element than by their novel position among the accessories of dry life.

" There was a brief pause, during which Mrs. Hornby tottered across the court and resumed her seat, gasping with excitement and relief; then the usher called out "John Evelyn Thorndyke!" "Thank God!"

The small number of birds yet present in early April gives a better opportunity for careful study,more especially if one goes armed with that best of fowling-pieces, a small spy-glass: the best,since how valueless for purposes of observation is the bleeding, gasping, dying body, compared with the fresh and living creature, as it tilts, trembles, and warbles on the bough before you!

Accumulations of people, who lighted like bees upon a chance branch, they found themselves hived in obdurate brick and mortar before they knew it; and then, to meet the necessities of their cribbed, cabined, and confined condition, they must tear down sacred landmarks, sacrifice invaluable possessions, and trample on prescriptive rights, to provide breathing-room for their gasping population.

And before Tony could get her breath to do more than utter a rather shy and gasping word of gratitude, the actress had invited her to take tea with her on the next day and she had accepted and Carol Clay was gone.

After the first dreadful stun, I grew wild, running up and down wringing my hands, and gasping prayers to heaven.

Here he is brought to bay, and tumbles down, lying down gasping at his pursuer until the woman comes up.

Receiving a negative answer from Mrs. Carteret, she left the room without a word, ignoring Mammy Jane completely, and leaving that venerable relic of ante-bellum times gasping in helpless astonishment.

The old nurse had been the first to observe that little Dodie, for some reason, was gasping for breath.

As the clergyman pronounced that name she uttered a low, gasping moan, but her face betrayed no emotion, and very calmly she stepped forward with the other child upon her arm.

And she glanced compassionately at the poor wasted form which lay upon her lap, gasping for breath, and presenting a striking contrast to little Maggie, who in her cradle was crowing and laughing in childish glee at the bright firelight which blazed upon the hearth.

The battle was long and fierce, and at length both of them were exhausted, and lay upon the ground severely wounded and gasping for breath.

In the heat of the chase the Dolphin followed him, and there they both lay out of the water, gasping for dear life.

Nell swung around, gasping, but the man had moved away down the sidewalk and a woman was calling to her from a second-story window.

"Father!" cried Fred, gasping for breath, and springing forward.

Almost before I knew what I was about, I stood gasping on the gigantic second wall of the canyon, with nothing but thin air under me, except, far below, faint and indistinct purple clefts, red ridges, dotted slopes, running down to merge in a dark, winding strip of water, that was the Rio Colorado.

We must have water!" One glance at the poor, gasping, frothing beasts, proved to me the nature of our extremity.

2823 examples of  gasping  in sentences