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410 examples of  genii  in sentences

410 examples of genii in sentences

We have been accustomed to rub our Aladdin's lamp of opportunity and the good genii have sent us workers.

"Arching eyebrows on a maid, With love the genii would entice, I'd buy her for a thousand reaux, Even if exile were the price.

He through the vega of Genii bestrode his sorrel steed, Alone, on melancholy thoughts his anxious soul to feed, The tints that clothed the landscape round were gloomy as the scene Of his past life, wherein his lot had naught but suffering been.

* SALOMON AND THE GRIFFIN Our Lord Salomon was talking one day with the genii.

The griffin said to the genii: "In spite of the will of the divine power, I shall never let them meet each other."

Lucan, and others, Plutarch accounts for the cause of it, either that the benefits of the gods are not eternal, as themselves are; or that the genii who presided over oracles, are subject to death; or that the exhalations of the earth had been exhausted.

The moonlight vallies of Danmonium were filled with the fairy people, and its numerous rivers were the resort of genii.

These inferior deities the Cornish call spriggian, or spirits, which answer to genii or fairies; and the vulgar in Cornwall still discourse of them, as of real beings.

From this art of Solomon, exhibited through the medium of a ring or seal, we have the Eastern stories which celebrate the seal of Solomon, and record the potency of his sway over the various orders of demons or of genii, who were supposed to be the invincible tormentors or benefactors of the human race.

A certain writer, apologizing for the irregularities of great genii, delivers himself as follows: "The gifts of imagination bring the heaviest task upon, the vigilance of reason; and to bear those faculties with unerring rectitude or invariable propriety, requires a degree of firmness and of cool attention, which does not always attend the higher gifts of the mind.

exclaimed Otto, bringing down his fist on the bench with such vigour that the pebbles leaped up and fell rattling down: "Sayest thou this of a gem framed by genii in the bowels of the earth?" "Nay, friend," returned the jeweller with the same imperturbable air, "that thy gem was framed of earth I in nowise question, seeing that it doth principally consist of sand.

But when thou speakest of genii and the bowels of the earth, thou wilt not, I hope, take it amiss if I crave better proof than thy word that the devil has taken to glass-making.

The genii of syntax and prosody are his guardian angels, and the love of "gabble" is the be-all and the end-all of his political existence.

We may form an idea of the nature of his compositions from the nickname he acquired amongst his contemporaries of Cock of the Evil Genii.

Fays, fairies, genii, elves, and demons, hear!

Along the edge of the mesa where it drops off to the valley, dust devils begin to rise white and steady, fanning out at the top like the genii out of the Fisherman's bottle.

It's drowsy tinklings on th' attentive hills; The milkmaid stops her ballad, and her pail Stays it's low murmur in th' unbreathing vale; No night-duck clamours for his wilder'd mate, Aw'd, while below the Genii hold their state.

Is there who 'mid these awful wilds has seen 340 The native Genii walk the mountain green? Or heard, while other worlds their charms reveal, Soft music o'er the aërial summit steal?

And if some traveller, weary of his road, Hath slept since noontide on the grassy ground, Ye genii, to his covert speed, And wake him with such gentle heed As may attune his soul to meet the dower Bestowed on this transcendent hour.

CHAPTER XX Local PleasuresByron's Grecian PoemsHis Departure from Athens Description of Evening in "The Corsair"The Opening of "The Giaour"- -State of Patriotic Feeling then in GreeceSmyrnaChange in Lord Byron's Manners The genii that preside over famous places have less influence on the imagination than on the memory.

This was magic indeed, and worthy the genii of any age.

And if this equipage, gift of genii of our age, seem to lack some of the celerity and secrecy which attended the voyagers of the flying carpet, suppose we add the power of whispering to a friend a thousand miles off the inmost thoughts of the heart, the most desperate plans, the most dangerous secrets!

Sometimes one hears of stolen people acting as good genii to the living, as in this tale, heard also close by the haunted pond, of John Kirwan of Castle Hacket.

"Let us leave him to himself," said he to the genii, who are always ready to receive his commands.

" The genii obeyed, and when the workmen had raised their structures a cubit in the daytime, two cubits more were added in the night.

These two deities who divided the universe between them had each subordinate spirits or genii, who did their will, and assisted in the government of the universe,corresponding to our idea of angels and demons.

The legends have also some similarity to the poetic creations of the ancient Persians, who delighted in fairies and genii and extravagant exploits, like the labors of Hercules

The TALES of the GENII.

" In this valley of Nakhla, too, so runs the tale, he was consoled by genii, who refreshed him, after the fashion of angels upholding the weary prophets in the wilderness.

The love of angels and living souls is mutual amongst themselves, towards us militant in the church, and all such as love God; as the sunbeams irradiate the earth from those celestial thrones, they by their well wishes reflect on us, [4502]in salute hominum promovenda alacres, et constantes administri, there is joy in heaven for every sinner that repenteth; they pray for us, are solicitous for our good, [4503]Casti genii.

