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5441 examples of  gently  in sentences

5441 examples of gently in sentences

"Pure and undimmed, thy angel smile Is mirrored on my dreams, Like evening's sunset girded isle, Upon her shadowed streams; And o'er my thoughts thy vision floats, Like melody of spring-bird notes, When the blue halcyon gently laves His plumage in the flashing waves.

Who will talk with me so gently, and keep my feet from the dangerous paths which surround me?" asked Winnie, as the discordant tones of Mrs. Santon's voice stole in upon their quietude, from an adjoining apartment.

Seeing her father greatly agitated by a portrait of Charles I., she gently and lovingly led him away out of the room.

Very gently the good Pรจre Ignace explained that Romish priests were so nearly in the kingdom of heaven that the question of marrying and giving in marriage was not for them to consider.

In the foreground is a gently winding valley; on the rising hill beyond is a noble wood, whilst to the right the open country fades in the distance; on the left the Clent hills appear, and a dusky antique tower stands just below them at the extremity of the wood; whilst in the midst of it, we can discern the Doric temple sacred to Pope.

She put Roy gently back on his pillows, and did not notice in her short-sightedness the roll of paper being stuffed under his pillow.

Pickaxes and shovels were set heartily to work, and after half an hour's hard toil, the old man was gently raised out of his dangerous position, and placed in the cart.

" He held out his hand eagerly but Mrs. Hawthorn laid her hand on his shoulder gently.

" There was a long pause, during which Mr. Mott, taking his niece gently by the arm, assisted her to a chair.

"The verb to lull, means to sing Gently, and it is connected with the Greek [Greek: laleo], loquor, or [Greek: lala], the sound made by the beach of the sea.

"You mustn't try to deceive me any more," she said, gently.

" "I'll show you the way," he told her, gently.

Like all really serious and respectable British problems it has to be handled gently to prevent its coming to pieces in the gift.

Statements are madethe sort of statements that are suffered in an atmosphere where there is no swift, fierce opposition to be feared; they frill out into vague qualifications and butt gently against other partially contradictory statements.

"You know why I came," he said gently, with his eyes on my face.

Then gently touching the golden petals, he asked: "Where did you get the odd name 'eschscholtzia' for this lovely flower?"

"The rainbow colors of promise," he said gently as he drew closer.

"I hoped when I left Boston that you would return with me," he said gently, "but I can't ask you to leave this.

He shoved him gently in to the left and himself moved cautiously to the right, slowly, catlike.

Sensing the increasing uncanniness of a room without windows, without furniture, with flagging for a floor, he turned the knob of the door gently, and it gave under his touch.

" "Emotion is bad for you, my son, and you should not emotion yourself," said the Priest gently.

He rocked up on his toes and clicked his heels gently.

The quick breath parts her laughing lips, The white neck shines through tossing curls; Her vesture gently sways and dips, As on she speeds in shell-like whorls.

The Doctor little thought, while he, in common with good ministers generally, gently traduced the Scriptural Martha and insisted on the duty of heavenly abstractedness, how much of his own leisure for spiritual contemplation was due to the Martha-like talents of his hostess.

Mrs. Marvyn had drawn Mary's hand gently under her arm and taken her to her own sleeping-room, as it was her general habit to do, that she might show her the last book she had been reading, and pour into her ear the thoughts that had been kindled up by it.

See again, she smites thy dog: Sea-ward the fleeced flocks' sentinel peers and barks, And, through the clear wave visible to her still, Careers along the gently babbling beach.

Then gently, just to warn him he was caught, I twitched him once; then slacked and then made taut My line, for now he offered not to ran; A glance soon showed me all my task was done.

Determined to be no longer eluded, he crossed the room on tiptoe and gently tried the opposite door.

The royal visiter, standing behind him whilst he painted, first gently lifted, or rather twitched the collar of the gown, which Mr. Northcote resented, by suddenly turning and expressing his displeasure by a frown.

The Prince, whatever he thought or felt, kept it to himself; and, remaining silent for some minutes, Mr. Northcote addressed his conversation to the lady, when the royal Duke, gently opening the door of the studio, shut it after him, and walked away.

Ye winds of heaven: "breathe on it gently.

In my ignorance of the fact that the city was under martial law, and that without a pass no one could be in the streets after 8 P.M., I had waited till 9 to be screened by the darkness, and then, walking down the river on the dike, I slipped down to the water's edge by the path, and gently tossed the boots into the rapid current.

Recollecting at the moment, that he had in his pocket a few of the Mexican dollars, he gently pushed at the door, and it opened just wide enough for his purpose.

But Mark understood the feeling which dictated this request, and was disposed to deal gently by it.

It settled down gently just a few yards from the dome.

