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1488 example sentences with  gateway

1488 example sentences with gateway

What remains of the Priory, not much more than a gateway, for most of it was destroyed in 1780, stands to the north of the church.

The Force, which had visible expression as a Hand, would have to stay beyond the Barrier which separates the Ab from the Normal; for the 'gateway' would be removed from accessibility.

I had brought the 'gateway' into the pentacles, and the brute was coming throughpouring into the material world, as gas might pour out from the mouth of a pipe.

the gateway of the monster, lying demure and ordinary.

If I had not climbed the wall, I should have found nothing for my pains; for the bell would have warned them had I gone in through the gateway.

Passing thence through a gateway and over a swinging bridge, we entered the old fort of Selimgarh, built, like the Palace, on the banks of the river, its battlements, as well as those of the latter place on its eastern side, being washed by the waters of the Jumna.

FOOTNOTES: [Footnote 18: Porte-cochรจre (carriage gateway).

Nearly all the shops were shut; some of the doors, however, of those where wine or provisions, are sold, were standing open, while on the shutters of others were inscribed in chalk, "The entrance is beneath the gateway."

Street fighting is always confusing, and hence the following vague description of the day's events from Captain Eyre Coote's journal: "Colonel Clive ordered the picquets, with the company's grenadiers, to march into the French bounds, which is encompassed with an old ditch, the entrance into it a gateway with embrasures on the top but no cannons, which the French evacuated on our people's advancing.

The gateway certainly exists.]

And passing through the gateway, he rapidly strode toward the house, while Lawrence prepared to turn his horse's head toward the Springs.

When the Thane of Glammis returned from his morning ride, he was surprised to find both sides of the gateway accommodated each with a prisoner.

No, my lord,' said the gardener, in the tone of a man excellently well satisfied with himself, 'but I thought the single fellow looked very awkward standing on one side of the gateway, so I gave half-a-crown to one of the labourers to stand on the other side for uniformity's sake.'

Out of the gateway we rushed, and on down the snow-covered path until we were on the fringe of the fir forest.

We quitted its interior to inspect a gateway situated at a considerable distance from the principal ruin, through which the abbey appears to great advantage about four hundred yards beyond this arch.


Listen, and you may hear the dull murmur of your own "Black Sea," as it surges against your gateway.

The little square by the old gateway, whose immediate neighbourhood lent a mediaeval charm to my cottage, was the centre of gossip and idling.

As I return to my cottage the dim street is quite deserted, and the arch of the ruined gateway, so often resounding with the voices that come from light hearts, is now as dark and silent as a grave.

Far above it lies the 'Peninsula of Perfection,' and near to this, under a mediaeval drum-tower, is the gateway of the 'City of Happiness.'

I had only gone a little way when I saw before me a fortified Gothic gateway jutting out from the rock to which it was attached, and extending across the path to where the hill became so steep as to sufficiently protect from assault on that side those who had a motive for defending the ledge under the high cliff.

Now, as Brengues was undoubtedly one of those places where the English companies firmly established themselves, and to which they clung with great tenacity, there is very small risk of error is coming to the conclusion that it was they who built this fortified gateway.

This gateway was only an outwork to defend the ledge of rock.

It is a much less finished piece of work than the gateway, but there are other rock-fortresses in the district, attributed by general consent to the English, so similar to it in character that there is no reason for doubting that the companies built this one also.

It is probable, however, that the gateway already mentioned, and the one that corresponded to it on the other side of the cavern, but of which few vestiges can now be seen, were constructed subsequently, when the science of fortification was better understood by the routiers.

Of the outer fortifications there remains a brick gateway, with Gothic arch carrying a high machicolated tower, connected to which is a fragment of the wall.

Over the gateway, carved in the stone, is the following quaint inscription, the spelling being similar to that frequently used in the sixteenth century: 'Sur la terre autrefois nous fรปmes comme vous.

SCENE III The Gateway of a Convent.

SCENE VII The Gateway of a Castle.

The last gateway brought us out of Christendom into the New Jerusalem, the fifth Monarchy, where the Saints possess the earth.

The man agreed, tempted by a high bribe, and Don Alonzo, who was allowed to come and go as he pleased, had no difficulty in passing out through the gateway in the early morning, when he and his companion put spurs to their horses and felt assured of success.

