85 examples of gazed around in sentences

Intently, I gazed around; but could catch no sight of her.

Then, as he still gazed around, a sudden thought struck him.

Come to my apartment.' Henrich opened his eyes, and gazed around him in wonder.

The General took it, and, clearing his throat, gazed around upon the jars and jars with their little Adams and Eves in zoölogical gardens.

Tom Chist gazed around as though expecting to see some sign of the tragedy, but the space was as smooth and as undisturbed as a floor, excepting where, midway across it, Parson Jones who was now stooping over something on the ground, had trampled it all around about.

He gazed around him as he sat with his hands tightly closed.

He gazed around; he, alone, moved.

Thessaly, the land of magic and witchcraft, famous through the world for its marvels and enchantments!" Carried away by my desire after strange and mystic knowledge, I gazed around with wonder and disquietude.

As they ran in, Roswell gazed around him, in regret, awe, and admiration.

Redbud uttered a sigh of weariness and relief, and then gazed around her.

how affectedly Miss Rawlins!while the honest widow Bevis gazed around her fearless; and though only simpering with her mouth, her eyes laughed outright, and seemed to challenge a laugh from every eye in the company.

The Mississippian gazed around the Senate chamber.

She gazed around, and smiled as she recognised them one by one.

Félix gazed around in dismay when he realized that his lamb, the chosen one, who had brought such pride and honor to himthat this was gone!

A chill crept over Amabel as she gazed around.

The sufferer's eyes, when she opened them, and gazed around, had a dim and glazed look.

We gazed around in silent amazement until a third continued teasingly, "She is no longer Elitha Donner, but Mrs. Perry McCoon.

The rest of us sat still, and gazed around us at the fields.

I cannot describe the sensation that came over me, as I gazed around, and found myself on the broad ocean, floating on a little deck that was only ten feet square, and which was raised less than two feet above the surface of the waters.

Mrs. Prentice returned the greeting in a level voice, and, accepting a chair, gazed around the room.

Coeur gazed around with the ominous glare Of the lion deprived of the lion's share, A look there was no mistaking, A look which the courtiers never saw Without a sudden desire to draw Away from the sweep of the lion's paw Before their bones were aching.

Then spellbound stood the lad and gazed around, Amazed at all the glory of the hall, And all the solemn splendor of the scene, Till Gurnemanz stooped down and whispered low: "Now give good heed, and if thy heart be pure, And thou art called, then surely thou shalt know.

Dumbly he gazed around The foe-encircled ground; And, with a lazy gape, He stretch'd his lordly shape, And shook his careless mane, Andlaid him down again!

" As he gazed around, he noticed that the southeast corner seemed to be more regular than the rest of the wall of the cave.

The old chemist gazed around apologetically, closed the volume, replaced it, and shepherded the children forth.

85 examples of  gazed around  in sentences