486 examples of germany's in sentences

Both these men are still valued friends, and both believe in the righteousness of Germany's cause.

If we examine Germany's commerce in the five years prior to the Warthat is, in the five years of her greatest boomwe shall find that the imports always exceeded the exports.

He says: "I remember about a fortnight before the war broke out with Germany having a conversation with a business man in Manchester, and he said to me that we most certainly ought to join in with the other nations and sweep the Germans off the face of the earth; I asked him why, and his only answer was, 'Look at the figures of Germany's exports; they are almost as high as ours!'

Both writers agree that we are in presence of Germany's last and greatest effort, that she has no more behind, and that if the Allies go on as they have begunand now with the help of Americathis summer should witness the fulfilment at least of that forecast which I reported to you in my earlier letters as so general among the chiefs of our Army in Francei.e.

Germany's control over Turkey depends upon the maintenance of a corrupt minority in powertoo weak and corrupt to remain in it without Germany's guarantee, and corrupt enough, when secured in it, to put it at Germany's disposal.

If Germany were to dominate the world, America, no doubt, would be ruined; but in all human likelihood, Germany's impious attempt would have spent itself and been broken long before it reached the coasts of America.

This alone is a sufficiently severe comment on the conceptions of right and justice which direct the proceedings of Germany's highest legislative body.

Germany's soul had slept awhile and now awakes like a giant refreshed, and we can hardly recollect what it was all like only three weeks ago, when each lived for himself, when we were at best only parties, not a people.

This too arose out of the deepest depths of Germany's yearnings; it sounded like an eagle-cry of our most ancient longings.

Ireland is another text for long and windy sermons of German hate, but the conclusion of one of these tirades will suffice to show Germany's real motive.

Preparatory for that day, it is Britain's duty to compel Germany's respect.

Envy and ill-will were their motives, but they lacked the right measure for Germany's greatness.

We believe, in short, that Germany's attitude towards us is friendly, and we intend to treat her in the same spirit.

It is Germany's suggestion that, in return for your neutrality, she should withdraw her fleet from action and leave the French northern towns unbombarded.

Germany's navy comes only in the second place in any scheme for a German war, while in any scheme for a British war the navy must come in the first place and the army in the second.

The question of British neutralityPossibility of England being involvedGermany warnedGerman 'bid for British neutrality'England's refusalFrance agrees, and Germany refuses, to respect Belgian neutralityPrince Lichnowsky and Sir Edward GreyNeutrality of Luxemburg violatedGermany demands a free passage through BelgiumSir Edward Grey protestsBelgium invadedEngland's ultimatumThe Imperial Chancellor urges necessity of Germany's action.

France has saved and regenerated her soul; but Germany? Further, the breakdown of paternalistically achieved efficiency has been evident in Germany's utter failure to understand the mind of other peoples, particularly of democracies.

The only chance that can save them is that further extermination may not suit Germany's political aims, and that she may find it worth her while to be peremptory, and forbid instead of endorsing.

Rumania stands in Russia's path, on the one hand, and, with its railway, in Germany's on the other; but Bulgaria does both, and, in addition, blocks the whole western frontier of Turkey and the only feasible chance to land an army from the Aegean.

*** Germany's new Hymn of Hate has been published.

Italy has not declared war on Germany yet, but the fury of the German Press is unbounded, and for the moment Germany's overworked Professors of Hate have focused their energies on the new enemy, and its army of "vagabonds, convicts, ruffians and mandolin-players," conveniently forgetting that the spirit of Garibaldi is still an animating force, and that the King inherits the determination of his grandfather and namesake.

It was after the Agadir incident, and I had been sent to Germany by my newspaper on a dovelike mission of peace, to gather sentiments of good will to England from prominent public men who might desire out of their intellectual friendship to us to pour oil on the troubled waters which had been profoundly stirred by our challenge to Germany's foreign policy.

* Sweden's great King, Germany's preserver, Gustavus Adolphus, founded Sala.

Recent reports from that country show that I was right, which increases my conviction that the confidential tips given by Germany's professional experts, who instruct neutral visitors, do very well to make Germany's position seem better than it actually is, but they seldom stand the acid test of history.

I was well aware that the same Wilhelmstrasse, while laying the wires for an attempt to have my country play Germany's game, was sedulously continuing its propaganda of Gott strafe Amerika among the German people.

486 examples of  germany's  in sentences