8481 examples of gentlest in sentences

Gentlest of readers, have you ever passed a few days at Tunbridge Wells?

Quoth he: "In sooth, most youthful and excellent sir, I have myself marvelled thereat betimes, but, since alive am I, now do I declare unto you that she for whom I sigh is the fairest, gentlest, noblest, most glorious and most womanly of all women in the world alive" "Save one!" said Beltane.

(35) Another Mountain Shepherd, 'the gentlest of the wise,' leaned over the deathbed.

How slight the mysterious touch that throws the smooth-running human mechanism into a chaos of jarring elements, that transforms, in the turn of an eyelash, the mild humanity of the gentlest of beings into the unreasoning ferocity of the tiger.

The grain was just high enough to run ripples of light, as the gentlest of breezes lazily passed.

So soft was the touch of his fangs that I was only just conscious my hand was in his mouth by now and then the gentlest reminder.

" "You are the strongest, and gentlest, and bravest soldier in all the world, I think!"

Fifty or sixty years ago they were regarded as the gentlest and most unsuspicious animal of all the prairie, excepting, of course, the buffalo.

And still Marina was, as she had always been, the gentlest influence in his reckless life,to some slight extent an inspiring one,steadying his daring yet generous instincts into a course that was occasionally nearer to nobility than he could ever have chanced upon without her, yet never able to instil a higher motive power than came from pleasing her.

Uninvited, and by methods not always of the gentlest, we have broken down the barriers behind which these ancient nations sought to conceal from the world without the mysteries, perhaps also, in the case of China at least, the raps and rottenness of their waning civilisations.

Reynolds, swiftest of painters, was gentlest of companions; so also Velasquez, Titian, and Veronese.

I remember my own motherthe dearest, gentlest, sweetest woman in all the world!

Ah, gentlest angel, be not more severe Than the dear heavens unto a loving prayer!

when sorrowing o'er the virtuous dead, The gentlest solace of the tears we shed, Is, to surviving excellence to turn, And honour there those merits that we mourn.

Fixin' fer Christmas dinner, Emarine dear?" "Yes, ma'am," said Emarine in her very gentlest tone.

" A few more remarks were made by several of those who stood on the quarter-deck, suggesting a treatment of the Esquimaux which was not of the gentlest nature, for they felt indignant that their hospitality had been abused.

And perhaps the most beautiful thing Forbes-Robertson's Hamlet does for us is that it commands our love for a great gentleman doing his gentlest and bravest and noblest with a sad smile and a gay humour, in not merely a complicated, wicked, absurd, and tiresome, but, also, a ghostly world.

No proved spy, she, no incarcerated prisoner, yet the most gravely warned, though gentlest, suspect in all the recalcitrant city.

While she and the "brute" had the little joke between them, which she later confided to Ben, that Jack McMillan's misdemeanors were merely the result of an undisciplined nature handled unsympathetically, and that at heart he was the gentlest dog in Nome.

the "gentlest of war's hand-maids"was here the only certain, perhaps the only possible agent.

" "Lisner," said the Major in his gentlest tone, "be well advised and leave my daughter be.

All this Plausaby, Esq., oozed out at proper intervals and in gentlest tones.

The gentlest hart that grac'd the plain; With breath of bugles sound his knell, Then lay him low in Death's drear dell!

The gentlest hart that grac'd the plain; Blow soft your bugles, sound his knell, Then lay him low in Death's drear dell!

He glanced round the table, and then said in his gentlest voice, "Well, Payne, I don't quite know from what point of view you are speakingfrom the point of view of serious investigation, or of edification, or of mere curiosity?

8481 examples of  gentlest  in sentences