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370 example sentences with  generalizing

370 example sentences with generalizing

The spirit of indignant hatred and contempt with which he regarded the mass of humanity; his quiet and powerful perception of their failings, errors, and crimes; his zeal for liberty and freedom of thought, tended at once to generalize, while it embittered, his satire, and to change traits of personal severity for that deep shade of censure which Gulliver's Travels throw upon mankind universally."

'T is a charming poem throughout (you have well remarked that charming, admirable, exquisite are the words expressive of feelings more than conveying of ideas, else I might plead very well want of room in my paper as excuse for generalizing).

Dozens of similar instances might be cited, but for the sake of impartiality it is preferable to allow a German to generalize: "The rage of the populace has found vent not only against foreigners, but also against good German patriots, indeed even against German officers."

Secretin and its properties they used to generalize as a perfectly direct and amply demonstrable example of an internal secretion.

It would seem that positive science began with Aristotle, since he maintained that experience furnishes the principles of every science; but while his conception was just, there was not at that time a sufficient amount of experience from which to generalize with effect.

"Metaphysics, mathematics, music, and philosophy," says Cleghorn, "have been called in to analyze, define, demonstrate, or generalize," Great critics, like Burke, Alison, and Stewart, have written interesting treatises on beauty and taste.

He did not sift evidence like Grote, nor generalize like Gibbon; but like Voltaire and Macaulay, he was an artist in style, and possessed undoubted genius.

Some will be remarkable for style, others for learning, and others again for moral and philosophical wisdom; some will be minute, and others generalizing; some will dig out a multiplicity of facts without apparent object, and others induce from those facts; some will make essays, and others chronicles.

A great and original thinker may not have the time or opportunity or taste for a minute and searching criticism of original authorities; but he may be able to generalize previously established facts so as to draw most valuable moral instruction from them for the benefit of his readers.

Both in composition and action they excel in details; but they do not so much generalize their ideas as men, nor do their minds seize a great subject with so large a grasp.

It seemed to me enough that they were included in our prayer for 'all classes and conditions of men'; but after listening to poor Chloe's eloquent outpouring, I am afraid such generalizing will sound rather cold.

I know a few things that friendship is not, and a few things that it is, but when I come to generalize upon the abstract quality I am quite at a loss for adequate language.

The purpose of this discussion is not to generalize but to show the danger of generalizing about rents in the aggregate, or land as a whole.

The purpose of this discussion is not to generalize but to show the danger of generalizing about rents in the aggregate, or land as a whole.

That the excess is usually greater than this at the present time seems very probable: though it is a matter on which it is very hard to generalize.

There can be no doubt that the modern environment is changing faster than any environment ever previously changed; therefore, the social centre of gravity constantly tends to shift more rapidly; and therefore, modern civilization has unprecedented need of the administrative or generalizing mind.

Apparently modern society, if it is to cohere, must have a high order of generalizing mind,a mind which can grasp a multitude of complex relations,but this is a mind which can, at best, only be produced in small quantity and at high cost.

They can, at least, generalize so far as this, that, when they find a number of sophistries in an argument, they conclude that the cause which requires their support must be a weak one.

In singling out and generalizing the evils and public misfortunes of the reign of Louis XV., perhaps the derangement of the finances was the most important in its political results.

Not a few of these surveys have been unworthy of reproduction in the books of the explorers who made them, and the best that could be done was to generalize their information on maps of comparatively small scale.

In the latter, he had not learnt to generalize at all; but would have rested merely in fact and experience.

render general &c adj.; generalize.

It was the undeniable and purely mechanical action of these latter that had put him on the track; all he did now was to extend the hypothesis, impelled by his generalizing spirit; he saw the world saved anew in this perfect equilibrium, as much work given as sensation received, the balance of the world restored by unceasing labor.

Aristotle himself did not so much dogmatize as analyse, classify, and generalize from, the practices of the Attic dramatists.

The reason, he says, generalizing from his own case, is capable only of destruction, not of construction; of discovering error, not of finding truth; of finding reasons and counter-reasons, of exciting doubt and controversy, not of vouchsafing certitude.

Since, amid the innumerable multitude of ideas, it is not possible to assign to each one a definite sign, the indispensable condition of language is found in the power of abstraction, that is, in the power of generalizing ideas, of compounding many ideas into one, and of indicating by the names of the general ideas, or of the classes and species, the particular ideas also which are contained under these.

Generalizing wont do with these near relations; and I suppose a sister's darter is pretty much the same to a chap as his own darter would be, provided he had one."

"If you generalize in that mode, Miles, my dear boy, I must allow that we are.

I can best compare it to that which came over me, when I discovered I was nothing but a bloody hermit, after all my generalizing about being a governor and a lord high admiral of an island, all to myself, as it might be."

