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127992 examples of  getting  in sentences

127992 examples of getting in sentences

I had fallen asleep, thinking what in the world was meant by "getting it straight again.

She would prevent her escape, prevent "getting it straight again," thwart somehow her will to freedom, if she could.

By "getting the place straight again," his widow, of course, meant forgetting the glamour of fear and foreboding his depressing creed had temporarily forced upon her; and Frances, delicately minded being, did not speak of it because it was the influence of the man her friend had loved.

(a) Special Shelters are erected at cross-roads for visitors to witness the getting-up of guns, ammunition, etc., after the attack.

He is rather disappointed at getting so little change out of his "fiver.

"If I could think of all she tole I'd soon have enough to fill up that book you're getting up.

She would keep me from getting that whipping.

"Time little girls were in bed, getting rested for a happy day to-morrow.

"See that man getting out.

There are ever so many people getting out of that car.

Close beside him were Aunt Madge and Prudy; all three were getting out of the car.

It does not stand to reason, that slaves, who are in hopes of getting their freedom, would acknowledge themselves to be slaves.

The people busy in getting goods out of the ship, we laying off & on.

We are still cruising on the Northern side of Cuba, & are in hopes of getting something worth while in a short time.

"Ay, ay, Guinea is like the launch of one of the coasters, always towing in your wake, master Harry; whereas I am often luffing athwart your hawse, or getting foul, in some fashion or other, on one of your quarters.

"You know the trouble of getting off the people from the shore," the officer observed, "when a ship is ready to sail.

Then, at last he resigned the petty offices he had been filling; and handing his usury business over to those who formerly had served him as go-betweens, he set himself to the task of marrying off his son and sole heir, Ramon, an idling ne'er-do-well, who was always getting into trouble and upsetting the tranquil comfort that surrounded old Brull as he rested from his plunderings.

No, he wanted to see his son free and influential, continuing the conquest of the city, completing the family greatness of which he had laid the foundations, getting power over people much as he himself had gotten power over money.

Ramón spent several years in Valencia without getting beyond the elementary courses in Common Law.

Besides the father felt he was getting old; it was hard for him to look after the working of his orchards personally.

He was frequenting the circles of "serious" people now, had made friends with the alcalde and was talking all the time of the great need for getting all "decent" folk together to take the "rabble" in hand!

He was like a piece of furniture that seems always to be getting in the way at first; but when all were once accustomed to him, he became an indispensable fixture in the family.

Enthusiasm for the glory of the house united them in such intimacy that the opposition wagged its tongues, asserting that doña Bernarda was getting even for her husband's waywardness.

And whenever Rafael came home for the holidays or on vacation, each time taller than before, dressed like a fashion-plate and with mannerisms that she took for the height of distinction, the saintly mother would say to herself with the satisfaction of a woman who knows what it means to be homely: "What a handsome chap he's getting to be.

"You're getting old, and boyish pranks at your age are invitations to Death!"

PLUMMER, LEIGH S. Getting along with labor, practical personnel programs.

It looks a little as if the ancient english empirism, so long put out of fashion here by nobler sounding germanic formulas, might be repluming itself and getting ready for a stronger flight than ever.

In the course of its process the Idea makes itself that illusion, by setting an antithesis to confront it, and its action consists in getting rid of the illusion which it has created.

The only way of making your affirmation about A self-securing is by getting it into a form which will by implication negate all possible negations in advance.

The rationality we gain in one coin we thus pay for in another; and the problem accordingly seems at first sight to resolve itself into that of getting a conception which will yield the largest balance of rationality rather than one which will yield perfect rationality of every description.

In general, it may be said that if a man's conception of the world lets loose any action in him that is easy, or any faculty which he is fond of exercising, he will deem it rational in so far forth, be the faculty that of computing, fighting, lecturing, classifying, framing schematic tabulations, getting the better end of a bargain, patiently waiting and enduring, preaching, joke-making, or what you like.

But with our faculty of abstracting and fixing concepts we are there in a second, almost as if we controlled a fourth dimension, skipping the intermediaries as by a divine winged power, and getting at the exact point we require without entanglement with any context.

Philosophy, you will say, doesn't lie flat on its belly in the middle of experience, in the very thick of its sand and gravel, as this Bergsonism does, never getting a peep at anything from above.

Meanwhile the incompleteness of the pluralistic universe, thus assumed and held to as the most probable hypothesis, is also represented by the pluralistic philosophy as being self-reparative through us, as getting its disconnections remedied in part by our behavior.