Justin Martyr, Clemens Alexandrinus, Sulpicius Severus, Eusebius, etc., to this sense make a twofold fall of angels, one from the beginning of the world, another a little before the deluge, as Moses teacheth us, openly professing that these genii can beget, and have carnal copulation with women.

One thing I will add, that I suppose that in no age past, I know not by what destiny of this unhappy time, have there ever appeared or showed themselves so many lecherous devils, satyrs, and genii, as in this of ours, as appears by the daily narrations, and judicial sentences upon record."

It never was, never will be" Besides, if there be infinite planetary and firmamental worlds, as [6610]some will, there be infinite genii or commanding spirits belonging to each of them; and so, per consequens (for they will be all adored), infinite religions.

nihil ab aeris caligine aut figurarum varietate impeditus meram pulchritudinem meruit, exultans et misericordia motus, cognatos amicos qui adhuc morantur in terra tuetur, errantibus succurrit, &c. Deus hoc jussit ut essent genii dii tutelares hominibus, bonos juvantes, males punientes, &c. 6509.

Immiscent se mali genii, Lem.

The TALES of the GENII.

It will always afford me one of my best pleasures to forward your views; I claim no merit from this, but my discernment in discovering your talents, which, under the genius of Prudence (the best of all Genii for human affairs), must inevitably reach the goal.

When wide thy awful voice in Heaven resounds, The gods fall prostrate to our Holy One; When on the earth thy voice afar resounds, The genii bow to thee and kiss the dust.

[Footnote 16: "Genii," spirits.

When thy voice resounds on earth, the genii kiss the dust!

"There are also genii, good and evil spirits.

This beautiful and splendid sight was to be enjoyed only by advancing quite into the shower of spray; as if, in the language of ancient poetry, and fable, the genii of the place, pleased with the beholder's near approach to the seat of their empire, decked the devotee with the appropriate robes of the cataract, the vestal veil of fleecy spray, and the heavenly splendors of the bow.

The TALES of the GENII.

Here we have the sarcophagi in pairs, recumbent figures stretched upon a shallow curve inverted, colossal orders of a bastard Ionic type, a great central niche framing a seated Madonna, two male figures in side niches, suggestive of Giuliano and Lorenzo as they were at last conceived, four allegorical statues, and, to crown the whole structure, candelabra of a peculiar shape, with a central round, supported by two naked genii.

Thus in the statues themselves and in their attendant genii we have a series of abstractions, symbolising the sleep and waking of existence, action and thought, the gloom of death, the lustre of life, and the intermediate states of sadness and of hope that form the borderland of both.

GENII.Who those are who, in the spiritual world, are called infernal genii, 514.

In the Word, by the devil is understood that hell which is to the back, and in which are the most wicked, called evil genii; and by satan, that hell in which dwell those who are not so wicked, who are called evil spirits, H. and H., 544.

Still had she gazed, but,' midst the tide, Two angel forms were seen to glide, The Genii of the stream; Their scaly armour's Tyrian hue, Through richest purple, to the view Betray'd a golden gleam.

The TALES of the GENII.

The TALES of the GENII.

The TALES of the GENII.

The TALES of the GENII.

To personify that affectionate regard which caused the present patriotic tribute to be raised, the town of Birmingham is represented in a dejected attitude, murally crowned, mourning her loss; she being accompanied by groups of genii, or children, in allusion to the rising generation, who offer consolation to her, by producing the trident and the rudder.

My dreams, instead of being peopled with fairies and genii, were now filled with distressed damsels who met with all sorts of persecutions and Quixotic adventures, and finally ended where they should have commenced.

She fancied herself already more potent than Balkis, and pictured to her imagination the genii falling prostrate at the foot of her throne.

Sir C. Morell [J. Ridley], Tales of the Genii ("Princess of Cassimir," tale vii., 1751).

The TALES of the GENII.

It is only of late that we have learnt for instance to put chains upon the genii of the tea-kettle, to put them as it were into harness, to bridle them and to compel them to drag our huge leviathans across thousands of miles of ocean.

The genii of eternal repose modelled by Greek sculptors are twin-brothers of Love, on whom perpetual slumber has descended amid poppy-fields by Lethe's stream.

Pages and genii and mailed heroes take the place of angels, and the marine details of Roman reliefs are copied in the subordinate decoration.

Remaining within the circuit of Rome, we may turn from the sibyls of S. Maria della Pace to the genii of the planets in S. Maria del Popolo, from the "Violin-player" of the Sciarra palace to the "Transfiguration" in the Vatican: wherever we go, we find the masterpieces of this youth, so various in conception, so equal in performance.

His angels are genii disimprisoned from the chalices of flowers, houris of an erotic Paradise, elemental sprites of nature wantoning in Eden in her prime.

The same love of display led him to delight in allegorynot allegory of the deep and mystic kind, but of the pompous and processional, in which Venice appears enthroned among the deities, or Jupiter fulminates against the vices, or the genii of the arts are personified as handsome women and blooming boys.