They allowed their tired bodies to sink slowly into the rest sofas, the minimal gravity nestling them gently into the concave surface.

Where his hands had begun to move gently and carefully, they began to exhibit higher and higher degrees of animation.

"Mr. Madera," she said, approaching him gently where he had fallen asleep in his chair.

At the end of their journey, the Star Ranger touched down gently on the tarmac at Amundsen Base, near the south pole of the Moon on the edge of the largest city in the Earth-Moon system-Amundsen City, with over eight million inhabitants.

Call it cruel of me, if you like, to take you by the hand and lead you gently away from that sort of danger for just a few days.

Here is a typical cadenza, rising to a swell at one point (suggestive for the moment of Raleigh's famous apostrophe), and then most gently falling, in a manner not wholly unworthy, I venture to think, of Webster and Sir Thomas Browne, of both of which authors there is internal evidence that Gissing made some study.

His heart beat rapidly, and he turned away his head to avoid the fond but keen scrutiny of her eyes,at the same time gently, but ineffectually, attempting to free his hand.

" The Vicar laughed gently, and stooped over her chair and kissed her, and patted her cheek fondly.

"Tell me what he said," she urged gently.

"Of course, Arthur, I can't be sure what I'd do," she replied gently; "but I hope I'd not be made altogether contemptible by inheriting a little money.

"You thought perhaps you mightcare forme?" It seemed almost true, with him looking so earnestly and hopefully at her, and in the moonlightmoonlight that can soften even falsehood until true and false seem gently to merge.

"To this, one pathway gently-winding leads, Where march a train with baskets on their heads.

A breeze gently swayed the crowd of trees amid the houses, and swept over the great orchard which sloped down from the south side of the houses.

The prehensile toes gathered in the trove, the foot gently rose and the fingers of the pendant left hand secured the disc, while the body swayed with the strenuous circlings of the right hand chat revolved the heavy upper millstone.

To him entered that gentleman after gently tapping at the chamber door.

WALLENSTEIN (laughing gently).

Dropping into the chair that was placed as if it awaited his coming, the artistwith no word of greeting to the manbent over the brown head that was thrust so insistently against his knee, as Czar, with gently waving tail, made him welcome.

She noted his mouth, how gently firm: "A man's mouth!" Charlie Valcour broke in between them: "Is there not going to be any drill, after all?" "Tell Captain Irby you can't wait any longer," replied Kincaid with a mock frown and gave Anna yet gayer attention a minute more.

In the Callender house, as the stair clock sounded the smallest hour of the night, Miranda, seeing the chink under Anna's door to be still luminous, stole to the spot, gently rapped, and winning no response warily let herself in.

" She disengaged herself gently from his embrace, and stood a little way from him, with shy, downcast eyelids.

With the informal audacity that was the keynote of the evening she reached out and gently rubbed the camel's nose.

He suffered his partner to put her hands on his helpless shoulders and pull him here and there gently over the floor while he hung his huge head docilely over her shoulder and made futile dummy motions with his feet.

He stood sobbing, his body rocking slightly, rocking gently, then with a sigh, came slowly down on to the turf.

To our right as we walked, the lawn, thick set with trees, sloped gently to the river wall.

Be the garden-lover what he mayday-dreamer, fainting heart, troubled soulhow gently the shadow-finger on the dial points the time for him!

She looked pretty enough, little white and yellow cottage, snuggling close to the bank with a holly tree at her bow and her flags stirring gently in the warm sunny air.

Bring to the boil, dissolve the copperas, etc., shut off steam, enter the goods, handle gently (or else they will be faced, i.e., look gray on face when dyed) for one hour, lift, air, rinse through three warm waters.

To prepare dye boiler, bring to boil, put in 8 lb. logwood (previously boiled), 1 lb. black or brown oil soap, shut off steam, enter goods, gently handle for half an hour, add another pound of soap (have the soap dissolved ready), and keep moving for another half hour, lift, finish in hand-heat soap.

And the birds did all flutt'ring arrive, The industrious bees From the flowers and trees, Gently humm'd with their sweets to the hive.

One night a thunder-storm came on, the wind blowing gently up from Golden Friars.

Sir Bale let-go her wrist, which he had held up to this; and placing his hand gently on her shoulder, he said, "You must not cry, Janet; I have given you no excuse for tears.

"Mon bel esper," said Osmund Heleigh, gently, "what is there in all this worthy of your sorrow?

" "That he shall not lack," the Queen said, and gently unclasped from Osmund's wrinkled neck the thin gold chain, now locketless.

This lady, I must tell you, was the handsomest of her day; there could nowhere be found a creature more agreeable to every sense; and she compelled the adoring regard of men, it is recorded, not gently but in an imperious fashion.

But there was no answer, only the little ants ran to and fro, and the bracken swayed gently where the two strangers had passed.