Ether and molecules may be like co-ordinates and averages, only so many crutches by the help of which we practically perform the operation of getting about among our sensible experiences.

Originating in the animal need of getting another generation born, this passion has developed secondarily such imperious spiritual needs that, if you ask why another generation ought to be born at all, the answer is: 'Chiefly that love may go on.'

"Nobody in the attic, sir, but things are getting pretty warm outside," he reported anxiously.

I visited a few shops for some necessaries, and went on board the "Servia" during the afternoon, thinking that I might have difficulty in getting a cabman to drive to the docks after dark if the snow drifted deeply.

To be idle, and live on capital, would not, of course, suit any man who meant to succeed, and therefore he would fill up his time in cultivating garden and poultry produce, for which there is always a demand, or in getting some occasional employment.

The getting in, indeed, and the crowding up those inconvenient staircases, was bad enough,but there was still a law of civility to woman recognised to quite as great an extent as we ever found in the other passagesand how a little difficulty overcome heightened the snug seat, and the play, afterward!

Don't you think that we should all consider it to be a primary duty to learn at least the names and the moves of the pieces; to have a notion of a gambit, and a keen eye for all the means of giving and getting out of check?

"An intelligent man," says Plato, "will prize those studies which result in his soul getting soberness, righteousness, and wisdom, and will less value the others."

The same also as to knowing our own and other modern nations, with the like aim of getting to understand ourselves and the world.

When we have rightly met and adjusted the claims of them all, we shall then be in a fair way for getting soberness and righteousness, with wisdom.

So absorbing is his occupation with nature, so strong his love for his occupation, that he goes on acquiring natural knowledge and reasoning upon it, and has little time or inclination for thinking about getting it related to the desire in man for conduct, the desire in man for beauty.

I have tried to make the time pass by getting my little collection together and studying the very instructive specimens in it; and it has lightened the burden.

"He's getting most awful fat, sir; about the head I mean.

It was now getting on for three o'clock and the sun would be up by four.

"A man was getting over the gate.

They were the young days of the influence now full grown, then slowly getting strength and winning the best minds away from an imported Latin style adapted to the taste of patrons who sought credit for nice critical discrimination.

Euryalus had for some time flourished in a lucrative profession; but having suffered his imagination to be fired by an unextinguishable curiosity, he grew weary of the same dull round of life, resolved to harass himself no longer with the drudgery of getting money, but to quit his business and his profit, and enjoy for a few years the pleasures of travel.

Men then grow weary of debate and altercation, and apply themselves to the arts of profit; trading companies are formed, manufactures improved, and navigation extended; and nothing is any longer thought on, but the increase and preservation of property, the artifices of getting money, and the pleasures of spending it.

Accordingly, Johnson and his friend and pupil, David Garrick, went to try their fortunes in London in 1737, the former with the hopes of getting work as a translator and of turning out a fine tragedy-writer, the latter with the intention of completing his education, and of following the profession of the law.

They were getting a little used to seeing the Griffin, and having been told that he did not eat between equinoxes, they did not feel so much afraid of him as before.

"They are getting out their grappling-irons, and they will fasten the two ships together." "Let all assemble on the quarter-deck," said the Captain.

Or by getting all readers of the Journal, all believers in it as an educator, to join themselves into a mighty army to enroll as subscribers for the Journal every possible member of a suffrage organization?

Then there is the work involved in getting subscribers to renew.

At the same time I believe that almost all the best books in the world have been written with the hope of getting money for them.

Among the wildest Norwegian mountains we met some of these Kaiserwerth nurses, refined, educated ladies, getting in summer a new lease of life for their noble labors.

" She aided the senior chaplain in establishing a library and school-room, and in getting up evening lectures for the men.

Ever since he was quite little, he remembered hearing the howls which proceeded from the "Latin school" as he passed by, whilst some luckless youngster was getting caned; and the reverend pedagogue was notoriously passionate.

While he was looking at the paper, the great school-clock struck twelve; and the captain of the form getting up, threw open the folding-doors of the school-room.

While every day Eric was getting on better in form, and winning himself a very good position with the other boys, who liked his frankness, his mirth, his spirit, and cleverness, he felt this feud with Barker like a dark background to all his enjoyment.

The memories of Russell were getting dim; the resolutions made during his illness had vanished; the bad habits laid aside after his death had been resumed.

