4128 examples of gestured in sentences

Bull gestured toward the next room.

He gestured toward himself as though he were ashamed of his brawn, and the heart of Tod warmed and expanded.

Saddle him, boys!" He gestured carelessly, and his two attendants started toward the corral, one with a heavy saddle and one with a rope.

And he gestured to the magnificent, watchful head of the stallion.

The monster barred the passage and gestured menacingly, but uttered not a word.

Heatherbloom gestured airily.

Graham gestured angrily as they drove away.

He gestured vaguely, without turning.

Doctor Groom gestured his disgust.

" Robinson gestured him away.

she answered, and throwing open the door gestured to him to enter.

He gestured toward his knees.

Six months from nowa year at most" He gestured with a hand ominously.

He gestured to her, and she walked towards him.

"Miss Anna"he gestured with his cap, his eyes kindling with a strange mixture of worship and drollery though his brow grew darker"I'm gone now!"

But that next day 'twas Sunday, and whiles I was kneeling in the church the powder, the gun, the old man and the money" Hilary gestured facetiously for the narrator: "That's how millions have got to go in this business, and this dribletwhy, I might have lent it, myself, if I'd been here!

" The coach, out of breath, nodded and gestured, sinking into his seat.

Nunez bawled again, and then once more, and as he gestured ineffectually the word "blind" came up to the top of his thoughts.

Presently Shoop came to the door and gestured to Lorry.

The Master led Bohannan to the table and gestured toward a chair.

After two and one-half minutes, the leader stopped again, and gestured at heavy fern-brakes that could just be distinguished as black blotches in the dark of the woods.

The Master nodded, and gestured to his three companions.

The Master gestured for Captain Alden to seat himself on one of the lockers.

Major will you kindly drop one of the kappa-rays?" He gestured at two singular-looking objects that stood on the metal floor of the lower gallery, about six feet from the trap.

" Ashton-Kirk gestured this aside.

4128 examples of  gestured  in sentences