1761 examples of gemmed in sentences

A few bright and beautiful stars gemmed the wide concave of heaven; the air was soft and balmy, scarcely agitating the leaves of the forest trees; the fragrance-weeping limes gave out their richest scent, and the gentle gush of fountains, and the tricklings of the mountain springs, came in music on the ear; and had the traveller been more at ease, the calm and tranquil scene must have diffused its soothing influence over his heart.

[THE SPLENDOUR OF INSECTS] Gemmed o'er their heads the mines of India gleam, And heaven's own wardrobe has arrayed their frame; Each spangled back bright sprinkling specks adorn, Each plume imbibes the rosy-tinctured morn; Spread on each wing, the florid seasons glow, Shaded and verged with the celestial bow, Where colours blend an ever-varying dye, And wanton in their gay exchanges vie.

But we stand before the wise, wise judgment-seat Of the world, and it calls you pure, That in your pearl-gemmed breast all saintly virtues meet, Holier than other holy women, higher, truer, So sweet a creature an angel in woman's guise.

How durst I to rivals commend thy sweet lips by the ruby's tent gemmed, When words that are vivid in hue by a soul unrefined are contemned? As strength to thy beauty accrues ev'ry day from the day sped before, To features consummate as thine, will we liken the night-star no more.

Above was the firmament, gemmed with worlds, and sublime in immensity.

Every blade of grass was gemmed with dew, sparkling through the yellow glory of dawn like diamonds through a primrose veil.

With the body of the car again the dwelling-place of darkness, objects beyond its rain-gemmed glassthe heads of the Chinese maid and chauffeur, the twin piers of the nearing gatewayattained dense relief against the blue-white glare of two broad headlight beams, that of the limousine boring through the gateway to intersect at right angles that of another car approaching on the highroad but as yet hidden by the wall of the park.

Flemish sepulchral brasses companied strangely with runic tablets, miniature paintings, a winged bull, Tamil scriptures on lacquered leaves of the talipot, mediaeval reliquaries richly gemmed, Brahmin gods.

Discarding his gemmed chibouque and an old vellum reprint of Anacreon, Zaleski rose hastily and greeted me with warmth, muttering at the same time some commonplace about his 'pleasure' and the 'unexpectedness' of my visit.

73, 4. Against whom a very eloquent man, Dionysius Alexandrinus, a Father of the Church, wrote an elegant work, to ridicule the Millennarian fable, the golden and gemmed Jerusalem on the earth, the renewal of the Temple, the blood of victims.

Notice, how the grass is laden, Thickly gemmed with sparkling dew, Which at eve so gently falleth, Thus its verdure to renew.

He extended a gemmed cigarette-case, and when, removing my pipe, I had declined in suitable terms, lighted up, himself.

The plants are spread over with gossamer of fine and transparent silk, or gemmed with dew-drops, and the vivid hues of industrious insects, reflecting unnumbered tints from the rays of the sun.

The drowsy landscape on either side was Southern landscape, and among live-oaks draped with mourning flags of moss, and magnolia-trees gemmed with buds, there were planters' houses which seemed all roof and balcony.

His subject is set off by a dazzling veil of poetic diction, like a wreath of flowers gemmed with innumerous dewdrops, that weep, tremble, and glitter in liquid softness and pearly light, while the song of birds ravishes the ear, and languid odours breathe around, and Aurora opens Heaven's smiling portals, Peris and nymphs peep through the golden glades, and an Angel's wing glances over the glossy scene.

Not a single trace came o'er its face Of the storms that raged elsewhere; No misty screen e'er crept between The sun and its image there; And its depths at night were gemmed with light By stars in the crystal air.

Not like those ancient summits lone, Mont Blanc on his eternal throne, The city-gemmed Peruvian, peak, The sunset portals landsmen seek, Whose train, to reach the Golden Land, Crawls slow and pathless through the sand, Or that whose ice-lit beacon guides The mariner on tropic tides, And flames across the Gulf afar, A torch by day, by night a star, Not thus to cleave the outer skies.

The Actinia gemmacea, or Gemmed Anemone, the Actinia crassicornis, and the Plumose Anemone are all beautiful, but tender varieties.

Fair night hung out her golden lamps, In her blue chambers high; And earth, all gemmed, in their pure light, Lay lovely to the eye.

Beneath a verdant, grassy mound, Where gemmed with dew the daisy weeps; In death's cold slumber wrapped profound, A gentle mother peaceful sleeps.

He could see the velvet star-gemmed night and the camp-fires, smell the smoke and the savoury odours of the cooking, hear the sudden shrieks and yells that followed the roar of the springing lion, feel the crushing crunch of its great teeth in his arm as it seized him from beside the nearest fire and stood over him....

The foreground was filled in by the gentle slope leading down to the tiny stream at the edge of the old orchard and, a little to the left, by the cienagarich in the color of its tall marsh grass and reeds, gemmed with brilliant flowers of gold and scarlet, bordered by graceful willows, and screened from the eye of the chance traveler by the lattice of tangled orchard boughs.

" Every green thing was now in full summer beauty, and daisies and buttercups gemmed the fields, while the garden at Elmridge was all aglow with blossoms, The children remembered their flower-studies of last year, and took fresh pleasure in the woods because of them; but the trees now seemed quite as interesting as the flowers had been.

The days rolled on in ever-changing scenes of beauty; the nights, star-gemmed and mystic, were filled with music and the witchery of the sea.

received the homage of bended knee from the ambassadors of every Christian nation, from heads of all ecclesiastical orders, and from generals and chiefs and princes and nobles, who, robed and plumed and gemmed in all the brightest and proudest that earth could give, bowed the knee humbly and kissed his foot in return for the palm-branch which he presented.

1761 examples of  gemmed  in sentences