749 examples of geneva in sentences

In 1882, J.L. Reverdin, another surgeon of Geneva, noticed that in man complete removal of the thyroid was followed by symptoms identical with those collected under the name of myxedema, and used the phrase "operative myxedema" to emphasize his conviction of the connection between them.

" (Specchio geografico e Statistico dell' Impero di Marocco. Geneva.)

Certainly the simple life appealed to Lady Mary, but much as she liked Geneva the cost of living irked her.

The Prince of Hesse, who is now married to the Princess of England, lived some years at Geneva on £300 per annum.

Rousseau was no Calvinist, but the principles of religious and civil liberty are so closely connected that he may have caught their spirit at Geneva, in spite of his hideous immorality and his cynical unbelief.

Of course they were Calvinists, more rigid even than their brethren in Geneva.

Such bullets were forbidden by the Geneva Convention.

Our isle, indeed, too fruitful was before; But all uncultivated lay Out of the solar walk and Heaven's highway; With rank Geneva weeds run o'er, And cockle, at the best, amidst the corn it bore.

Full many a year[100] his hateful head had been 170 For tribute paid, nor since in Cambria seen: The last of all the litter 'scaped by chance, And from Geneva first infested France.

[Footnote 101: 'Kennel:' Geneva.]

He died at Geneva on the 20th of April 1630, aged eighty years, and was buried in the cloisters of St. Pierre.

He was born at Falaise, in Normandy, and was the son of Jean Ribel, professor of theology at Geneva.

He preceded me some weeks, and it was arranged that I should come to meet him at Geneva early in June.

He met me with a carriage at Culoz, to give and enjoy my first impressions of the distant Alps, and for the ten days we stopped at Geneva I stayed with him at the Hotel des Bergues.

We drove back towards Geneva in silence,he moody and I sullen,and halfway there he broke out, saying that the fact that he wanted the drawing done ought to have been enough to make me do it.

He was a famous crystal-hunter, and many of the rarest specimens in the museum of Geneva were of his finding.

And the next day we packed up and left for Geneva.

Here Ruskin suddenly found that he must go back to England, and I returned with him as far as Geneva, and thence went to St. Martin, where I spent the rest of the autumn, as helpless for all work as a blind man.

In great weakness he passed through Rome, Florence, Turin, Geneva, and reached Neuchatel on the 4th of November in a state of utter exhaustion.

Of the former he said the day before his death: "He saw me coming from Geneva a perfect strangerlying sick, helpless, wretched, and miserable in the earsand spoke to me, inquired who I was, and took care of me.

The Listers were full of talk about their own travelsa long-delayed continental tour which had been talked of ever since their return from the honeymoon trip to Geneva and Chamouni; and were also very eager to hear Gilbert's adventures in Australia, of which he had given them only very brief accounts in his letters.


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Ginnie and Geneva.

749 examples of  geneva  in sentences