802 examples of gaunt in sentences

Therefore at first I could identify nothing, but finally, out of the grotesque, shifting shadows, dimly appearing against the slightly lighter sky beyond, there suddenly arose, clearly defined, the gaunt limbs of a dead tree, bearing a faint resemblance to a gigantic cross.

There she lay, a little, gaunt, scarred creature, starved and worried to death by him.

Mrs, Jenkins had a cat, a gaunt, long-legged, yellow creature, that ran whenever we looked at it.

As one English paper dramatically phrases it: "One used to see pictures of Botha in the illustrated papers in those days, a gaunt, bearded, formidable figure, with rifle and bandoliersthe most dangerous of our foes.

John of Aviz, known as the Great, married Philippa of Lancaster, daughter of John of Gaunt; and from this union sprang a line of princes and kings under whom Portugal became one of the leading nations of Europe.

In the meantime the proprietor returned to his desk to find a long, gaunt man leaning above the register, one brown finger tracing a name.

Indeed, it seemed incredible that Miss Armstrong, tall as she was, could possibly weigh so much, for she looked lean and gaunt as a wolf hound.

It was worn down by marching and fighting; the men had scarcely shoes upon their feet; and, above the tattered figures, flaunting their rags in the sunshine, were seen gaunt and begrimed faces, in which could be read little of the "romance of war."

Mr. Riley rose to his whole gaunt height at a jerk, and laid his hand on the official's arm with a fierce, bony gripe, which seemed to startle him as if it were the clutch of a skeleton.

More haughty than the rest, the wolfish race 160 Appear with belly gaunt and famish'd face: Never was so deform'd a beast of grace.

The lone passenger smoked idly and watched the gaunt cattle staggering, penned in the flat, dead heat of the foredeck.

As Lee approached the corral its occupants swarmed out to meet him,gaunt men, unkempt women and children, with the look of hunted animals in their eyes.

Again, still later in the day, he overtook and passed the gaunt, gray woman who forever sought her husband.

The other member of the household, Delight Tench, the gaunt, gray woman, still made sallies out to the main road to search for her deceived husband; but they taught her after a little never to go far from the settlement, and to come back to her home each night.

There was Plymouth Rock in these birds, I am told, and even without Herakleophorbia that is a gaunt and striding strain.

Cossar was a large-bodied man with gaunt inelegant limbs casually placed at convenient corners of his body, and a face like a carving abandoned at an early stage as altogether too unpromising for completion.

And he pointed a gaunt finger.

See?" Bensington became aware of him, looking now very gaunt and horrible in the pale beginnings of the daylight, hurrying past with his lower jaw projected and a flaring torch of touchwood in his hand.

The mute bird sitting on the stone, The dank moss dripping from the wall, The thorn-trees gaunt, the walks o'ergrown, I love themhow

Or, would I mock the wolf's death-howl, Because his form is gaunt and foul?

He's played out, it must be confessed, And II'm to wed an old Baron Three weeks from to-day, in great style (He's as homely and gaunt as old Charon,

Charlie, very gaunt and battered, but all the more enamored of himself therefor and for the new chevrons of a gun corporal on his dingy sleeve, was actually aboard that boat.

The leaves lay thick upon the mossy ground now; and the gaunt bare branches of the trees had a weird awful look in the utter silence of the place.

Two months ago we trudged into Béthune, gaunt, dirty, soaked to the skin, and reduced to a comparative handful.

Only the large branches, gaunt and skeleton-like, were left standing, and in a fork between two of these and quite within his reach, in a lump of soft felt, or perhaps beaver, he noticed something that glittered.

802 examples of  gaunt  in sentences