127992 examples of getting in sentences

I had fallen asleep, thinking what in the world was meant by "getting it straight again.

She would prevent her escape, prevent "getting it straight again," thwart somehow her will to freedom, if she could.

By "getting the place straight again," his widow, of course, meant forgetting the glamour of fear and foreboding his depressing creed had temporarily forced upon her; and Frances, delicately minded being, did not speak of it because it was the influence of the man her friend had loved.

(a) Special Shelters are erected at cross-roads for visitors to witness the getting-up of guns, ammunition, etc., after the attack.

He is rather disappointed at getting so little change out of his "fiver.

"If I could think of all she tole I'd soon have enough to fill up that book you're getting up.

She would keep me from getting that whipping.

"Time little girls were in bed, getting rested for a happy day to-morrow.

"See that man getting out.

There are ever so many people getting out of that car.

Close beside him were Aunt Madge and Prudy; all three were getting out of the car.

It does not stand to reason, that slaves, who are in hopes of getting their freedom, would acknowledge themselves to be slaves.

The people busy in getting goods out of the ship, we laying off & on.

We are still cruising on the Northern side of Cuba, & are in hopes of getting something worth while in a short time.

"Ay, ay, Guinea is like the launch of one of the coasters, always towing in your wake, master Harry; whereas I am often luffing athwart your hawse, or getting foul, in some fashion or other, on one of your quarters.

"You know the trouble of getting off the people from the shore," the officer observed, "when a ship is ready to sail.

Then, at last he resigned the petty offices he had been filling; and handing his usury business over to those who formerly had served him as go-betweens, he set himself to the task of marrying off his son and sole heir, Ramon, an idling ne'er-do-well, who was always getting into trouble and upsetting the tranquil comfort that surrounded old Brull as he rested from his plunderings.

No, he wanted to see his son free and influential, continuing the conquest of the city, completing the family greatness of which he had laid the foundations, getting power over people much as he himself had gotten power over money.

Ramón spent several years in Valencia without getting beyond the elementary courses in Common Law.

Besides the father felt he was getting old; it was hard for him to look after the working of his orchards personally.

He was frequenting the circles of "serious" people now, had made friends with the alcalde and was talking all the time of the great need for getting all "decent" folk together to take the "rabble" in hand!

He was like a piece of furniture that seems always to be getting in the way at first; but when all were once accustomed to him, he became an indispensable fixture in the family.

Enthusiasm for the glory of the house united them in such intimacy that the opposition wagged its tongues, asserting that doña Bernarda was getting even for her husband's waywardness.

And whenever Rafael came home for the holidays or on vacation, each time taller than before, dressed like a fashion-plate and with mannerisms that she took for the height of distinction, the saintly mother would say to herself with the satisfaction of a woman who knows what it means to be homely: "What a handsome chap he's getting to be.

"You're getting old, and boyish pranks at your age are invitations to Death!"

127992 examples of  getting  in sentences