27 examples of genital in sentences

The gen blood, as you see exemplified in gentle, general, genital, engender, carries with it the idea of begetting, of producing, of birth, or (by extension) of kinship.

Others, whose strength of constitution carried them over this period, found themselves the victims of exhausting and incurable diarrhoea afterward; with others again, after traversing both these stages, the distemper fixed itself in some particular member, the eyes, the genitals, the hands, or the feet, which were rendered permanently useless, or in some cases amputated, even where the patient himself recovered.

Since the day the Great Father begat it, descending in streams upon Earth; When the Seasons were hid in his loins, and the Earth lay recumbent, a wife, To receive in the searching and genital shower the 60 soft secret of life.

Hence German wounded have had their eyes gouged out, noses, ears, fingers and genitals cut off and their bodies cut open; in other cases German soldiers have been poisoned, hanged on trees, or had burning liquids poured on them, causing death in a most terrible form.

But it is enough now to remember that these interstitial glands are the primary dictators of the genital sense and flair of the individual.

Cases of precocious genital development, especially, some of them occurring as early as the second year of life, were linked with them.

So closely are they all related that insufficient action of the thyroid, pituitary or adrenals may cause atrophy of the ovaries and uterus, with abolition of genital function.

Next, the propulsive action of the genital ducts may be insufficient because of defective corpus luteum.

If the genital glands are extirpated from a male before puberty, the wattles remain small, pale and bloodless, no active, amorous or combative instinct emerges.

Hypersecretion of the ovary will cause a sexual susceptibility and a mood of genital obsession, capable of the most remarkable sublimations and perversions.

He possesses small genital organs which will not evolve properly in adolescence, or if they will not stand still, tend to revert to the opposite sex type.

The whole genital system (very small) seemed to exhibit a physical cause for the absence of sexual desire, and the chastity which had been stated to have characterized the deceased (during his stay at St. Helena).

It consists in slitting the genital duct, which leads from the germinal cells to the exterior.

Slitting the genital duct of the other testis, causing its interstitial cells to hypertrophy and multiply, repeats the effects of the first experiment.

In the Indies there are men who devote themselves to live in the woods and mountains, professing to despise what other men most value, abstaining from every thing but such wild herbs and fruits as are to be found in the woods, and they affix an iron buckle to their genitals in such a manner as to interdict all commerce with woman.

Adj. produced, producing &c v.; productive of; prolific &c 168; creative; formative, genetic, genial, genital; pregnant; enceinte, big with, fraught with; in the family way, teeming, parturient, in the straw, brought to bed of; puerperal, puerperous^. digenetic^, heterogenetic^, oogenetic, xenogenetic^; ectogenous^, gamic^, haematobious^, sporogenous [Biol.], sporophorous [Biol.]. architectonic.

They enter by degrees from the soul into the interiors of a man's mind, from these into its exteriors, from these into the bosom, and from the bosom into the genital region.

GENITAL region, 183.

He was shot through his genitals.

Major anatomy of the female genital tract.

Major anatomy of the female genital tract.

On such occasions they may often resort to stone-throwing, or even use fire-sticks and stone-knives with which to mutilate the genitals.

This attempt takes the form of the sexual instinct in self-consciousness, and in the consciousness of other things presents itself objectivelythat is, in the form of genital instinct.

He had thought of cutting off his genitals altogether, but that was an idea prompted by salaciousness; the circumcision which he actually accomplished was a part of the priestly requirements of Elagabalus.

A smile played on his lips, for he suddenly recalled the strange comparison of old Nicandre, who likened, in the point of form, the pistils of lillies to the genital organs of a donkey; and he recalled also a passage from Albert le Grand, in which that thaumaturgist describes a strange way of discovering whether a girl is still a virgin, by means of a lettuce.

27 examples of  genital  in sentences