A small party of seamen, headed by Gideon Russell, attacked the gateway under a shower of shot and stones, and, before long, Russell fell, grievously wounded.

The Portuguese were to face them, while five hundred English soldiers and marines, led by naval officers, were to force the gateway and scale the rampart.

The gateway was blocked, and could not be forced; many of the scaling ladders were too short, and the affair resolved itself into a struggle, by a small number who had gained the rampart, to maintain themselves, while the rest remained exposed to the fire from the walls.

Two nights later they came to rest in the woods back of St. Eugene, in the little valley of the Surmelin, that gateway to Paris from the farthest point of the second German drive.

" * * * * * Late the following afternoon Sharon triumphantly brought his car to a stop before the gateway leading up to the red farmhouse.

They were of the nature of an elaborate gateway.

Thither he brought me, and there was a man whose appearance was like the appearance of bronze, with a flaxen line and a measuring reed in his hand; and he was standing in the gateway.

40:6-12] Then he came to the east gateway and went up its steps and measured the threshold of the gate one reed wide.

And he measured the breadth of the entrance to the gateway, ten cubits; and the width of the gate, thirteen cubits; and there was a sill one cubit wide, before the guard-rooms on each side; and the guard-rooms, six cubits on both sides.

And from the front of the gateway at the entrance to the front of the inner vestibule of the gate were fifty cubits.

40:20, 21b, 24b] And the north gateway of the outer court, he measured its length and breadth.

And its measurements were the same as those of the east gateway.

The dimensions of the gateway on the south were also the same as the others.

In order to protect its eastern gateway, the Isthmus of Suez, it was essential that the Ptolemies should control Palestine.

"The gay Widow" from certain gregarious propensities, resided with a couple of female servants in a small house, situated in the most public street of the town; which I know, for this reason,the principal court of our college was opposite to it, and its gateway was the approved lounge, from morning till night, of the most idle and impudent amongst us.

For Views of Windsor Castle, with the late renovations, see the following Numbers of the Mirror: No. 292, George the Fourth's Gateway, South and East Sides.

Gateway, from the interior of the Quadrangle.

(In Gateway for girls, June 4, 1949) ยฉ 23May49; B194879.

(In Gateway for girls, June 11, 1949) ยฉ 28May49; B196229.

This Lord Cromwell was treasurer of England; and the testimony of Camden that he was the founder, is strongly corroborated by the bags or purses of stones, (alluding to the office of treasurer which he filled,) carved over the gateway leading into the quadrangle.

The first entrance is under an arched gateway on the east side of the south court.

The arch of this gateway being a semicircle, was probably erected subsequently to the rest of the building: hence the communication with the inner court is under an arched gateway in the middle of the north side of the south court.

The arch of this gateway being a semicircle, was probably erected subsequently to the rest of the building: hence the communication with the inner court is under an arched gateway in the middle of the north side of the south court.

For some years Miss Hosmer has been preparing a golden gateway for an art gallery at Ashridge Hall, England, ordered by Earl Brownlow.

Carvings on gateway.

After reaching the top of the ladder we passed through a gateway, evidently intended for defence, and then found ourselves in the village of Oliliet, built on a level space of considerable extent, accessible only from seaward by the path we had ascended, which the removal of the ladders would render impracticable, and on the land side protected by a wall, beyond which the jungle appeared to be very dense.

The stones forming the sides of the central gateway were ornamented by rude bas-reliefs, representing figures on horseback; and the gate itself, formed of hard wood, and strong enough to keep out any party not provided with artillery, was richly carved.

He is represented standing under a noble gateway.

She followed Alec in through the gateway, at the dilapidated stone side-posts of which Max gave a significant wave of the hand as he passed.

Josephine turned in, and the trap swung through the gateway and on past the pine grove.

The road wound around the slopes of grassy, wooded hills, above the clear blue water of the bay, commanding a view of the bold purple promontories which formed the gateway to the sea, and revealing now and then, between the clumps of silver birch, glimpses of long ranges of picturesque snow-covered mountains, stretching away along the western coast to the white solitary peak of Villรบchinski, thirty or forty miles distant.

PHILร†, an island of syenite stone in the Nile, near Assouan, in Nubia, 1200 ft. long and 50 ft. broad; is almost covered with ancient buildings of great beauty, among which is a temple of Isis, with a great gateway dating from 361 B.C., which was converted into a church in 577.

