410 examples of genii in sentences

Mont Blanc at sunrise, the wild scenery of the Simplon, the exhumed streets of Pompeii, the Colosseum by moonlight, those wondrous galleries of painting and sculpture of which I had read as I had read of the palace of Aladdin and the gardens of the genii,the living man before me had seen all these!

And if some traveller, weary of his road, Hath slept since noontide on the grassy ground, Ye genii, to his covert speed, And wake him with such gentle heed As may attune his soul to meet the dower Bestowed on this transcendent hour.

CHAPTER XX Local PleasuresByron's Grecian PoemsHis Departure from Athens Description of Evening in "The Corsair"The Opening of "The Giaour"- -State of Patriotic Feeling then in GreeceSmyrnaChange in Lord Byron's Manners The genii that preside over famous places have less influence on the imagination than on the memory.

" This account was succeeded by a long conversation between Astarte and Zadig, consisting of everything that their long-suppressed sentiments, their great sufferings, and their mutual love could inspire in hearts the most noble and tender; and the genii who preside over love carried their words to the sphere of Venus.

A land of Genii?

It never was, never will be" Besides, if there be infinite planetary and firmamental worlds, as [6610]some will, there be infinite genii or commanding spirits belonging to each of them; and so, per consequens (for they will be all adored), infinite religions.

Spiritus quoque aeris et mali genii aliquando se tempestatibus ingerunt, et menti humanae se latenter insinuant, eamque vexant, exagitant, et ut fluctus marini, humanum corpus ventis agitatur.

The TALES of the GENII.

When wide thy awful voice in Heaven resounds, The gods fall prostrate to our Holy One; When on the earth thy voice afar resounds, The genii bow to thee and kiss the dust.

[Footnote 16: "Genii," spirits.

The Pyramids are thine; Their giant summits guard thee night and day, On thee they look when stars in splendor shine, Or while around their crests the sunbeams play: Thine own coevals, who with thee remain Colossal Genii of the boundless plain!

The TALES of the GENII.

Still had she gazed, but,' midst the tide, Two angel forms were seen to glide, The Genii of the stream; Their scaly armour's Tyrian hue, Through richest purple, to the view Betray'd a golden gleam.

The Stoic doctrine of [Greek: daimones] was also utilised to find an explanation for semi-deities, lares, genii, etc., and thus another character of the old Italian religious mind was to be saved from contempt and oblivion.

The TALES of the GENII.

The TALES of the GENII.

The TALES of the GENII.

The TALES of the GENII.

The body of the dead man, for whom this world is over, and who sleeps in peace, awaiting resurrection, and thereby not wholly dead, around whose tomb watch sympathising angels or contemplative genii, was, therefore, the proper subject for the highest Christian sculpture.

Intent on absorbing all existent elements of life and power, she conformed her system to the Roman type, established her service in basilicas and Pagan temples, adopted portions of the antique ritual, and converted local genii into saints.

Conspicuous on his costume, and wound like an order of merit upon his breast, glittered a chain, the chain,each tiny brick-like gem spiked with a hundred sparks, and building a fabric of sturdy probabilities with the celerity of the genii in constructing Aladdin's palace.

Thus, among the vowels, ee and oo occur frequently; aa is used sometimes; ii, neverexcept in certain Latin words, (wherein the vowels are separately uttered,) such as Horatii, Veii, iidem, genii.

Tales of the Persian genii.

Another tradition, not found in the Koran, is that Iblis was a warrior angel whom the Almighty sent to exterminate the Djinns, the beings, half men, half angels, who inhabited the country of the Genii.

Ho! friend," cried Saphir Ali, to the guide; "in the name of the king of the genii, it seems you have made a compact with the thorns to tear the embroidery from my tschoukhá.

410 examples of  genii  in sentences