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1761 examples of gems in sentences

Endymion is lavish and profuse, nervous and languid, the wealth of a prodigal scattered in largesse of baubles and of gems.

Nor this alone; much had her Highness heard What flowers of learning graced the royal speech; What gems of wisdom dropped with every word; What wholesome lessons he was wont to teach In pleasing proverbs; and she wished, in sooth, To know if Rumor spoke the simple truth.

This, nor gems, nor stores of gold, Nor purple state, nor culture can bestow; But God alone, when first his active hand Imprints the secret bias of the soul.

Stars and moon made the wilderness over into a land of fairy; at ten million points the snow caught the light, flashing it back as though the white robe spread over the solitudes were sewn with gems.

With more of worth; Because that time upon its stream Feathers and chaff will bear away, But give to gems a brighter ray.

She gave then to the king an hundred and twenty besants of gold, many aromatics, and gems precious.

lofernes and could be found that had been his, they were given to Judith as well gold, silver, gems, clothes, as all other appurtenances to household; and all was delivered to her of the people, and the folks, with women and maidens, joyed in organs and harps.

Miss Priscilla stood very silent, and very still, looking down at the glittering gems, then, all at once, her eyes filled, and a slow wave of colour dyed her cheeks: "Oh Sergeant!"

She stood in mute astonishment before the faultless gift, this perfect bit of Beroviero crystal,opalesque and lucent, reflecting hidden rainbow tints, enhanced by the golden traceries delicate and artisticthe beautiful young face framed in those sea-gems dear to the Venetian heart, each pearl a study of changing light.

Some of these, they say, have been hidden in Venice since the time of John of Constantinople, who left them for his ransom; it may be but a tale, yet they are rare in tint; and I have gleaned them, Marco, since thou wert a little lad, not knowing who should wear themnot knowing, Marco" She broke off suddenly, touching the gems wistfully, endearingly, with trembling, tapering fingers.

Marina had been proud of his cabinet, and he took the little antique lamp she used to hold for him and unlocked the door with a tremulous hand, standing unsteadily before it and trying to hearten himself, as he ruthlessly flashed the light so that each fantastic bit came out in perfect beauty, glowing with the wonderful coloring of transparent gems.

The king never appeared in public except with crown and sceptre, in royal robes redolent of the richest perfumes of India and Arabia, and sparkling with gold and gems.

Grieg's piano pieces are brief, but they are veritable gems.

We seemed to be actually under the sea in a palace of gems.

But who suspected that they were gems, of which Scotland, fifty years afterwards, would be prouder and more greedy than of all the second- hand French culture which seemed to her then the highest earthly attainment?

Poetical gems.

Delhi has always been connected with gems in my mind.

Before the great audience hall let the bare garden-court again glow with a million blooms; there let the peacocks sun themselves, their living jewels putting to shame the gems that burn back from aigrette and from sword-hilt; see and hear the cool waters sparkling once again from their long-dried founts, flashing in the white sunlight, and flowing over ducts cunningly inlaid with zigzag bands to imitate the ripple of the mountain stream.

And the gems, of their own accord, came into the possession of that saintly king.

At this very spot, the monarch Yayati, son of Nahusha, performed sacrificial rites, and made gifts of an abundance of gems.

Greater than any triumphal procession that ever marked a royal passage through a kingdom was it to know that in a score or more of cities, in many a village church on that same night festive fires were lighted, and the throng kept holiday, bringing for tribute not gold and gems but noblest aspirations, truest gratitude, and highest ideals for the nation and the race.

He then draws from his bosom a portrait of his father, set with antique gems.

Beneath the gems that studded her bosom, there was supposed to be unappeasable wretchedness; and the white brow, covered with a spangled wreath, was presumed to ache with mental agony.

It had turned out differently and better than Buckingham had thought; and after making a hasty trip into France, whence he was immediately recalled by his Kingwho was luxuriating in the easement of pecuniary difficultieshe journeyed to Ellswold to present to the young Duchess certain rare laces, gems and porcelains he had foundso he intimatedamong the Russian Count's possessions.

Then raising the flower, he said abstractedly,"What gems of thought we find in the Garden of

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