"Ay, ay't is generalizing its strength, as one may say.

exclaimed Marble, "I had a generalizing time of it, for half a dozen seconds, Miles."

He sought to generalize the conversation, diluting this accumulated emotion by spreading it.

Its civility seemed to him to be disagreeable suavity; its failure to particularize the points he made to be a disgraceful evasion; and the liberty it took in generalizing his case to be an enormous insult.

He was therefore prompted to generalize and interpret: "A Southern gentleman is composed of the same material that a Northern gentleman is, only it is tempered by a Southern clime and mode of life.

If we are to generalize at all, it must be on broader and safer grounds.

I remember that one day when, at the club, we were discussing the nature of genius, some one turned to Emerson and asked him for a definition of the thing, and he instantly replied, "The faculty of generalizing from a single example;" and nobody at the table could give so good and concise a definition.

Now in this generalizing, I beg that you will not accuse me of asserting that these strictures are true of every man who is not an American, or that all American men are perfect.

The disposition of the human mind to generalize the objects of thought, and to follow broad analogies in the use of words, discovers itself early, and seems to be an inherent principle of our nature.

I must have inherited from my father a synthetic mind, because I always try to generalize matters, and for that reason science attracts me more than philosophy.

"For mercy's sake, do not generalize about individual happiness.

He nowhere shows that he had an idea of abstract beauty, or the power of generalizing from individuals, or that he was at all discontented with the subjects which he painted; so that his works leave an impression of absolute faithfulness.

In reality, this is the most that a man can make of himself if only he succeeds in generalizing his perceptions and making his feelings his supreme law.

There his manner was all at once so personal that she dared not be silent, but fell to generalizing, with many a stammer, that a woman ought to be very slow to give her trust if, once giving it, she would not rather die than doubt.

It has often struck me as a defect in our anatomical teachers, that in describing that prominent feature of the human face, the organ of scent, they generalize too much, and have but one term for the symmetrical arch, arising majestically, or the tiny atom, scarcely equal to the weight of a barnaclea very dot of flesh!

In economic, social, and political matters the studies and observations of these travellers are essential in order to supplement, and sometimes to correct, those of travellers of the first category; for it is not safe to generalize overmuch about any country merely from a visit to its capital or its chief seaport.

It is useless to try to generalize about conquests simply as such in the abstract; each case or set of cases must be judged by itself.

It is impossible to generalize with any degree of confidence about the sexual nature of either man or woman in our present state of crude and barbarous ignorance; but I am inclinedvery tentativelyto agree that this generalization is correct, and that the creative impulse is an even stronger factor in the sexual life of women than of men.

Of course, in all this I generalize very rashly from a very narrow experience.

My excuse is that these things must be discussed if we are ever to generalize more safely, or to learn that we must not generalize at all.

My excuse is that these things must be discussed if we are ever to generalize more safely, or to learn that we must not generalize at all.

At least one escapes the snare into which so many married people surprisingly fall, of generalizing from an experience which is not merely as narrow as everyone's must be, but actually unique; which enables them to pronounce with stupefying confidence that all men are as this man is; all women as his wife; and all marriages as his marriage.

The ordinary mind does not generalize nor see that the same principles of conduct will not do for all periods and latitudes.

But no general attitude is possible towards the world as a whole, until the intellect has developed considerable generalizing power and learned to take pleasure in synthetic formulas.

But in due course of time the intellect awoke, with its passion for generalizing, simplifying, and subordinating, and then began those divergences of conception which all later experience seems rather to have deepened than to have effaced, because objective nature has contributed to both sides impartially, and has let the thinkers emphasize different parts of her, and pile up opposite imaginary supplements.

When you consider this multiplicity of symptomatic indications, you will not be surprized that such numbers are pronounced in a state of disease; but our republican physicians will soon generalize these various species of aristocracy under the single description of all who have any thing to lose, and every one will be deemed plethoric who is not in a consumption.

The error, when there is error, does not arise from generalizing too extensively; that is, from including too wide a range of particular cases in a single proposition.

He, therefore, disliked those laws altogether, and his warm-hearted disposition would not allow him to calculate on their abstract advantages with modern political economists, who, in their generalizing doctrines, too frequently overlook individual comfort and interests.

The difference between the French and English schools, in this department of the Art, well proves that mind has scope for its powers in portrait, and that genius alone can so generalize the details "as to identify the individual man with the dignity of his thinking powers.

A euphonic particle, sometimes indicating action at a distance, at other times generalizing the action of the verb.

It may be presumptuous for an individual to generalize about civilizations of which he knows so little.

On the other hand, if we recognize the limitations under which all assumptions and generalizations operate it is possible and often helpful to assume and generalize, although the generalizations may be no more than interim reports, subject to later amendment, correction or rejection.