When there was a quarrel in the Nursery, and the puppies became violent, she gently separated them and gave the defeated one a cherished if somewhat ancient bone that she had buried for such occasions; occasions when material consolation is needed to forget material ills.

There was born, of a touch and tone, the wonderful ambition to be classed with Dubby and Kid in his master's affections; as with his hand still resting gently on Baldy, "Scotty" turned to the boy.

He realized in the tone of the man's voice the recognition and appreciation of qualities which stand not alone for unquenchable hatred, but for undying fidelity as well; and when "Scotty's" hand fell upon his head, and gently stroked the soft sable muzzle, Jack McMillan had not only met a master, but he had made a friend.

Elkanah Watson relates that one bitter winter night at Mount Vernon, having a severe cold that caused him to cough incessantly, he heard the door of his chamber open gently and there stood the General with a candle in one hand and a bowl of hot tea in another.

] Has it always been this way, I wonder, Did editors always display The same disposition to blunder O'er the weight of the news of the day? When simpler was war and directer, Was Athens accustomed to see In the sheets of its Argus how Hector Had bloaters for tea? If soor indeed if it's not so One cannot but gently deplore That the custom of chronicling rot so Has not been expunged by the War.

'I must go,' said Lady Annabel, attempting to rise, but the Doctor gently controlled her; 'perhaps she is awake, and I am not at her side.

'And yet, in the fever I seemed to love some one else: but fevers are like dreams; they are not true.' Lady Annabel pressed her lips gently to her daughter's, and whispered her that she must speak no more.

Herbert gently took her disengaged hand, and pressed it to his lips.

This evidence of emotion, which in such a spirit Herbert knew how to estimate, emboldened him to advance; he fell on one knee before her and her daughter; gently he stole her hand, and pressed it to his lips.

Opposite, through a maze of leafless trees, one caught occasional gleams of water where the winding reaches of the river flowed gently from the turquoise haze where lay the Wular Lake, and beyondclear and pale in the clear, crisp airshone a glorious range of snow mountains, stretching away past where we knew Srinagar must lie, to be lost in the distant haze where sky and mountain merged in the north-east.

As Lily Condor and she swept back upon the stage for their rather perfunctory applause, and still more perfunctory bouquets provided by the committee, Claire could see him gently tapping his hands in her direction, and she was surprised when the usher handed her a bouquet of dazzling orchids.

"My dear Miss Robson," he said, gently, "Mrs. Condor came very near appropriating your flowers.

He laid his own over it gently.

He passed his hand over it gently and felt a thrill at the touch of the wood.

After three or four of the passengers had been pushed none too gently away, the others began to leave of their own accord, and the two brothers were able to make their escape.

And the wielder of the thunderbolt, patting and rubbing gently again and again with his own hands which bore the marks of the thunderbolt the handsome and huge arms of Arjuna which resembled a couple of golden columns and which were hard in consequence of drawing the bowstring, the god of a thousand eyes eying his son of curly locks smilingly and with eyes expanded with delight, seemed scarcely to be gratified.

'Yes, God forbid,' he said gently.

I say, gently, going over to him, and putting my hand on his shoulder.

" "My dear," he says, gently pinching my cheek, "I think nothing of the kind, but I know that not all the explanations in the world will alter the result, which is, that I shall not get a farthing from the property this year, and very likely not next either.

"By myself," he answers, gently.

I say, gently stealing my hand into his; "there is nothing that addles the brains like muddling over accounts, is there?" Am I awake?

They seem to be expecting me to speak, but, as I still remain silent, he turns at length away, and also gently removes his hands from my shoulders.

Stiffened to ice, I waited for Dan to rise; the other craft, the Follow, skimmed between us, and one man managing her that she shouldn't heel, the rest drew Dan in,it's not the depth of two foot there,tacked about, and after a minute came along-side, seized our painter, and dropped him gently into his own boat.

The unwieldy man swayed gently and waveringly regarded the portrait.

To the left the land sloped gently upward to a ridge crowned, a mile away, by a straggling line of houses and a single factory chimney.

Sam, eyeing her with his head cocked slightly aside, spoke gently as one coaxing a victim of the drink habit.

But he was not shiveringso blandly fell the sun's rays, and so gently played the breeze.

I'm thinkin' 'ow to break it to 'im gently, 'ere in the dark."

As to-day in sculptured marble Side by side the Poets stand, So they stood in life's great struggle, Side by side and hand to hand, In the ancient German city, Dowered with many a deathless name, Where they dwelt and toiled together, Sharing each the other's fame: One till evening's lengthening shadows Gently stilled his faltering lips, But the other's sun at noonday Shrouded in a swift eclipse.

"Wake up, little dormice," said Rossetti, prodding them gently with a quill pen.