2252 examples of get away in sentences

The dog struggled to get away, the Boy's stiff fingers lost their grip, and "the best leader in the Yukon" was running down the bank as hard as he could pelt, to the camp fireto the cooking-pot.

"Let's get away from here right now.

He was waiting for the last of the other Batteries' parties to get away.

"You've to cut it somewhere, you know, or you'll never get away; and, as it's my business, I hereby authorize you to neglect it from this moment until the day of our return.

Well, I put it to you again that all this in reality is false: that Germany has not been cramped or throttled; that, on the contrary, as we recognize when we get away from the mirage of the map, her expansion has been the wonder of the world.

But all this flood not serving the cuttle-fish to get away in, the horrible shark of the district-attorney being still there, grimly awaiting with his "The court must define,"the poor court pleaded its inferiority.

"Because I can see you're itching to get away, Colin.

"And now," said Tom, "let's put for the field and get away without any further loss of time.

I couldn't let John Starkweather, or any other man, get away with the conviction that a millionnaire is better than a farmer.

So Puss found that he did not have any authority in the matter, and that if he wanted to get assistance from his old-time rivals in order to finish mending his airship and get away from so dangerous a locality he must do what they said.

Here you can read their sentiments in their own words; you can see how dupes and hirelings were coached to perpetrate the crime of Centralia, and as many other similar crimes as they could get away with.

I hardly ever get away, as you know.

She might find it difficult to get away from her family, perhaps.

He may find an anchorage until night and then get away in the dark, but I'm afraid he won't take that long, because he knows a coast-guard cutter is liable to spy him out.

Our population has been thinned off by the departure of every temporary dweller, and lingering trader, and belated visitor, till no one is left but the doomed and fated number whose duty is here, who came here to abide the winter in all its regions, and who cannot, on any fair principle or excuse, get away.

George Barstow 'ad the cat for five years arter that, but he never let it get away agin.

Something had exploded in his brain, and his only thought was to get away, away from all the noisy, chattering, hand-shaking people, to some quiet place, where he could think.

He was one of those Yankees who, as they say, hold a dollar between their teeth, which it is impossible to get away from them, and I should get nothing out of him that was worth having.

On the contrary, is not his intention, as I am afraid it is, to get away from us?

She wouldn't get away because the rail held her head down.

"A couple of hundred such as these," Bedient reflected, "led by some cool devil of a humorist, could loot the Antilles and get away before the intervention of the States.

You want to get away from home.

You will never get away from it.

That thought and also the mad desire to get away at last, to cease with this fateful procrastination and to fly from this country with the golden booty, which he had gained at such awful risks, these caused him finally to turn the mare's head towards home, leaving Editha to follow as best she might, in the company of one of the serving-men whom he would send back to meet her.

How glad he was to get away and shelter himself in his own room!an uncomfortable sensation this for a fine young man.

2252 examples of  get away  in sentences