Here, too, its concern is with the universal; its end is to know lifethe life with which literature dealsnot empirically in its facts, but scientifically in its necessary order, not phenomenally in the senses but rationally in the mind, not without relation in its mere procession but organically in its laws; and its instrument here, as through the whole gamut of the physical sciences and of philosophy itself, is the generalizing faculty.

So, too, as the method of idealism in the world of the good tends to erect man above himself, the same generalizing method in the world of the evil tends to degrade human nature below itself; the extremes of the process are the divine and the devilish; both transcend life, but are developed out of it.

The contents of art, its general ideals, reproduce the successive periods of our earth-history as a race, by generalizing each in its own age.

Nothing is more tempting, and at the same time more risky, than to thus generalize and speculate too soon.

We cannot generalize upon them, so as to resuscitate a vanished type."

All emphasize and generalize the essential features of the human figure and show an increasingly accurate understanding of human anatomy.

Generalizing this result, Hilbert's Nullstellensatz provides a fundamental correspondence between ideals of polynomial rings and algebraic sets.

I also think, for women especially, and it is generalizing, but itรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs common for us to mentally subjugate our needs to whoever else is in the roomโ€, Beckinsale pointed out.

In an interview with LEVEL published in February, the "Caterpillar" rapper further pointed out, "I feel like God put him in my life to teach me that it's not cool to generalize.

I would have abstained from generalizing.

Some just generalize and write reports that canโ€™t be substantiated.

As much as we want to generalize โ€“ for over 50, for being fired, for six-figure jobs โ€“ the best job search is about specifics.

But there is risk to generalizing the response of one amphibian to others.

Commonly applied criteria for generalizing focus on experimental design or representativeness of samples of the population of units.

Computer programs developed to make sense of big data must classify and generalize the raw input data in a way that allows geographers to effectively navigate this sea of data, rather than simply leaving us lost.

Computer scientists are attempting to create programs capable of more efficient generalizing, but for now the human mind remains superior to neural nets in this capacity.

Every time ahead, we had to generalize the idea of how things were going to roll, and as they came in, we focused on them, took care of them right then, and moved on to the next problems.

All battles in the fight against austerity, wherever they happen, have the potential to generalize successful tactics and strategies far beyond where those battles are fought.

Finally, we hint at ways to further generalize the role concept to multivariate networks.

First, how well do these networks generalize their performance to new patients?

Generalizing from S to V, I obtain the (surprising) result that the Cauchy and the Grothendieck completions of a V-category C are in fact equivalent.

However, these tests have been conducted under anesthetic, which negate the contribution of muscular guarding from structures surrounding the knee that could make it difficult to generalize the measures for a pre-operative diagnosis.

I'd wonder if there was a tie-in with rich/headstrong oil patch workers and the preponderance of snowmobile fatalities, but that would be generalizing.

In addition, the continuation or not of the workers' strike, is strongly linked to the possibility that this will generalize and reproduce in other cities.

In this research, motivated by the analysis of spatio-temporal storm cell data, we generalize the Neyman-Scott parent-child process to account for hierarchical clustering.

In this talk I will discuss about a joint work with G. G. Smith, where we generalize K-V vanishing in any codimension.

In this talk we generalize well known results regarding minimal realizations of non-commutative (nc) rational functions, using nc Fornasiniโ€“Marchesini realizations which are centred at an arbitrary matrix point.

Introducing methods of the weighted potential theory, we generalize and improve the Hilbert-Fekete upper bound for the integer Chebyshev constant.

A New Notation for Derivations, June 1977 J. L Baker Ordered directed graphs (generalizing ordered trees) are defined and used in a new formal definition of grammatical derivation.

Since its introduction, much effort has been expended to analyse, simplify and generalize what makes this model of the univalence axiom tick, using a variety of techniques.

The fact of the matter is that dogs donโ€™t generalize very well.

The functionality can be generalized substantially to do things like shaped flows, page breaking, etc. Generalizing the functionality will make the creation of alternative flows much easier.

They present a picture of Muslims frequently in a negative and generalizing way, which offends the members and leaders of these churches.

This work demonstrates syntactic generalization (generalizing over syntactic structure despite sensitivity to semantic information) -- what has often be called a hallmark of cognitive function.

Van Benthem, Bezhanishvili, ten Cate and Sarenac generalize this idea to the bimodal logics of the products of topological spaces, thereby introducing topological products of unimodal logics.

We also produce Eichler-Shimura-style isomorphisms for the de Rham cohomology attached to modular forms, generalizing results of Bringmann, Guerzhoy, Kent and Ono to any level and field of definition.

We can generalize by using parameters.

When women engage in their community they are involved in generalizing their own personal situation to the larger question of the position of women in general.

With the switch on, the system eliminates all the cross-terms in the newly reached states (i.e., generalize the state) after N transitions during the reachability analysis.