127992 examples of getting in sentences

Getting more out of life.

LUTZ, HARLEY L. Getting a living; the foundations of economic society, by Harley L. Lutz, Benjamin F. Stanton & Edmund W. Foote.

How true it is that they who possess worthy hobbies, especially those governed by the desire for construction and the inventive tendency, are getting altogether the most out of life and are giving the best of themselves!

Everyone was talking, laughing and voicing pleasure in the increasingly wonderful demonstration of getting sounds out of the air, from hundreds of miles away.

Tell him our man is here and probably getting ready to light out.

so when in his company, if only for the sake of getting the goods he had to distribute; and of course they brought him word whenever the Georgians killed a Creek, either innocent or guilty, without telling him of the offence which the Georgians were blindly trying to revenge.

In it he actually blamed Blount for getting the Cherokees and Chickasaws to help protect the frontier against the hostile Indians.

When the chance of armed conquest under the banner of the French Republic vanished, there was an immediate revival of plans for getting possession of some part of the Spanish domain through the instrumentality of the great land companies.

The application had not been granted, and the next effort was of a directly opposite character, the adventurers this time proposing, as they could not hold the territory as armed subjects of Spain, to wrest it from Spain by armed entry after getting title from Georgia.

All through the West there was much difficulty in getting money.

"She wasn't long in getting over her disappointment.

"The Bishop might think I was getting beyond myself altogether.

Now, master, what think you of my way of getting a livelihood? SUPERINTENDENT.

[Getting up and taking the picture.]

Again, the extra work imposed upon the digestive organs and the liver in getting rid of the excess of fats and sugar in rich, unwholesome foods, continually overtaxes these organs.

If the table is laid over night and covered with a spread to keep off dust, a very short time will suffice for getting the Sabbath breakfast.

" "Now we are getting down to facts.

Then she must have been endeavouring to deceive him; as deeply interested as these othersin getting him safely off the trail of this crime.

" "He ain't got the goods on you, has he?" "No, he ain't got the goods, but he is dead wise to some things, and he didn't get out of that shindy up stairs without getting hurt.

do you think you can navigate?" Sexton responded by getting slowly to his feet.

"Surely you don't object to a serpent like that getting his deserts for once!

It is getting late.

I've things to do, and it's getting late.

"I am getting older.

"I mean," she said, "that to save youto leave you a chance of getting back to solid groundDonovan

127992 examples of  getting  in sentences