5441 examples of gently in sentences

"Pure and undimmed, thy angel smile Is mirrored on my dreams, Like evening's sunset girded isle, Upon her shadowed streams; And o'er my thoughts thy vision floats, Like melody of spring-bird notes, When the blue halcyon gently laves His plumage in the flashing waves.

Who will talk with me so gently, and keep my feet from the dangerous paths which surround me?" asked Winnie, as the discordant tones of Mrs. Santon's voice stole in upon their quietude, from an adjoining apartment.

"You mustn't try to deceive me any more," she said, gently.

" "I'll show you the way," he told her, gently.

"I hoped when I left Boston that you would return with me," he said gently, "but I can't ask you to leave this.

He shoved him gently in to the left and himself moved cautiously to the right, slowly, catlike.

Sensing the increasing uncanniness of a room without windows, without furniture, with flagging for a floor, he turned the knob of the door gently, and it gave under his touch.

" "Emotion is bad for you, my son, and you should not emotion yourself," said the Priest gently.

He rocked up on his toes and clicked his heels gently.

See again, she smites thy dog: Sea-ward the fleeced flocks' sentinel peers and barks, And, through the clear wave visible to her still, Careers along the gently babbling beach.

Then gently, just to warn him he was caught, I twitched him once; then slacked and then made taut My line, for now he offered not to ran; A glance soon showed me all my task was done.

Where his hands had begun to move gently and carefully, they began to exhibit higher and higher degrees of animation.

"Mr. Madera," she said, approaching him gently where he had fallen asleep in his chair.

At the end of their journey, the Star Ranger touched down gently on the tarmac at Amundsen Base, near the south pole of the Moon on the edge of the largest city in the Earth-Moon system-Amundsen City, with over eight million inhabitants.

Call it cruel of me, if you like, to take you by the hand and lead you gently away from that sort of danger for just a few days.

" The Vicar laughed gently, and stooped over her chair and kissed her, and patted her cheek fondly.

"Tell me what he said," she urged gently.

And the birds did all flutt'ring arrive, The industrious bees From the flowers and trees, Gently humm'd with their sweets to the hive.

But there was no answer, only the little ants ran to and fro, and the bracken swayed gently where the two strangers had passed.

When there was a quarrel in the Nursery, and the puppies became violent, she gently separated them and gave the defeated one a cherished if somewhat ancient bone that she had buried for such occasions; occasions when material consolation is needed to forget material ills.

There was born, of a touch and tone, the wonderful ambition to be classed with Dubby and Kid in his master's affections; as with his hand still resting gently on Baldy, "Scotty" turned to the boy.

He realized in the tone of the man's voice the recognition and appreciation of qualities which stand not alone for unquenchable hatred, but for undying fidelity as well; and when "Scotty's" hand fell upon his head, and gently stroked the soft sable muzzle, Jack McMillan had not only met a master, but he had made a friend.

He laid his own over it gently.

'Yes, God forbid,' he said gently.

"Wake up, little dormice," said Rossetti, prodding them gently with a quill pen.

5441 examples of  gently  in sentences