"Here's a go!" said the latter, as they ran up stairs; "I've smashed one of the beer-bottles in getting through the window, and my trousers are deluged with the stuff.

Next morning Wildney received a severe flogging, but gained great reputation by not betraying his companion, and refusing to drop the least hint as to their means of getting out, or their purpose in visiting Ellan.

Your friend Brigson reigns supreme out of the studies; he has laid down a law that no work is to be done down stairs ever under any pretence, and it's only by getting into one of the studies that good little chaps like Wright can get on at all.

The talk of nearly the whole school is getting most blackguardly; shamelessly so.

The master on duty was Mr. Rose, and after tea he left the room for a few minutes while the tables were cleared for "preparation," and the boys were getting out their books and exercises.

"It is getting a common practice with some fellows.

He was getting steadier, more diligent, more thoughtful, more manly; he was passing through that change so frequent in boys as they grow older, to which Eric was so sad an exception.

"This won't do," said Duncan emphatically, after a louder burst of merriment than usual; "those fellows are getting drunk; I can tell it to a certainty from the confused and random way in which some of them are talking.

" "Pooh!" said Pietrie; "we're all getting such saints, that one can't have the least bit of spree now-a-days.

So, edging a little out of the circle, and getting nearer the door, which had been left partly open, to admit the light, she cried out, "Open your eyesNan-nee-bo-zho is choking you all and putting you into his bag!"

We therefore felt sure that, although a few days later, he would find our trail, and avail himself of the same assistance as we had, in getting through the difficulties of the way.

After his departure I said to the men, "Come, you have all your logs cut and hauledthe squaws have brought the bark for the roofwhat is to prevent our finishing the house and getting all moved and settled to surprise Monsieur John on his return?" "Ah! to be sure, Madame John," said Plante, who was always the spokesman, "provided the one who plants a green bough on the chimney-top is to have a treat.

Do I look as spiff as all that?" "Like a slim young cavalier; very dashing and wonderful, Peter Pan." "Not a bit like Dorothy?" "Well, the least bit; but more like Peter Pan." "I was getting tired of being just Dorothy.

It's getting hot now.

Why don't you write to Torrance and ask him point-blank if he has had a hand in getting you nominated for Senator?

You didn't waste any time getting here.

We have been getting things ready.

And when a man thinks of getting married he isn't looking for advice against it.

[Getting up and standing in front of her.] Look here.

SUBKA I thought, perhaps, you were getting the Christmas tree ready.

He was now getting farther along the base of the bluff, and I saw that he would escape us.

He said the mill was getting out twenty-five hundred sacks a day.

The trail was getting lonely.

I descended into this yellow maze, this world of gullies and ridges where I found it difficult to keep from getting lost.

When the mixture is set and browned place over them a paper greased with olive oil to prevent them getting dark.

Vainly Edward and Lilla sought to combat his resolution; the only concession they could obtain was, that when their honeymoon was over, he and Ellen would pay them a visit, just to see how they were getting on.

The only effectual mode we are acquainted with of getting rid of annual weeds is, either by hoeing them up when young, or by cutting the plants over with any instrument whilst in bloom; for it should be observed, that those never spring from the roots if cut over at that period of their growth, which oftentimes may be easily accomplished.

all at once; *a su * in their turn; *en de* instead of; *las más veces* most of the time *viajar* travel *vicio* m. bad habit *víctima* f. victim *vida* f. life; living; *por mía* upon my word; *por mi * (exclam. of entreaty or supplication) for pity's sake; as you love me; *en mi * never *vidriero* m. glazier *viejecito* m. (dim. of *viejo*) little old man *viejo* old; m. old man; *ir a * be getting old; *

Then did he illustrate his churches in these kingdoms, as bright and sparkling stars arising out of the thick clouds of antichristian darkness, and getting out from under Prelatic and Erastian yokes of bondage and slavery, and made them go forth as the meridian sun glorious and excellent; terrible as an army with banners.

If we reinstate the once almost universal morale, we need no italics, and there is no fear of confusion; if we adopt moral, we need italics, and there is no hope of getting them; it is at present printed oftener without than with them.

But now those landmarks all are passed, He's getting fast away, The boy's a man, no baby now, He's six years old to-day.

'I'm getting into debt.'

But a while ago he began getting sort of nervous.

I just felt he was getting excited.

I felt the man I bore struggle and then go limp in my arms; I felt my knees getting warm and wet.

He felt he was getting to the end of his tether; it could not go on.