55 examples of gate-post in sentences

You know just what they're like, how the wall curves in a bit, and there's a scraper close to the gate-post, on either side, about a foot from the ground.

I've forgotten the brush;" and resting the can on the top of the little gate-post, hurried back up the short flight of steps, and disappeared through the open door.

He leaned against a crooked old gate-post that as a boy he had climbed, and the thought came to him that this spot would all his life be vivid and poignant in his memory.

An iron staple clasped the cross-bar, and was driven deep into the gate-post.

I tore the paper from the gate-post and put it in my pocket with a sigh.

He leaned against the Vicarage gate-post with the memory of that winter evening in his mind when Avery had come swift-footed to the rescue, and had cooled his fury with a bucket of cold water.

"The coast was clear by the time I went back, and I 'ad just stepped outside with my back up agin the gate-post to 'ave a pipe, when I see a boy coming along with a bag.

Winthrop's scream of delight, when, stationed on the gate-post, he caught the first sight of the old yellow coach, might have been heard a quarter of a mile.

" With a conjuring old woman in the house, and a monthly ghost on the gate-post outside, the Keswick residence did not appear as attractive to Peggy as it had done before, but she mentally determined that while she was there she would be very careful to look out sharp for herself, a performance for which she was very well adapted.

" "Not she, and between you and I, and the gate-post, I think that will be a match.

If a German builds a house, its walls are twice as thick as othersif he puts down a gate-post, it is sure to be nearly as thick as it is long.

Subsequent inquiries elicited the fact that the animal had kicked at and hit a gate-post, and it was judged that then the injury had occurred.' 3. 'The subject was a bay horse, nine years old, used for railway shunting.

"A cloisonné lamp on a gate-post?" laughed Perkins.

A stout cord had been fastened eighteen inches from the ground to the trunk of a wayside sapling, and on receiving the signal the other end was tied to a gate-post upon the further side.

Or you see a Booby Squire, with a Head resembling a Stone ball over a Gate-post.

They saluted me politely this time, a tribute I imagine to my having kept my temper under great provocation to lose it, went out of the gate, stood whispering together a few minutes, and gazing back at the house, as if afraid they would forget it, looked up at the plaque on the gate-post, made a note, mounted their wheels, and sprinted down the hill, still in earnest conversation.

An overgrown hedge ran along the entire front of the place, its untrimmed wildness adding to the general unkempt look, as did the sodden, tangled surface of what had once been a lawn, the rank bunches of shrubbery which half hid the front windows from sight, and the broken bricks in the old walk which led, beside a grass-grown driveway, from gate-post to porch.

Ten yards in front, and ten feet to the right, I saw a posta gate-post, I supposed.

On the gate-post was affixed an elaborate set of rules regarding those who might and might not enter.

At one end of the churchyard is a gate-post with an inscription; and not far away is the former rectory (now called the Court House).

I saw you crash against the gate-post." "Did you?

" Nothing more was said, even by Edward, who observed his father with childish gravity, I meditated on the injustice I had done him about the gate-post.

Take heart, lad, and listen,”—and Larry began pounding the wall with a hammer, exactly under the north gate-post.

I turned to look at Jone, but he was sitting up straight in his chair, as solemn and as steadfast as a gate-post, and I thought to myself that if he hadn't heard anything he must have been struck deaf, and I was just on the point of jumping up and shouting to him, "Fly, before the walls and roof come down upon us!"

It was stoutly bound to the gate-post by several twists of rusty chain.

55 examples of  gate-post  in sentences