13104 examples of gates in sentences

"'You will never get to the Hotel de Ville like this,' he replied, so I forced my wounded through the gateway of a private house and we managed to close the gates after us.

Tafilett always, and Sous occasionally, were united to Morocco, while Fez itself formed a powerful kingdom, extending itself eastward as far as the gates of Tlemsen.

The city has seven gates, and two castles, at the east and west, form its main defence.

This vast city lies at the foot of the Atlas, or about fourteen miles distant, spread over a wide and most lovely plain of the province of Rhamma, watered by the river Tensift, six miles from the gates of the capital.

Nine gates open in the city-walls; these are strong and high, and flanked with towers, except on the south east where the Sultan's palace stands.

The other day, near the south-west gates, we fell in with a whole colony of themwhich, however, were the lesser animal, or Jerd specieswho occupied an entire eminence to themselves, the sovereignty of which seemed to have been conceded to them by the Bey of Tunis.

Now his hour had struck, he died, and his soul sought the gates of heaven.

Can the gates of heaven be opened to such a poor old creature as I?

" Then the gates opened, and the Angel bade poor Margaret enter.

The casting off of barriers, the opening of the gates of the divine inner citadel?

He did appear as the gates of the train were closed and the cars had started on their way.

You five among us subjects tyrannise; Making the sacred name of Common Sense A cloak to cover your enormities: He bears the rule; he's judge, but judgeth still, As he's inform'd by your false evidence: So that a plaintiff cannot have access, But through your gates.

Moreover, they are become most palpable flatterers, always begging at my gates for invention.

Ten minutes' walk brought him to the school gates, and a baker's boy directed him to Mr. Outwood's.

In America we look for antiquities to Boston, with her Long Wharf, or Faneuil Hall; to New York, with her Fraunccs Tavern and Van Cortlandt Manor House; to Jamestown with her lone, crumbling church tower; to the Pacific coast with her Franciscan mission houses; to St. Augustine with her Spanish gates; but all these are young and blushing things compared with the historic places of the British Isles.

Lastly, when he could no longer withstand the sedition and the leader of the sedition, he sends Marius Statilius, a prefect, with a Lucanian troop, to reconnoitre, who, when he had ridden up to the gates, ordered the rest to stay without the works, and entered the camp himself, attended by two horsemen.

Having routed this disorderly band by shouting and tumult, before they had well reached the opposite bank, they advanced even to an outpost which was before the rampart, and near the, very gates of the camp.

They then turned their backs downright, and fled precipitately to their camp with such terror and consternation, that not a man made stand in the gates or on the rampart; while the Romans, who pursued them so close as to form almost a part of their body commenced the battle anew, enclosed within the rampart of the enemy.

But when he perceived that every place around Epipolae was filled with armed men, after just teasing the enemy with the discharge of a few missiles, he marched back to the Achradina, not so much through fear of the number and strength of the enemy, as that some intestine treachery might show itself, taking advantage of the opportunity, and he might find the gates of the Achradina and island closed upon him in the confusion.

The gates and walls of the Achradina were occupied principally by deserters, who had no hopes of pardon in case of capitulation.

The walls of the houses forming a protection for his camp, he posted guards and parties of troops at the gates, which were exposed, as they faced the streets, lest any attack should be made upon his camp while the soldiers were dispersed in pursuit of plunder.

It was resolved that the consuls should encamp in the neighbourhood of the Colline and Esquiline gates; that Caius Calpurnius, the city praetor, should have the command of the Capitol and the citadel; and that a full senate should be continually assembled in the forum, in case it should be necessary to consult them amidst such sudden emergencies.

I estimated that between five in the afternoon and the following dawn three hundred thousand persons must have passed through the city's gates.

A power to establish turnpikes with gates and tolls, and to enforce the collection of tolls by penalties, implies a power to adopt and execute a complete system of internal improvement.

This vast collection of buildings was girded in by grey and mouldering walls, approached by seven gates, and intersected by innumerable narrow streets.

13104 examples of  gates  in sentences