PORTCULLIS, a strong grating resembling a harrow hanging over the gateway of a fortress, let down in a groove of the wall in the case of a surprise.

On the following morning I went up to the gateway again and rang the bell.

Here is an old mediรฆval gateway at Solothurn, in Switzerland.

Mrs. Woodford was too good a housewife to allow herself any extra rest on account of her vigil, and she had just put her Juneating apple-tart into the oven when Anne rushed into the kitchen with the warning that there was a grand gentleman getting off his horse at the gateway, and speaking to her uncleshe thought it must be Peregrine's uncle.

There I had waited in the gateway while he had gone upstairs alone.

It is known locally as the "Gateway to the Ozarks".

It is nicknamed the "Gateway to the North" because it is the last major centre along the route to the resources of northern Saskatchewan.

It is often called the "Gateway to the West". citation citation Winnipeg is the seventh biggest city in Canada with a population of 705,244 people.

It is situted near the Pensi-la, which is a high pass considered gateway to Zanskar region.

This village is the boundary wall between Swat and Buner, serving as the gateway to Buner valley.

โ€œI feel honored to have been chosen to be an ANCA Capital Gateway Summer High School Intern for 2020.

If higher education is to be a beacon of opportunity and a gateway to the middle class, universities must do more than give acceptance letters, financial aid packages, and diplomas.

In the conceptual plan, the pier has been separated into four districts: the gateway district, a marina/restaurant district, a โ€œpeopleโ€™sโ€ district and a fishing district.

โ€œItโ€™s Airmen like you, experts in everything you do, that enable us to provide professional airlift support here at the โ€˜Gateway to the World.โ€™

Ludwig, whose Gateway Mastering Studios is based in Portland, Maine, has worked on an estimated 1,300 albums, including releases by Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, and Paul McCartney.

Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh on Tuesday said protesters at the Gateway of India were asked to move their agitation over the JNU violence to Azad Maidan as the iconic British-era monument is not a site for staging demonstrations.

Mailing millions of ballots in stacks of thousands that can be intercepted by anyone is certainly the gateway to voter fraud.

Migrant children play with Customs Border Protection traffic cone, after camping out on the Gateway International Bridge in October.

โ€œThis is a gateway dish to the beauty of Shunoko.

This is where so-called โ€˜gatewayโ€™ subjects enter.

This rendering shows how the new JLG and F.I. Sather building would look at it serves as a new gateway to downtown.

Three runners for the Florida Gateway College Womenโ€™s Cross Country Team competed last week at the 2020 NJCAA Womenโ€™s Half Marathon Championship in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Together, FortiGate VM and AWS Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB) offer an enhanced cloud security service and cloud management solution that provides enterprise customers fast, flexible access to the cloud.

Burnside Gorge is located immediately north of downtown - a gateway to Victoria, traversed by a number of major traffic corridors.

Camosun's Partnerships division is the gateway to a broad spectrum of professional services.

Councilor Murphy when you stood regarding the Northern Gateway Proposal at the all candidates forum that was just so you could get elected, am I right?

Florida, admitted into the Union on March 3, 1845, themed the coin, Gateway to Discovery.

For the bitumen that can be shipped along Northern Gateway, itโ€™s estimated 4,800 permanent upgrading and refining jobs are lost.

In northern British Columbia, a company out of Calgary called Enbridge is proposing the northern gateway pipeline.

In October 2007 the federal government also signed an MOU with all four Atlantic provinces to advance the important work of development and developing a forward-looking Atlantic gateway strategy.

It is the perfect gateway for foreign companies to expand globally while gaining a foothold in North American markets.

Mars Base Camp would ultimately be built up at the Deep Space Gateway, away from Earthโ€™s gravity, before being deployed to Mars.

Master File transactions are to be submitted through the Common Electronic Submissions Gateway.

No project files found for the project, Gateway Office Complex.

Obviously, he had his say in the decisions made, and he contributed to the fact that the gateway to Canada for air transportation was Montreal in 1966 and has been Toronto since 1985.

The final content and structure of the Library Advanced workshop was co-developed between the librarians and STEM Gateway administrators.

The first change we made in the evolution of our mail system was to add a separate machine to be our external mail gateway, putting it in front of our central mail machine for outside email.