125 examples of genealogical in sentences

According to the genealogical history of the Tartars by Abulgasi Bayadur-khan, Ugadai-khan succeeded Zingis in 1230.

Without raising his head he answered absently: "Yes; this is the genealogical tree that I had not even brought up to date.

Thus as Henry drove away amid his trunks from the home of his father (genealogical poverty denies us the romantic grandiloquence of the plural), it was his mother's farewell arms and farewell tears, and his farewell promises to her, of which he was mainly conscious.

It was one of Henry's deep-sunken maxims that "a distinguished product implied a distinguished process," and that, at all events, the genealogical process was only illustratively important.

How humiliating to be so pathetically inadequate an outcome of such long and elaborate preparation,the mouse of a genealogical mountain!

The offices and fiefs having become hereditary, the order of nobility followed as a consequence; and it then became highly necessary for families to keep their genealogical histories, not only to gratify their pride, but also to give them the necessary titles for the feudal advantages they derived by birth.

If, for instance, a clergyman or squire, interested in the history of his parish, should find in the county historian something which his own local or genealogical knowledge leads him to think erroneous, vouched for by a reference to the Cotton or Harleian MSS., might he apply to you?

I do not know anything of the author's character, but he appears to have been a right-minded man, in so far as he (like yourself) expected to find "wit revived" by its digestion into "most ingenious questions and answers;" though his notion that asking and answering questions was a new way of divertisement, seems to indicate an imperfect knowledge of the nature and history of mankind; but my query is simply genealogical.

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In levelling his reproaches, the satirist was not probably very solicitous about genealogical accuracy; as, in the eighth line, I conceive Sir John Dryden to be alluded to, although he is termed our poet's grandfather, when he was in fact his uncle.

The Hunsbergers; a portion of the genealogical history of a few Swiss Hunsbergers.

Paul F. Gemmill & Ralph H. Blodgett (A); 5Mar70; R480235. GENEALOGICAL PUB.

"Guidex" genealogical research guide to principal sources and indexes.

A chart of the genealogical connections of the Steinhauer family of the United States, originally from Lohnweiler, formerly Lohweyler, and other villages near Lauterecken in the Pfalz of Germany.

Paul F. Gemmill & Ralph H. Blodgett (A); 5Mar70; R480235. GENEALOGICAL PUB.

By William Makepeace Thackeray, introd., bibliography & genealogical tree by Gordon Bay. NM: introd., bibliography & genealogical tree.

By William Makepeace Thackeray, introd., bibliography & genealogical tree by Gordon Bay. NM: introd., bibliography & genealogical tree.

There are plenty of tribes that attempt to enforce it, but for commercial, sensual, or at best, genealogical reasons, not from a regard for personal purity; so that among all these lower races jealousy in our sense of the word is out of the question.

Such a custom indicates an utter lack of sympathy and tenderness, not to speak of the more romantic ingredients of love, such as adoration and gallantry; and it implies a supreme contempt for and distrust of, character in wives, all the more reprehensible because the Greeks did not value purity per se but only for genealogical reason, as is proved by the honors they paid to the disreputable hetairai.

The purely genealogical side of Greek masculine jealousy is strikingly revealed in the Medea of Euripides.

At a higher stage, where some regard is paid to chastityat least in the women reserved for genealogical purposesmasculine jealousy is still of the sensual type, which leads to the life-long imprisonment of women in order to enforce a fidelity which in the absence of true love could not be secured otherwise.

Edited, with historical and genealogical Introduction, by Moncure Daniel Conway.


What the king saw in vision, we lit'rally see, In the Peterson genealogical tree; It was feeble at first, and slowly it grew; Its roots being small and its branches but few.

People are apt to forget things of this kind as they grow older, and a young man has nowadays so much and such a variety of knowledge to keep in his headwhist, Boston, genealogical registers, decrees of the Federal Council, dramaturgy, the liturgy, carvingand yet, I assure you that really, despite all the jogging up of my brain, I could not for a long time recall that tremendous time!

125 examples of  genealogical  in sentences