121 examples of genets in sentences

NORTON, GENET, and confrères have kindly consented to perform their original rôles of The Victims.

In April 1793 a fiery Red Republican, named Genet, landed at Charleston as French minister to the United States and made a triumphal progress to Philadelphia.

Genet was one of those 'impossibles' whom revolutions throw into ridiculous power.

Then Genet made his next step in the new diplomacy by fitting out French privateers in American harbours and seizing British vessels in American waters.

Genet's absurd career was short, but very meteoric while it lasted, and full of anti-British mischief-making.

They heard the genet browsing and stamping as he fed, And smiling Love his pinions over the lovers spread.

Civets, genets, and ichneumons are small as compared with most cats; they are fairly well distinguished by skull and tooth characters; their claws are never fully retractile, and many have scent glands, as in the civets.

Lord Cornwallis His surrender at Yorktown Close of the war Washington at Mount Vernon Elected president Alexander Hamilton John Jay Washington as president Establishment of United States Bank Rivalries and dissensions between Hamilton and Jefferson French intrigues Jay treaty Citizen Genet Washington's administrations Retirement of Washington Death, character, and services ALEXANDER HAMILTON.

The Directory in 1793 sent an arrogant and insulting envoy to the seat of government "Citizen Genet," as he was called, tried to engage the United States in the French war against England.

Although Washington promptly proclaimed neutrality as the American policy, Genet gave no end of trouble and vexation.

The forbearance of Washington, in suffering the irascible and boastful Genet to ride rough-shod over his own cabinet, was extraordinary.

He hailed, with all the transport his calm nature would allow, the French Revolution, and was ever after a warm friend to France until the Genet affair, when his eyes were partially opened to French intrigues and French arrogance.

In France a new spirit seemed to animate the government against America, a disposition to seize everything that was possible, and to dictate in matters with which they had no concern,even in relation to our own internal affairs, as in the instructions furnished to Genet, whose unscrupulous audacity and meddling intrigues at last exhausted the patience of both Washington and Jefferson.

One day at Perpignan I played 'Colonel de Montéclin' in the Closerie des Genets in the costume of a Japanese officer" "And he was applauded!"

It was not bad statesmanship that made him bear so long with the blunders, the impertinences, the fatuity of Monsieur Genet; it was the remembrance of all the benefits showered upon us by the country which that charlatan represented.

By Jean Genet.

Jean Genet (A); 2Aug76; R638324.

By Jean Genet.

Jean Genet (A); 2Aug76; R638324.

Genets was quite right; the Mont over yonder was another country; even at the very beginning of the journey we learned so much.

Brown, Senator from Kentucky, aids Genet.

Genet, French Ambassador, his preposterous career; wishes to procure the conquest of Louisiana; commissions Clark; checked by Washington; recalled.

Knoxville Gazette, Federalist and anti-Jacobin; no sympathy with Genet; pathetic advertisements in; Indian outrages; public address on wrongs of Tennesseeans. La Chaise, French agent.

On envoya chez lui des genets pour apporter les présens; et, pour sa monture ainsi que pour sa suite, les chevaux qu'avoient laissés à la porte du palais ceux des grands qui étoient venus faire cortège au roi pendant la cérémonie.

"'Tis nothing but a lusty genet, my dear," and his hand closed over hers for a moment.

121 examples of  genets  in sentences
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