8481 examples of gentled in sentences

Beaumaroy's eyebrows were raised in gentle protest.

Then, with gentle insistence, he led Mary away.

He thought that the sack was lowered from the window in order to be committed to the temporary guardianship of the Sergeant, who was doubtless looking out for it and, if he had his ears open, would hear its gentle thud.

CHAPTER XXXV HOW GUI OF ALLERDALE CEASED FROM EVIL Sir Gui of Allerdale, lord Seneschal of Belsaye town, rode hawk on fist at the head of divers noble knights and gentle esquires with verderers and falconers attendant.

If thou art gentle indeed then" "He lieth above the water-dungeons, lady!" sighed Sir Gui.

And thus it was that Beltane beheld again Friar Martin, the white friar that had been a man once, a strong man and a gentle.

Now it chanced that as Beltane stood apart with head a-droop as one in thought, there came to him Sir Fidelis and touched him with gentle hand.

Art a presumptuous youth and that's amiss!" "Art thou so ancient, messire, and therefore so wise as to judge 'twixt thy hates and loves and the abiding sorrows of Pentavalon?" questioned Fidelis, low-voiced and gentle.

Then spake Sir Fidelis in voice full low and troubled: "My lord Beltane, 'twas said thou wert a noble knightvery strong and very gentle" "Ha! dost think such report a lie, mayhap?" "Alas!" sighed the young knight; and again "alas!"

"Not so, messire," answered Beltane, shaking his head, "art over young and tender, methinksgo, get thee back to her that sent theekeep thou thy fond and foolish dream, and may thy gentle heart go unbroken.

saith Beltane, nothing gentle.

And presently, a gentle wind arose, that came and went, to fan brow and cheek and temper the sun's heat.

"Then alas for thee, poor youthful fool, 'twere better I had left thee to thy death, methinks, for shethis wilful Helen" "My lord," cried Sir Fidelis, "nought will I hear to her defame!" "Fidelis, art a gentle knightbut very young, art fond and foolish, so, loving this light lady, art doubly fool!" "Wherein," saith Fidelis, "wherein, my lord, thou art likewise fool, meseemeth.

Yet, believe me, I did love honour once, and was accounted gentle.

"Fidelis," quoth Beltane, "methinks there is some magic in thy touch, for now is my pain abatedhast a wondrous gentle hand" "'Tis the cordial giveth thee respite, lord" "Nay, 'tis thy hand, methinks.

Groaning, he arose and, limping forth of the cave stood in the glory of the moon, voiceless now by reason of his ever-growing terror; conscious only of his passionate desire to find again the youth whose gentle voice had cheered him often in the dark, whose high courage and tender care had never failed.

" So, in a while, the meal done and crock and pannikin washed and set aside, Beltane's leg is bathed and dressed right skilfully with hands, for all their strength and hardness, wondrous light and gentle.

Farther off the gentle swell broke with a dull murmur across the wreck.

A band of colts were in the circular corral to be gentled to rope, saddle and hackamore.

And I was all angered in a moment, that she had gone thiswise, while that I had been gentled, as it might be.

" "You'll do all this and then give him to me when he's gentled and brokenif that can be done?

Various other gentle exercises might be mentioned.

Accelerated inspiration of pure air and a gentle succussion of all the internal organs are blended with that consciousness of power and that self-dependence which the good horseman always feels in the saddle.

Remember, gentle Worship.

" "Honey won't catch such an old fly as I am, Philip," replied the woman, but with a gentled tone.

8481 examples of  gentled  in sentences