78 examples of geary in sentences

GENERAL JOHN W. GEARY From a photograph taken, in 1866, by Draper and Husted.

John W. Geary Appointed Governor.

Removal and Flight of Governor Geary.

Resignation and Flight of Governor Geary.

It was still essential to placate the wounded anti-slavery sensibilities of the Northern States, and to this end John W. Geary, of Pennsylvania, was nominated by the President and unanimously confirmed by the Senate.

" [Sidenote] Geary, proclamation, Sept. 11, 1856.

[Sidenote] Geary to Marcy, Sept. 12, 1856.

Though forewarned by ex-Governor Shannon and by General Smith, Governor Geary did not yet realize the temper and purpose of either the cabal conspirators or the Border-Ruffian rank and file.

Sterling G. Cato, one of the pro-slavery territorial judges, had been found by Governor Geary in the Missouri camp drilling and doing duty as a soldier, ready and doubtless more than willing to take part in the projected sack of Lawrence.

Geary to Marcy, Sept. 16, 1856.

123-6. Geary to Marcy, October 1, 1856.

Gihon, pp. 142-3. Geary, Executive Minutes, Senate Ex.

Active civil war gradually ceased in the preceding autumna result due to the vigorous and impartial administration of Governor Geary and the arrival of the inclement winter weather.

[Sidenote] Geary to Marcy, Jan. 19, 1857.

[Sidenote] Geary, Veto Message, Feb. 18, 1857.

They denounced Governor Geary in their resolutions, and devised legislation to further their intrigues.

TINKCOM, HARRY MARLIN. John White Geary, soldier-statesman, 1819-1873.

KESSELRING, CHARLOTTE E. The antic assassins of Geary.

The antic assassins of Geary.

by Clifford N. Geary.

by Clifford N. Geary.

Robert A. Heinlein, illustrated by Clifford Geary.

by Clifford Geary.

We pass over the administration of Geary, the third of the Kansas Governors,a period in which the ravages of the marauders were continued, but under meliorated circumstances.

Geary went to the Territory with some desire to deal justly with all parties.

78 examples of  geary  in sentences