All that dignifies humanityarts, sciences, and laws; the victory that crowns heroic effort; the majesty of contemplation, and the energy of actionwas symbolised upon ascending tiers of the great pyramid; while the genii of heaven and earth upheld the open tomb, where lay the dead man waiting for the Resurrection.

"He maketh his angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire:" this verse rises to our lips when we seek to describe the genii that crowd the cornice of the Sistine Chapel.

Thus in the statues themselves and in their attendant genii we have a series of abstractions, symbolising the sleep and waking of existence, action and thought, the gloom of death, the lustre of life, and the intermediate states of sadness and of hope that form the borderland of both.

"Genii, when denoting ærial spirits: Geniuses, when signifying persons of genius."Mur.'s Gram., i, p. 42.

"Genii, when denoting æriel spirits; Geniuses, when signifying persons of genius.

geniuses, men of wit; but genii, ærial beings.

Genius has genii, for imaginary spirits, and geniuses, for men of wit.

"Genii, when denoting aërial spirits; geniuses, when signifying persons of genius."Murray cor.; also Frost; also Nutting.

"GENII [i.e., the word GENII] denotes aërial spirits.

"GENII [i.e., the word GENII] denotes aërial spirits.

"There are with every man at least two evil spirits."... "With wicked genii there is also a fluent speech, but harsh and grating.

13 The shadow of war crept through every keyhole in Paris, and no man or woman shut up in a high attic with some idea or passion could keep out the evil genii which dominated the intellect and the imagination, and put its cold touch upon the senses, through that winter of agony when the best blood in France slopped into the waterlogged trenches from Flanders to the Argonne.

But that in the midst of this desolation the palace of the chief Genii shall rise sparkling in the wilderness, and the horrible howl of their war-cry shall spread over the land at morning, at noontide, and at night; but that they shall have their annual feast over the bones of the dead, and shall yearly rejoice with the joy of victors.

This joy gives her experience of a genii-life.

The TALES of the GENII.

Asura, a general term for various supernatural beings not regarded as gods, but in general hostile to them, nearly the same as the jins or genii of the "Arabian Nights.

Tales of the Persian genii.

Tales of the Persian genii.

Above, as in a sky, once probably adorned with gold and azure, in the same manner as Mr. Savary lately observed in the ruinous remains of some ancient Egyptian temples, are seen floating the children of imagination, genii and dewtahs, in multitudes, and along the cornice, in high relief, are the figures of elephants, horses, and lions, executed with great accuracy.

The four Kings are replaced by four Genii, the Queens by four sorts of liberty, and the Knaves by four descriptions of equality.

The four Kings are replaced by four Genii, the Queens by four sorts of liberty, and the Knaves by four descriptions of equality.

I farther knew that such diseases are still ascribed to evil genii in Mussulman countries: even a vicious horse is believed by the Arabs to be majnun, possessed by a Jin or Genie.

How could I believe, on this same writer's hearsay, that "the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip" (viii. 39), transporting him through the air; as oriental genii are supposed to do?

The TALES of the GENII.

Hear her, O Pope!She sounds th'inspir'd decree, Thou great Arch-Angel of wit's heav'n! for thee! Let vulgar genii, sour'd by sharp disdain, Piqu'd and malignant, words low war maintain, While every meaner art exerts her aim, O'er rival arts, to list her question'd fame; Let half-soul'd poets still on poets fall, And teach the willing world to scorn them all.

The spirits of the Hartz Mountains and the genii of the Black Forest, which Christianity had not been able entirely to exorcise, were transferred to the wild mountains and dark caverns of the Old Dominion, and the same unearthly visitants which haunted the old castles of the Rhine continued their gambols in some deserted cabin on the banks of the Sherandah (as the Shenandoah was then called).

The genii of this country in which everything runs into leg were then it appeared all body!

It seemed here as if the genius of fire had striven to outdo the grotesque extravagances of the genii of the waters.

As the travellers gazed on this wilderness of scorched summits, glittering in the blazing sunlight, and yet drawing from it no lifeas stark, still, unsympathizing, and cruel as deaththey seemed to themselves to be out of the sweet world of God, and to be in the power of malignant genii and demons.

He seemed to himself to be traversing the abodes of the Genii.

It was the Vatican and the Catacombs of the Genii; it was the museum and the mausoleum of the forces of nature.

ALADDIN, a character in the "Arabian Nights," who became possessed of a wonderful lamp and a wonderful ring, by rubbing which together he could call two evil genii to do his bidding.

Grandfather Warren's house reminded me of the casket which imprisoned the Genii.

The jinn or genii, however, occasionally behave very handsomely towards the human race, more especially towards those of the Muhammadan faith.

He says he devoted much time "to the examination of the nature of heaven, of souls, of genii, of the elements, of the essence of fire, of the cause of fountains, the ebb and flow of the tides, the shape of the continents and inland seas, and things of this sort".

We are lost in wonder at the grand spectacle spread out before us; it is a very fairyland of enchantment, as if brought into being by the genii of Aladdin.

The TALES of the GENII.